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Four Trends You Will Want To Include In Your San Antonio Trade Show Booth

trade show marketing booth san antonioAt Xtreme Xhibits, we have seen for ourselves the major impact a San Antonio trade show booth can offer business owners operating in virtually every industry. However, we have also seen entrepreneurs miss the mark with these live marketing resources. They simply assume that setting up a San Antonio trade show booth is all it takes to reap the many rewards offered at a function.


Here at Xtreme Xhibits, we know it takes more than merely showing up to best leverage the distinctive advantages offered by a live marketing event. Our team of design experts understands that the most popular corporate exhibits have effectively utilized a wide range of strategic tactics to resonate with the crowd. One of the biggest ways to prove to your audience that you are fresh and relevant is to tap into some of the very latest design trends with your San Antonio trade show booth.


Keep Your San Antonio Trade Show Booth Looking Cutting Edge And Innovative


Knowing some of the latest design trends can highlight your business as a cutting-edge innovator that’s truly in touch with today’s consuming public. When you’re developing your design concept, consider these trend tips:


Sleek, Simple Lines: When it comes to the shape of your exhibit, it’s important to keep it simple. Overly ornate curves and shapes can instantly take away from your brand and overall marketing message. Using long, sleek lines throughout the design can highlight your brand and keep you on point with this visual trend.


Add Textural Depth: Just because your overall shape is simple, doesn’t mean that you can’t add visual integrity in other ways. A great way to give your booth some esthetic depth is to use different materials and fabrics throughout the exhibit. Warm woods and textiles placed strategically throughout the stand can make your booth inviting to even the most harried passerby.


Make It Comfortable: Another here-to-stay trend? Lounge spaces. Previous generations of exhibitors assumed that the best way to increase the foot traffic to their booths was to get guests in and out as quickly as possible. However, today’s entrepreneurs understand that there is much to be said for enticing guests to come, hang out and get to know your business. Designate a small lounge space where visitors can check emails, relax and even enjoy a snack and beverage while surrounded by your marketing missives.


Offer Onsite Meeting Space: Beyond a lounge area, current booth trends indicate that having a designated meeting space is also a major win for various exhibitors. Why wait until a follow up call to have a face-to-face client meeting? Coordinate impromptu meetings right in your stand; it’s the perfect way to further entice with warm leads and drive home the many ways your organization stands head and shoulders ahead of the competition.


Ready to tap into the latest exhibit tips and trends? Xtreme Xhibits can help. Contact our team of design specialists today!

Low Cost Yet High Impact: Effectively Boost The Impact Of Your San Antonio Trade Show Booth

Booths for San Antonio ShowsHere at Xtreme Xhibits, we work with our clients to create a San Antonio trade show booth designed specifically to help them reach their live marketing goals and objectives. The secret to our success? Unlike other San Antonio trade show booth providers that use solve-all, standardized templates, the team at Xtreme Xhibits truly partners with our clients. We team with our entrepreneurs to gain a full understanding of their company’s specific live marketing vision. From there we are able to create a San Antonio trade show booth that not only informs and compels venue visitors, but also delivers a distinctive, sensory experience for every guest that stops in for a closer look at what the business has to offer.

Enhancing A San Antonio Trade Show Booth: Simple Tips That Yield Big Results

Of course, even with a state-of-the-art display from Xtreme Xhibits, many of our clients still want to add a few simple touches and accessories to even further enhance their overall audience impact. Our team of design specialists often consults with these clients to source inexpensive, yet highly-effective, strategies to help these businesses further distinguish themselves from the many other competitive organizations also exhibiting.

If you’re looking for some low cost, high impact enhancements for your San Antonio trade show booth at the next live marketing event, you may want to consider:

Using personalized banner stands: Customized banner stands can prove an ideal enhancement for a myriad of reasons. At Xtreme Xhibits, we design customized banner stand options in a range of sizes, shapes and styles that complement your existing San Antonio trade show booth design. Lightweight and versatile, our banner stands are easy to transport from venue to venue and can be strategically placed to help garner attention and guide guests to your San Antonio trade show booth.

Rental accessories: Incorporating a few rented items within your San Antonio trade show booth can truly make a major difference with your visiting guests. Get creative; consider ways to make your San Antonio trade show booth more organized and your guests more comfortable. A table and chairs for sitting and strategically placed shelving units can all make your exhibit more inviting and enhance crowd impact.

Utilizing customized items with your brand logo: Yes, your San Antonio trade show booth will have your brand identity showcased throughout; however, there are other ways you can help propel your brand identity. Partner with a firm that offers customized items, such as tablecloths, to further accessorize your stand. Additionally, once you’ve found a reputable provider, inquire about customized handouts for your upcoming events. Everyone loves a giveaway. Using a handout with your logo emblazoned on it can truly help your organization achieve long-lasting and sustainable marketing results.

Placing fresh flowers in your stand: Flowers can be the perfect accessory for some of your bare, flat surfaces. They add a fun, fresh burst of color and can make the entire stand smell lovely and inviting for guests. Best of all, while fresh flowers will make a big impact on guests, they will make very little impact on your budget. Simply buy a ready-made bouquet from a local florist or grocery store with seasonal blooms and you are ready to exhibit.

Want to learn more about Xtreme Xhibits’ distinctive approach to San Antonio trade show booth design? Then contact us today.

Xtreme Xhibits: Helping Your Trade Show Display In San Antonio Achieve Optimal Marketing ROI

Marketing Trade Show BoothHere at Xtreme Xhibits, we firmly believe that live marketing events can play a major role in every business’ overall promotional mix. We know that when we create a trade show display in San Antonio for one of our clients, we are helping them achieve far more than simply expanding their brand’s exposure; we are also providing them with invaluable resources that help establish their organization as a legitimate force in their industry. Our state of the art trade show display options can also play a critical hand in helping our partners broaden their affiliation network as well as provide a forum for live product demonstration and social media engagements.

Successfully Designing Your Trade Show Display In San Antonio

Yes, there are ample opportunities to reap unparalleled promotional benefits at any given live encounter engagement. However, at Xtreme Xhibits we understand that exhibiting just any trade show display in San Antonio is not enough to maximize return on investment. Our team of creative specialists recognizes that truly capitalizing on a live engagement requires a strategically outlined, innovative, informative and compelling trade show display.

What’s the first step in creating a trade show display in San Antonio to dominate live functions and events? Partnering with Xtreme Xhibits. As part of the internationally renowned Skyline network, Xtreme Xhibits offers clients access to a superlative team of design experts with the training, skills and experience needed to bring your live marketing approach to the next level. While many firms may claim to be “industry leaders,” Xtreme Xhibits truly has an established reputation as the go-to resource for clients seeking a cutting-edge trade show display in San Antonio.

Working With Xtreme Xhibits For Your Trade Show Display In San Antonio

When teaming with Xtreme Xhibits to design your trade show display in San Antonio, we will work closely with you throughout the process to understand not only what your business does, but what your company’s biggest goals are with its live marketing campaign. Our staff of creative minds will work with your team to answer important questions such as:

  • What are your specific objectives at every event?
  • How important are live product demonstrations?
  • What type of atmosphere do you want your visitors to enjoy inside your booth?
  • What best captures the essence of your business brand?
  • What is the standard floor plan at the events you’ll be attending?
  • Will your team be giving out handouts during each function?
  • Will you be conducting client meetings within your booth?
  • How important is technology (flat screens, moving parts, etc.)?

Answering these questions (and more!) will help us gain a firm focus on exactly what type of results you’re hoping for with your trade show display in San Antonio. Once we’ve strategically outlined your company’s specific live marketing objectives, we will work hard to bring your promotional vision to life.

Want to hear more about Xtreme Xhibits’ innovative trade show displays in San Antonio? Contact us today.

The Secrets To Designing The Most Successful San Antonio Trade Show Booths

San Antonio trade show boothAlmost anyone can put together a visually attractive marketing display, but it takes particular skill, knowledge and expertise to design and implement San Antonio trade show booths that truly excel at delivering their desired message and optimizing ROI. At Xtreme Xhibits, we work with our clients to conceptualize and construct the perfect marketing solutions for their individual needs. While each client is different, there are a few constants that can be applied to the overall process to help you ensure success at every event you attend.

Know Your Audience

The first important aspect of a winning display design is understanding exactly who you are trying to appeal to and draw into your booth. Your prospective audience will dictate the size and style of your exhibit as well as the tone of your overall marketing strategy. The image of your ideal guest will help guide you throughout the design process and influence nearly every decision you make. Are you aiming your message at end consumers or resellers? Do you want the message to have a professional, corporate feel, or be more casual and relaxed? Ideally you’ll want to find a balance of design choices that appeals to the widest audience possible, but go into the process with a particular target client base in mind.

Gather Perspective (And Inspiration) From Your Competition

If you’re struggling to narrow down the options of all the various San Antonio trade show booths out there, pay special attention to your direct competition. While at shows, visit their booths and get a feel for the fixtures and features they’re utilizing. Just as important as assessing what you like, establishing what you feel are detractors to their overall presence is essential. Try and pick out the things you would do differently, how you could better structure traffic flow or the features and technologies that they lack and that you can utilize in your own design. Remember, standing out from the crowd is key to success at any marketing event, so ultimately the differences between your display and those of your competition will be of upmost importance.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Empty Space

Some marketers, especially those designing their first trade show exhibit, have a tendency to want to pack in as many features as possible. While you’ll certainly want to consider all of your options and utilize any features that you feel will help deliver your message, keep in mind that, ideally, any open space in your floor plan will be filled with guests. Don’t sabotage your efforts by packing your booth so full of tables and stands that attendees can’t navigate through your exhibit.

It’s also important to remember that clutter can lead to confusion. You want your visitors to know exactly where to focus and precisely what you’re trying to say. Giving them too much to see will make it difficult to deliver your message effectively.

Create A Unified Look

Along those same lines, be sure your display presents a clearly unified message. Your design should tie-in to your overall marketing strategy and be branded appropriately. Don’t be tempted to use a wide color pallet or implement multiple textures. Part of keeping your message consistent is keeping it relatively simple, and sticking to similar materials in a limited range of colors will add a certain visual focus to your design.

San Antonio Trade Show Booths: Don’t Go Overboard

In general, especially when building your very first trade show exhibit, simplicity should be your goal. With so many options it can be hard to resist the allure of piling on more and more features, but if not implemented correctly these add-ons can sometimes do more harm than good. Start by building a solid display that will help drive traffic and let you hone your marketing skills. As you gain experience, be sure to take notes on ways to improve your exhibit and think about extra features that you might consider adding in the future.

If you’re still struggling to establish a clear design plan, or have questions about the features of or differences between San Antonio trade show booths, contact Xtreme Xhibits today.

How Your Trade Show Installation Can Benefit From Hired Help


An innovative trade show installation in Austinfrom Xtreme Xhibits can be the highlight of any event if all the elements are installed properly and the pop up displays, portable displays and other pieces look their best. But in some situations, you simply don’t have the time to ensure that it’s properly installed because you are understaffed, overworked, or don’t have the experience properly setting up your trade show installation’s various elements. Add in the stress of shipping your trade show installation to the event, getting there yourself, and preparing your presentation, and you’ve got a recipe for potential disaster. To minimize your stress level, consider hiring a professional service that can ship, repair and even set up your trade show installation for you.


Hiring The Right Help For A Great Trade Show Installation

Because there are a variety of elements in a trade show installation, including pop up displays, portable displays, booths, and modular units, you need to hire a specialist. Using a general contractor who isn’t familiar with the tight time constraints and assembly guidelines of trade shows can lead to problems. The specialists at Xtreme Xhibits ensure that your trade show installation will be assembled with exceptional care to your exact specifications and that your pop up displays and portable displays will be taken down and packed for shipping with the same great care.


Spokes Models: Drawing The Crowd

Setting up your portable displays and coordinating your trade show installation aren’t the only reasons you should consider hiring help. In fact, many companies hire temporary help to augment the staff in their trade show installation. Hiring an attractive spokes model can generate buzz on the conference or convention floor, bringing more visitors to check out your pop up displays and trade show installation. Keep in mind, however, that a spokes model’s role should be limited to giving out promotional items, greeting visitors and other general tasks. They should refer any specific questions to your own staff. The function of a good spokes model is to greet visitors, draw them into your trade show installation, and to distribute brochures or promotional gifts. This will free you and your staff up for in-depth interaction with interested customers.


Electrical Contractors

Many venues today require that you use their on-site electrical contractors for any work involving special lighting, electrical outlets, computer set-ups, etc. for your trade show installation. If this is the case, try to talk to one of the contractors in advance of the event so that you can discuss what you need and how you want your trade show installation to function. Don’t step on any toes by bypassing the electrical contractors during the set-up and wiring of any portable displays, pop up displays or other elements of your trade show installation. Remember, some event venues will have electricians available to help you with your trade show installation, so don’t hire your own contractor until you’ve confirmed that this is acceptable.


Professional Packing And Shipping Services

Don’t take a chance by trying to properly pack and ship your trade show installation from one event to the next. Pop up displays, portable displays and banner stands all have fragile components that need to be handled and packed with great care if you’re going to avoid damages on route to the next event. Hiring a professional packing and shipping service will protect your valuable trade show installation so that it’s in excellent condition when it arrives at the next trade show. Look for a national or international shipping firm that has experience with trade show installations and is willing to pick up and deliver.


An outstanding trade show installation from Xtreme Xhibits can reinforce brand identity and generate qualified leads if it is properly staged and staffed. To guarantee great results at every event, take the time to hire outside help that’s qualified, experienced and professional to minimize stress and help your next trade show be a rousing success.

Hosting A Convention: Considering Trade Show Installation In San Antonio And More

Planning a large scale trade show installation in San Antonio can be a challenge. It takes someone who’s highly organized and a master planner. There’s a lot to think about, from scheduling to logistics to the layouts of each trade show booth in San Antonio. There’s no margin for error, so make sure to consider every possible contingency.


Consider The Layout For Your Trade Show Installation In San Antonio

Choosing the venue and designing the layout of where each trade show booth in San Antonio will go is one of the first steps when planning an event. You’ll need a space that’s big enough to handle a number of different trade show booths, as well as enough room for the vendors who will be attending the show. It’s better to plan for too few vendors than too many. That way, you can avoid empty spaces on the day of the event and create a sense of urgency for potential vendors.

When deciding where each booth will go, charge more for a trade show stand in San Antonio that will be on the corners or the ends of aisles. You can also charge more for booths that have extras such as electrical outlets.


Don’t Forget To Advertise To Maximize Profit

If potential visitors don’t know your event is happening, they can’t attend. Advertising is incredibly important and must be done effectively to bring in attendees. If you were unable to get sponsorship from local media outlets, consider paying for advertising. Other forms of advertising include posters, online ads on local websites, and direct mail flyers. If you’re concerned with making money with your event, advertise to popular companies to draw in attendees.

The fees collected from businesses that display a trade show booth in San Antonio can help cover overhead fees, but also bring in a profit for the event organizers. Some events also charge attendees an entry fee at the door, which increases the profit for the organizers.


Plan Entertainment To Bring In Visitors

Most people think of bands and music when they think of entertainment at an event. While this can work, it may not be the best choice for an expo. Instead, invite industry leaders and professional motivational speakers to come present and offer secret tips and advice. Your speaker schedule is only limited by your budget so don’t limit yourself to one speaker if you can afford multiple speakers. Make sure you have a signed contract for each speaker so you can include them in your promotional materials and advertisements. If possible, try not to let the entertainment compete with a trade show stand in San Antonio. You don’t want to anger presenters or exhibitors.


Finding Sponsorship For Your Trade Show Installation In San Antonio

Sponsorships can greatly minimize costs. Look to media outlets, such as television and radio stations as well as local newspapers and magazines. These media outlets are ideal sponsorship partners because they don’t directly compete with vendors who are showcasing their products or services at a trade show booth in San Antonio, and they’ll be able to help you promote the event with print ads or commercials on the radio or television. Sponsors often need to know what’s in it for them, so offer them a prominent trade show booth in San Antonio to show off their own displays.

Your chances of putting on a successful event will increase significantly if you keep these tips in mind.

Matching Your Trade Show Stands To The Type Of Convention

Not all conventions are created equal. There are three distinct types of conventions that you might attend, and the type of trade show exhibits that will be most effective are different at every one of them. Although you shouldn’t shy away from a convention simply because your current trade show stands are not perfectly suited, understanding the differences will help you make all practical adjustments to have the best chance of success.


Convention Type #1: Events Catering To The Industry

These are the toughest type of convention for trade show exhibits designers because industry experts are almost always the most demanding. Trade show booths for this kind of convention need to offer copious information. Remember, industry events are not about selling. Your trade show stands should not be full of merchandise, because you simply won’t be able to move it. The goal of trade show stands at this kind of event is to present your efforts to your fellow industry experts, and to see their efforts in return. Don’t expect much in the way of sales.


Convention Type #2: Events Catering To Customers

This kind of convention is the exact opposite of an industry-targeted event. Here, the general public is not just allowed to attend, they’re encouraged to come in. You’re free to make your trade show exhibits much more promotional at this kind of event, and you should keep some product on hand to sell during the convention. Expect to see consumers with little or no knowledge of your product, and expect them to be looking to purchase. Make sure that your trade show stands are inviting, or you risk losing out on business.


Convention Type #3: Events That Cater To The Industry And Consumers

Designing trade show stands for this kind of event requires a balance between promotional sales and informative industry notices. It’s best to choose a focus on either consumers or industry. Most people will choose consumers simply because they offer the best chance of turning a profit, and thus help offset the cost of your rented trade show booths space. However, appealing to industry is very valuable in the long term. Make sure to spend some time looking around; don’t forget that you’ll be getting a chance to observe competitors here just as you would at an industry-only show.


Common Types Of Industry-Specific Conventions

In addition to these broad categories, there are some industries known for particular types of conventions. They’re very characteristic, and knowing about them in advance can help you plan for them more effectively.

Automotive Showcases: these are consumer-focused, but without a lot of purchasing. It’s primarily a venue for automakers to communicate with their customers.

Home and Garden Shows: There are many businesses that can find good clientele at these highly customer-driven shows. While people may not go there seeking a contractor immediately, your business can build its reputation directly with consumers while showcasing itself within the industry.

Technology Shows: If you specialize in gadgets, this kind of show is for you. These shows can be consumer focused or industry focused depending on the event, but they’re always a fun place to show off the latest technology.

Understanding what kind of convention you’re likely to attend can help you plan your trade show booths to maximize your audience. However, if your company doesn’t presently have the budget to create new trade show stands for every new event, don’t worry – being there matters a lot more than having the most ideal booth for that particular occasion.

Using Banner Stands To Create Strong Portable Displays

If your marketing staff is like most, you think of banner stands as a useful addition to other portable displays, or as a small component of a larger booth. Many companies make use of banner stands, but few use them to their fullest potential.


Banner Stands Offer Unmatched Convenience

Anyone who has worked with banner stands in the past knows how easy they are to set up, take down, and transport. Banner stands are probably the single most easily handled unit at the average trade show event. They are able to roll or fold into a small carrying case. They are easy to ship. They fit in virtually any vehicle, even a small passenger car. Their cases keep them safe, yet aren’t bulky and unwieldy to handle. Finally, they’re inexpensive, which makes them available even to the smallest of companies.


Building Portable Displays From Banners

Although banner stands are excellent additions to larger units, they can be just as dynamic when used alone. The trick is learning to use them in the right way, so that they have maximum impact. To do this, you’ll need to take a look at what banner stands have to offer, and how you can best use that to your advantage.

First, remember that banner stands are usually tall and narrow. Most portable displays built of banner stands combine two, three, or four of these tall and narrow units to create one unified display space. This combination allows you to have a very stylized display that presents strongly to your visitors. Some companies choose to have one cohesive image across the disparate banner stands, while other will split it up somewhat. Ultimately the choice is yours; either of these design strategies will make a bold statement when done well.


Placement Of Text Matters

Unlike many other portable displays, banner stands can have messages printed anywhere on them, from foot level to eye level. The sheer size of these units can lead to some easily avoided design blunders. When you have so much room to work with, using that space wisely is really critical. You don’t want to put important information in a place where people will rarely be able to see it. The very bottom of your banner stands is better used for a bold graphic or other interesting – but not overly important or informative –design feature.

Ideally, the crucial information should be at eye height, if not slightly higher. This will place it at the perfect level to catch the attention of most visitors, without being so high that no one will be able to see it. More detailed information can be placed below that, but should not be any lower than mid-chest. People won’t want to bend their heads too much to see the text.


Use Banner Stands Outside Conventions Too

One of the best features of portable displays composed of banner stands is that each stand can be used outside the trade show as well. Design them properly and they have a place at corporate events, in reception areas, and in many other business settings.

Handing A High-Value Sample At A Trade Show Booth

Having a sample of your company’s most recent product at your trade show exhibit is one of the best ways to guarantee a successful conference. It allows visitors to see their potential investment, to try it before they buy it and thus know exactly what they’re getting.

In some cases, placing a sample at your trade show booth is simple. You may find the sample to be expendable, or you may even want to give it away so people can try it for themselves at home. Difficulties arise when the nature of your product prevents it from being presented at a trade show stand because it is too valuable to risk. There are many products that fit this description. Everything from jewelry to artifacts and high-tech computer parts are too valuable to be put in a trade show exhibit without any kind of protection. Fortunately, you have options. There are three major choices that you can select. They will all keep your product somewhat safe, but many of the more secure ones have a bigger impact on your overall trade show booth.


Choice #1: Put Your Product In A Display Case

Having a display case in your trade show stand will ensure that your product cannot be stolen, but it will also ensure that no one can interact with that product because it’s locked away. Display cases that are placed in a trade show exhibit can also be on the expensive side, as they must be carefully built in order to be resilient. If you choose this option for your trade show stand, it is strongly recommended that you have several different samples at different angles in the case. Visitors would want to examine the item for themselves, and if they cannot remove it from the case, they’ll at least be able to see it fully in the display.


Choice #2: Allow Your Visitors To Handle The Item Outside Its Case

This solution sacrifices some of the protective value of a display case for a substantially greater ability to showcase your product. In this scenario, visitors to your trade show exhibit can handle the product only upon request, and likely under close supervision from one of your staffers. You’ll know exactly who is handling your product at any time, and you’ll have close control over where it is. There is little risk of it being removed from your trade show booth, as you can always know in whose hands it rests. In addition, you won’t need to be concerned about it being stolen from your trade show stand when you step away from the booth: the case will keep it protected when not being handled.


Choice #3: Bring In Private Security

For big ticket items, adding security may be a necessity, even if you have a case for your product. Human security adds a level of safety simply because it is very visible, very noticeable, and a very good deterrent to would-be criminals. The main concern with this choice is that private security, even for a small trade show booth, can be expensive.


Focus On Security, But Don’t Forget Your Visitors

Emphasizing the security of your product can often cause marketers to lose sight of their overall goal: to make visitors feel welcome and to help them understand the product. If your trade show exhibit cannot do this with the necessary security precautions protecting your product sample, then you’re probably better off foregoing the sample. Having your product on display is ideal, but not if it means losing an open and inviting trade show stand.

3 Trade Show Stand Communication Tips That You Must Know

As a marketing professional who cares about your company, it’s your job to present everything in a positive light. This is especially true at a trade show exhibit, where hundreds or even thousands of people could talk with you in a single day. It’s easy to turn this desire to present your company in a positive light into something very negative: a desire to deny the realities of your product. Today’s trade show booth visitor won’t believe any staffer who sounds rehearsed or like he’s faking it.

Instead, you want to be honest about your product, while still accentuating the many positives. When you are able to maintain this demeanor at your trade show stand, you’ll actually promote your company and your products much more effectively. Refusing to admit that your product has any negative elements makes it seem as though those possible negatives are catastrophic for a buyer. In fact, your product is a good one – it’s something people will want to buy. You don’t need to make it appear flawless. You simply need to show people that they’ll enjoy it, and they will be interested in purchasing.


Tip #1: Choose Your Staffers With Care

You cannot possibly interact personally with every visitor to your trade show exhibit. This is true even at the smaller conventions; at larger expos, it can take three or four people to begin handling the influx of visitors to a trade show booth. Because you can’t interact with everyone you’ll need to see, hiring good people to work at your trade show stand is absolutely crucial.

These people must have the same detailed understanding of communication that you possess. They must know how to present your product in a positive light while also being honest about it. They should be sincere, and they should be knowledgeable. They should also be naturally likeable and conversational, just enough so they can make visitors feel welcome at your trade show stand. Finding these people isn’t always an easy task, but once you have them they will make your trade show exhibit a lot more effective.


Tip #2: Don’t Pressure Your Team To Meet Sales Goals

When sales people are under pressure to perform, either through incentives for meeting certain targets or just plain overzealous encouragement, they are increasingly likely to exaggerate the benefits of their product. In essence, the more pressure you put on your trade show booth staffers to reach certain targeted sales numbers, the less likely they are to give your visitors the experience they want. Pressured trade show stand staff will come off as insincere and untrustworthy to visitors – not the result you want!


Tip #3: Conduct Training With Outside Assistance

Whenever you bring someone new onto your trade show exhibit staff, have them go through a bit of training first. Simulate the trade show exhibit, and have a friend or other co-worker who the new recruit doesn’t know pretend to be a visitor. Have that person let you know firsthand what they felt. By mimicking the situation at a real trade show booth as closely as possible, you’ll get a good picture of what you can expect on convention day.

When you allow your trade show stand staffers to be genuine and open about your product, you’re much more likely to make sales and to develop customers who keep coming back. People will trust you, and they’ll see your product for what it is: something legitimately good with real, tangible benefits.