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Four Trends You Will Want To Include In Your San Antonio Trade Show Booth

By April 17, 2015May 7th, 2018Trade Show Displays

trade show displays san antonioAt Xtreme Xhibits, we have seen for ourselves the major impact a San Antonio trade show booth can offer business owners operating in virtually every industry. However, we have also seen entrepreneurs miss the mark with these live marketing resources. They simply assume that setting up a San Antonio trade show booth is all it takes to reap the many rewards offered at a function.


Here at Xtreme Xhibits, we know it takes more than merely showing up to best leverage the distinctive advantages offered by a live marketing event. Our team of design experts understands that the most popular corporate exhibits have effectively utilized a wide range of strategic tactics to resonate with the crowd. One of the biggest ways to prove to your audience that you are fresh and relevant is to tap into some of the very latest design trends with your San Antonio trade show booth.


Keep Your San Antonio Trade Show Booth Looking Cutting Edge And Innovative


Knowing some of the latest design trends can highlight your business as a cutting-edge innovator that’s truly in touch with today’s consuming public. When you’re developing your design concept, consider these trend tips:


Sleek, Simple Lines: When it comes to the shape of your exhibit, it’s important to keep it simple. Overly ornate curves and shapes can instantly take away from your brand and overall marketing message. Using long, sleek lines throughout the design can highlight your brand and keep you on point with this visual trend.


Add Textural Depth: Just because your overall shape is simple, doesn’t mean that you can’t add visual integrity in other ways. A great way to give your booth some esthetic depth is to use different materials and fabrics throughout the exhibit. Warm woods and textiles placed strategically throughout the stand can make your booth inviting to even the most harried passerby.


Make It Comfortable: Another here-to-stay trend? Lounge spaces. Previous generations of exhibitors assumed that the best way to increase the foot traffic to their booths was to get guests in and out as quickly as possible. However, today’s entrepreneurs understand that there is much to be said for enticing guests to come, hang out and get to know your business. Designate a small lounge space where visitors can check emails, relax and even enjoy a snack and beverage while surrounded by your marketing missives.


Offer Onsite Meeting Space: Beyond a lounge area, current booth trends indicate that having a designated meeting space is also a major win for various exhibitors. Why wait until a follow up call to have a face-to-face client meeting? Coordinate impromptu meetings right in your stand; it’s the perfect way to further entice with warm leads and drive home the many ways your organization stands head and shoulders ahead of the competition.


Ready to tap into the latest exhibit tips and trends? Xtreme Xhibits can help. Contact our team of design specialists today!