Why Use Trade Show Installation Services?

Trade Show Installation Services

You’ve got a great exhibit, and you’re ready to wow your potential customers at the hottest trade show around. First you have to get to the show and set everything up. Are you really going to try and build that thing yourself? Maybe you should consider trade show installation services.

It can be tempting to try and save money with a little DIY elbow grease, and certainly that can work. However, often it makes more sense to let professionals take care of the installation & dismantlement (I&D) services for your valuable exhibits and booths. Here are just a few reasons why that’s true:

1. I&D Supervision

Some cities and venues require the use of union labor for installation & dismantlement, while others require all exhibitors to use a particular general contractor. Even in situations like these, it makes sense to hire someone to oversee and supervise that installation. That supervisor will be intimately familiar with your setup, and will ensure that all goes smoothly.

Trade Show Installation Services

Don’t DIY – Use Xtreme Xhibits Installation Services

2. Stay Focused

When you hire professional trade show installation services, you free your booth staff to focus on the thing they are really there for: selling. Before the show, your salespeople are strategizing and walking the floor to keep an eye on the competition rather than opening boxes and finding a screwdriver. When the show starts, they aren’t sweaty and tired from setting up, they are fresh and ready to speak to your future customers. When the show ends, they still have time for meetings with leads before they head out of town, because someone else is handling the nitty gritty of striking, packing, and shipping the exhibit out.

3. Accountability

Trade show installation and dismantlement services are a key part of our business, and we stand by our work. With years of experience, training, and expertise, we make it our job to make you look your best. We’re accountable to you, and we won’t let you down. Our reputation depends on it.

Contact Xtreme Xhibits for more information on trade show installation services. Your next exhibit experience could be completely transformed.

New Year, New Trade Show Marketing Resolutions

Trade Show Marketing in San Antonio and Austin

2018 is in full swing already, but it’s a great time to evaluate your trade show marketing and make a few resolutions for the upcoming year. Here are a few we think might help make 2018 your best year yet.

Resolve to Evaluate Your Current Displays

Sit down with your trade show marketing team whether internally or through a service like Xtreme Xhibits, and honestly assess the state of your equipment. Does anything need refreshing, repair, or even replacement? Make a plan now to keep your displays not only on the cutting edge, but simply functioning and looking their best as well. Experts like the Xtreme Xhibits team are a vital part of this evaluation. Make sure to access their years of experience to help you make the best decisions possible. Your business depends on it!

Resolve to Invest More Time in Training

Your booth staff is an absolutely key component of your trade show marketing strategy. Resolve now to increase the time you spend training staff. Selling at a trade show is different than any other environment, so don’t expect your people to pick it up naturally. Help them with training, tips, and resources so they can do their best.

Resolve to Evaluate Your Trade Show Schedule

Now is the time to honestly consider your calendar. Are any events fading from importance or not delivering the audience your company needs? Are there new events in your industry that you should be at? Don’t just keep to the same schedule because you did it two years ago, make intentional plans that will maximize your trade show marketing investment.


You know that trade show marketing in San Antonio and Austin is a competitive, exciting challenge. You need to be your best to beat the competition. By making these resolutions and following through with them, you’ll stay one step ahead and make 2018 a great year.

Evaluating Your Trade Show Displays

Business Evaluating Trade Show Displays

As the year ends, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past twelve months and evaluate the effectiveness and performance of your trade show marketing strategy. Answering these simple questions about your trades show displays may turn out to not be so simple, but don’t worry. If you run into trouble, you can contact the Xtreme Xhibits team in Austin and San Antonio and they can help you through any part of this evaluation and (if necessary) redesign process.

4 Questions to Ask About Your Exhibit Booth

#1 – Do my trade show displays still accurately reflect the identity and direction of my company?

Business Evaluating Trade Show DisplaysThings change. You launch new products, acquire new business, and even adopt new marketing strategies and branding. Do your trade show materials reflect your company as it actually is? Or do they reflect what it was a year or more ago? If things have changed, make sure your trade show displays change along with them.

#2 – Are event attendees visiting my booths?

Evaluate your attendance at trade shows this past year. Are your numbers dropping? You may think there’s nothing wrong with your booth, but people vote with their feet. Take time for some reflection on what may be causing the decline, and then take more time for some serious discussion on what can be done to reverse the trend. Attracting visitors is what your trade show displays are all about – you can’t fail at this one!

#3 – Is there any excitement around my exhibits?

It’s easy to get stuck in old ways or in old techniques that used to work. But generating excitement and buzz is one of the best ways for your trade show displays to stand out from the crowd. It may be time to consider something new that will really get them talking.

#4 – Are my trade show displays worn out or difficult to use?

Sometimes it’s as simple as a trade show display reaching the end of its lifecycle. Everything ages, especially equipment that’s shipped around the country, set up, taken down, and used over and over again. Although Xtreme Xhibits trade show displays are built to last, they aren’t eternal. If your exhibit is showing frayed material or faded graphics or stained carpet or stiff joints, then you’re not putting your best foot forward with customers. Time to retire that old warhorse and get something new.

Take the time to ask the tough questions about your trade show displays. You’ll thank yourself for it in 2018.

Put the Product at the Center of Your Trade Show Design

Majorica 10x10 Display

Most companies that exhibit at trade shows are selling a physical product. In fact, it’s one of the best things about trade shows – your potential clients can see your product, up-close, in-person, and possibly even in action. However, unfortunately, their trade show design doesn’t always reflect the importance of the product.

Trade Show Design: Majorica 10x10 DisplayHave you seen a booth that’s so cluttered it looks more like a flea market than a trade show? Or have you seen a big lump of machinery in the middle of a display with no explanation of what it does? Avoid these mistakes and others like them with these tips for product displays at your next trade show. And if you need help with new design ideas to feature your products better, you can always ask us. We love to help!

Product-Centered Trade Show Design Tips:

Don’t bring too many products. Perhaps consider featuring only your best or your newest products. Simpler is often the better approach. With too many things to look at, you risk your customers not being able to focus on anything and they’ll simply move on.

Demonstrate your products. Show it in action! If it’s too big or noisy or it’s just plain impractical to display a fully-working product, consider animated video or cutaway models that will still give the customer an idea of what your product does. If it’s a personal demo, practice that demo over and over to get smooth. Your booth staff should not be struggling to figure out how to use the product while demonstrating.

Think about scale. If the product is huge, support it with other graphic and design elements to make it almost part of your booth architecture. If the products are small, consider using things like large-scale graphics or dramatic lighting to draw attention to them.

Build a set. Create an environment similar to where the products will actually be used, whether it’s with the architecture of the booth, images on graphics, or additional props beyond your products that help signal to the buyer that they are “home.”

Tell why you’re better. We’d all like to think our products sell themselves, and it’s tempting to think that once your products are on display, they will. Give yourself more visual proof by supporting your products with graphics that make your products’ benefit obvious. Do your products last longer? Do more, faster? Cost less over time? Take less energy? Tell your products’ story with graphics and/or AV tech.

If your business is all about the product, make sure your trade show design reflects that. A better product display means more eyeballs, which means more conversations, which leads to more sales.

Where to Look for Trade Show Display Ideas

Trade Show Display Ideas


Are you thinking about your next trade show design? Need inspiration? Try looking in a few places to get started with new trade show display ideas.

Trade Shows

Trade Show Display IdeasThat might seem like an obvious suggestion, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t look at what their competition is doing. Walk the floor before a convention and take note of what catches your eye. Then take a few minutes during the show to see which displays really draw the crowds. Compare notes with your team – why is that booth drawing attention? What can we learn from it? If you really want to get outside your box, attend a trade show outside your industry and get radical new ideas from an entirely different vertical segment. You’ll walk away with loads of new trade show display ideas to consider.


The secret of billboard advertising is delivering the most important message as quickly as possible. And isn’t that a bit like a trade show booth? People pass by your booth pretty quickly, and you must catch their attention and deliver a message before they’re gone. If you’re struggling with a wordy message or a busy design, get some inspiration from billboards and see what you can cut out. How far can you simplify and still keep your branding and message? Pushing that limit will make your booth stand out.

The Mall

Retailers spend a lot of money on displays, and they spend a lot of time considering and testing the best placement and positioning. Take a few minutes in your local mall and learn from their investment! Which colors pop? How do they use a variety of materials to give their displays visual interest? How do they manage traffic flow and interaction with the public? Pay particular attention to the stores you imagine your customers might shop in.

This is just a start. Keep your eyes open and look for any type of environment where a lot of intentional thought has gone into communicating with the public. Study closely, ask questions, and you might just get more trade show display ideas than you ever imagined.


Get the Show on the Road with Portable Trade Show Displays

Portable Trade Show Displays - Banner Stands

Let’s face it, not all trade show opportunities are around the corner from your office. That means you’re faced with sending a team a long way. When you add in the cost of shipping a large exhibit, it can make the effort cost-prohibitive for all but the largest companies. The good news is that portable trade show displays have made significant strides in the last few years. It’s now possible to reach that distant trade show without lessening your impact.


Keep in mind you’re looking for: high quality, well designed displays that will last with use, be easy to transport, and ultimately will create sales leads through eye-catching messaging. At Xtreme Xhibits, we’ve got years of experience in just this sort of thing and we can help you navigate your options. Here are a few:

Portable Trade Show Displays - Banner StandsBanner Stands – These fold up displays can make a huge impression with their height and use of color and images. Or use a few stands tightly packed together to create a backdrop wall. One person can easily construct banner stands without specialized tools. Most stands have hard cases that double as transportation protection and also storage or even a lectern for your trade show display. Many options are available as well for add-ons to make these portable stands into an exhibit powerhouse.

Inflatables – How about an entire graphic backdrop wall that deflates into a suitcase? Or even an inflatable tent for indoor or outdoor shelter? These options are often the most space-saving, and yet they are also easy to deploy.

Popups – These stands are definitely more substantial, and depending on the materials used they can still be quite heavy. But if you can afford a bit more in shipping costs, these can be solid components of a show-stopping display.

If you’ve been thinking about expanding your reach beyond local trade shows, contact us at Xtreme Xhibits to see just how affordable and effective portable trade show displays can be.

Four Ways to Make Your Trade Show Exhibit POP

Exciting Trade Show Exhibit Ideas

Are you worried your trade show exhibit will be lost in a sea of boring, ho-hum sameness? Have no fear! With a little work, some creativity, and of course expertise from Xtreme Xhibits, you can generate more excitement, more traffic, and more leads.

Exciting Trade Show Exhibit IdeasBe Bold – Use Color & Images

You’re competing for eyeballs, and our eyes love color and strong images. Don’t be afraid to stand out from all the tans and grays with some bold, bright colors. Make sure to use your branding color especially in some element of your booth to strengthen that connection. Use bigger images, not more images, to create maximum impact.

Create Space – Use Lighting, Height and Even Flooring to Make a Trade Show Exhibit People Want to Enter

Brightly lit booths will stand out from the crowd. Using backlighting, accent lighting, colored lighting, and even moving lights to draw attention. You want to create a space that’s inviting to enter and stay in. Your trade show exhibit can go above and beyond the ordinary by using dramatic height or even something as simple as attractive flooring.

Get Attention – Use Movement and Props

People are drawn to movement, so consider using elements like rotating signage or even just move about your booth while making your presentation. Props are a tried and true way to stand out – think classic motorcycles, unusual objects, and lots more. Get creative and people will come by just to see what you’ve done.

Embrace Technology – Use Video & AV Tech

Combining the advantages of bold colors and lighting and movement, plus the ability to tell a story, video is a must-have. It can be as simple as a Powerpoint presentation, but it can be big-screen full-motion video if your budget allows.

With a little effort and creativity, you can increase the excitement and make your trade show exhibit a must-see.

Effective Ways To Engage Visitors At Trade Show Displays: San Antonio Trade Show Stands That Entice

trade show displays san antonio

Businesses have always known that mingling with potential clients at industry events is a great way to promote their products and services to a ready-made pool of customers. Because industry events such as trade shows are so popular, companies can count on there being several shows and conferences each year regardless of the industry they’re in. Austin and San Antonio businesses have long known that trade show displays from Xtreme Xhibits reap impressive results because they offer face-to-face opportunities to network and promote.

trade show displays san antonioTrade Show Displays In San Antonio Are Just The Start

Many companies regularly attend events and set up impressive trade show displays, but they may not be getting the ROI they’d hoped for from their trade show stands in San Antonio and other cities. Disappointing results may simply be the result of ineffective planning or insufficient investment in the right tools for genuine marketing success. If you simply set up your trade show stands and expect them to perform for your business, you’ll be disappointed. In order to truly connect with potential customers and fully engage them, you need to take things a step further. The best trade show displays in San Antonio are the ones that are compelling enough to entice visitors, engage them in a dialog and leave a lasting impression.


Establish A Compelling Plan For Your Trade Show Displays

San Antonio event planners will tell you that it’s crucial to have a plan in place at least a few weeks before any event where you’ll be using trade show displays. This requires some extra time and effort by your team, but it’s well worth it if you come up with a few fresh ideas and have the opportunity to refine them before your trade show stands in San Antonio are assembled. Make sure the employees manning your booth understand your company’s main goals for the event. Rehearsing some scenarios for how to interact with customers at trade show displays will mean better coverage and will minimize the chance that key items in your plan will be overlooked.


Offer Enticing Giveaways If People Visit Your Trade Show Stand

It may seem like giveaways have been done to death, but nearly everyone likes to get “something for nothing.” It’s why so many businesses continue to offer incentives or prizes at their trade show displays. San Antonio events always feature several trade show displays offering free gifts because they remain one of the most effective ways to lure visitors to your trade show stands in San Antonio if the gift is a good one. To make sure potential visitors do show up, choose your giveaway wisely. Avoid cheap or uninteresting items and pick something that will truly excite people.


With advance planning and creative thinking for your trade show displays in San Antonio, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Ask About These Three Services When Sourcing Trade Show Companies in San Antonio

3 Key Factors in Choosing a Trade Show Company in San Antonio

Searching for the best trade show companies in San Antonio to help you plan your next exhibit is one of those exciting tasks that can soon become frustratingly difficult. The multitude of trade show companies in San Antonio alone can boggle the mind and make you lose sight of your marketing or convention needs. Before you’re swayed by beautiful designs and low-budget numbers, ask the company representative if they offer these three things:

  • 3 Key Factors in Choosing a Trade Show Company in San AntonioCustom Designs
  • Exhibit Rentals
  • Support Services

If a company offers all three of these services they’re definitely worth a second-look. Here’s why these three services are so important and why you’d be smart to work with the trade show companies in San Antonio that provide them.

Custom Designs

Firms that provide customized exhibits are your best shot at getting seen on the busy convention floor. Trade show companies in San Antonio that offer customized exhibits allow you to design the booth around your business, your needs and your goals and expectations for the show. Not only that, when you create a custom booth with professional exhibit designers you’re benefitting from their years of experience and, often, the latest and greatest options in design. A standard booth picked out of a catalog will never provide you with everything you want in a display, but a customized booth from Xtreme Xhibits can.

Trade Show Companies In San Antonio Offering Exhibit Rentals

Working with a company that provides rental exhibits might seem counterintuitive given the fact that we just recommended you partner with trade show companies that offer custom exhibit designs! But it’s not and here’s why. Rentals are a great way to test the waters and find out what kind of exhibit works best for you without a big upfront investment. By partnering with a company that offers rentals you also have the opportunity to add select pieces to any exhibits you already have, allowing you to update or customize them to meet your changing needs without investing in an entirely new exhibit. Full-service trade show companies in San Antonio, including Xtreme Xhibits, will have tables, chairs, monitors and even tablets available for rent, all of which can boost your visibility at the event.

 Support Services

Support services are those behind-the-scenes services that are not glamorous but are critical to the success of your exhibiting experience. Look for trade show companies in San Antonio that offer to help you set up and tear down your display. Even if you plan to do this work yourself and never use these services, knowing that they exist as back-up can ease your mind and decrease the stress-level of the busy prep time before an exhibition. Perhaps more important are repair services. You never know what a convention will throw at you, including exhibit damage. Trade show companies that can provide you with experts to fix any damage or problems that occur means they can be counted on take care of the repairs while your staff focuses on interacting with visitors.

Sourcing trade show companies in San Antonio doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. Contact Xtreme Xhibits today to start identifying your needs and planning your next exhibit!


Tips for Successful Trade Show Lead Management

Austin Trade Show Lead Management

After the rush of the trade show crowds, after the hands are shaken, after the lights go out, what do you have? Leads. Piles of them, hopefully. What happens next will be what makes the difference between a successful trade show or a flop. Lead management is a crucial step in trade show marketing.

Lead Management Top Tips


Austin Trade Show Lead Management

Lead Management is more than keeping track of business cards.

Get more than a business card.

A name and a phone number is great, but ideally you need much more information. Use software to make sure you’re capturing as much as you can about each potential customer. Ask questions, get to know them, and then write down what you’ve learned.

Get great communication from your trade show booth staff.

Make sure that what the booth visitor has communicated to you is captured in your lead system. Don’t let this chain get broken, of you’ll end up frustrating your potential customers by asking them again for information they’ve already told you.

Concentrate on qualifying your leads.

You’ll encourage follow-up because your salespeople will know they aren’t wasting their time contacting someone who really isn’t interested. Even better, you’ll know more about what exactly your lead is looking for, which will help you try to meet that need.

Have a plan before you even go to the trade show.

Don’t wait until after the show to say, “Well, now what do we do?” Make plans for lead fulfillment before you even arrive. Know the steps you want to take, and you can even start to take them during the show. Plan a workflow of touches (calls, emails, mailers) over the next days and weeks that will keep your leads engaged and communicating with you.

Follow these tips and maximize your company’s trade show and display ROI with great lead management. Don’t let those leads slip through your fingers.