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Xtreme Xhibits can store and maintain your exhibit while helping you manage your event schedule year-round.

Exhibit Storage and Staging Make Your Life Easier


After a show, your exhibit will be dismantled and returned to us. After a full inspection, all your assets will be returned to secure storage. We will monitor all your items throughout our warehouse, managing your properties and small booth/high volume programs. You will receive full documentation of all activities completed, including a list of any additional actions needed to return the booth to mint condition.


Before an upcoming event, your entire exhibit will be assembled in our pre-staging area. This ensures that all components are present, functional, and ready to be shipped. By going the extra mile in this area, we want to ensure that there are no surprises when it comes time to set up your exhibit. That’s another area that sets Xtreme Xhibits apart from our competition.

With our online event management system, you can order, organize, and schedule your shows for the entire year.


ExhibitForce is our cloud-based event management system that stores information on your current, planned, and completed shows and events. ExhibitForce takes the guesswork out of overseeing assets, permanently storing everything associated with your events in an organized location that you can access round the clock.

  • Exhibits & Graphics
  • Products, Brochures, Prototypes & Giveaways
  • Show Services, Documents, Paperwork
  • Blueprints & Build Instructions
  • Freight Information
  • Budget & Actual Cost Records
  • Lead Management Tools

Skyline Xtreme Xhibits offers exhibit storage and asset management solutions to all our clients. Contact us to discuss your particular storage needs.