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Handing A High-Value Sample At A Trade Show Booth

Having a sample of your company’s most recent product at your trade show exhibit is one of the best ways to guarantee a successful conference. It allows visitors to see their potential investment, to try it before they buy it and thus know exactly what they’re getting.

In some cases, placing a sample at your trade show booth is simple. You may find the sample to be expendable, or you may even want to give it away so people can try it for themselves at home. Difficulties arise when the nature of your product prevents it from being presented at a trade show stand because it is too valuable to risk. There are many products that fit this description. Everything from jewelry to artifacts and high-tech computer parts are too valuable to be put in a trade show exhibit without any kind of protection. Fortunately, you have options. There are three major choices that you can select. They will all keep your product somewhat safe, but many of the more secure ones have a bigger impact on your overall trade show booth.


Choice #1: Put Your Product In A Display Case

Having a display case in your trade show stand will ensure that your product cannot be stolen, but it will also ensure that no one can interact with that product because it’s locked away. Display cases that are placed in a trade show exhibit can also be on the expensive side, as they must be carefully built in order to be resilient. If you choose this option for your trade show stand, it is strongly recommended that you have several different samples at different angles in the case. Visitors would want to examine the item for themselves, and if they cannot remove it from the case, they’ll at least be able to see it fully in the display.


Choice #2: Allow Your Visitors To Handle The Item Outside Its Case

This solution sacrifices some of the protective value of a display case for a substantially greater ability to showcase your product. In this scenario, visitors to your trade show exhibit can handle the product only upon request, and likely under close supervision from one of your staffers. You’ll know exactly who is handling your product at any time, and you’ll have close control over where it is. There is little risk of it being removed from your trade show booth, as you can always know in whose hands it rests. In addition, you won’t need to be concerned about it being stolen from your trade show stand when you step away from the booth: the case will keep it protected when not being handled.


Choice #3: Bring In Private Security

For big ticket items, adding security may be a necessity, even if you have a case for your product. Human security adds a level of safety simply because it is very visible, very noticeable, and a very good deterrent to would-be criminals. The main concern with this choice is that private security, even for a small trade show booth, can be expensive.


Focus On Security, But Don’t Forget Your Visitors

Emphasizing the security of your product can often cause marketers to lose sight of their overall goal: to make visitors feel welcome and to help them understand the product. If your trade show exhibit cannot do this with the necessary security precautions protecting your product sample, then you’re probably better off foregoing the sample. Having your product on display is ideal, but not if it means losing an open and inviting trade show stand.