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Color is the image of the world.

Ever think about color? Just color, in general. Well, “It is apparent from the moment you open your eyes until they close for sleep……Even then, color creeps right into dreams. Color communicates and helps us categorize, distinguish and identify. (Sandy Kaye Moss) Color has power and consequently plays a very important part in the design of your trade show graphics. It is “one of the first elements of your brand that will be noticed and likely remembered by attendees.  A marketing study done by the University of Loyola on color indicates that the right color increases brand recognition by 80%.”  (Skyline Exhibits)

And so you ask…Barb, “If all the other brands and exhibits are green and white, how do I stand out on the show floor? You don’t want to change your brand color, so “consider using one of your brand accent colors as your main background color.” (Skyline Exhibits)

Since color is a source of information, coordinate color with your message, brand, graphic design and the apparel of your booth staffers.

Psychology of color: ( &
Orange: physical comfort, food, warmth, security, abundance
Red: courage, strength, energy, daring, excitement
Green: balance, harmony, nature, health, peace, life
Blue: confidence, trust, reflection, calmness, stability
Yellow: (The strongest color, psychologically) intellect, joy, friendliness

“Color is ubiquitous. People make up their minds within 90 seconds off their initial interactions with either people or products.  About 62-90 percent of the assessment is based on colors alone.” (Satyendra Singh, “Impact of Color on Marketing)

“Colors are the smiles of nature.” (James Henry Leigh Hunt)