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The Wheels Go Round: Trade Show Shipping (Part 2)

By January 22, 2020Barb's Xtreme Blog

Tips for shipping to/from your trade show (Part 2) (See part 1 for No.1)
2.Timing and cost. (All based on dimensions and weight of pieces shipped)
Options: It is always best to arrange for shipping well in advance of the date you want pickup and delivery both to/from show.
– Counter-counter.  Ships on next available flight and is picked up when the plane lands.  Quick, but expensive way to ship small packages.
– Expedite. Ships faster than standard directly from pick up to delivery.  Expensive, but good for emergency shipments.
– 3-5 day deferred. Ships with a delivery time between 3-5 business days. Best shipping option if not in a hurry.
– Other options: Overnight, 2nd Day
-Differs from the cost of shipping to/from your company to the dock of the trade show venue and return.
-Charges applied to move your freight from the dock of the venue to your booth space and return back to the dock.  Usually applied to your credit card.
4.BOL (Bill of Lading)
– Extremely important document: Detailed list of goods shipped, includes addresses to/from, dates and times of pickup and delivery.
Be sure you have a copy with the driver’s signature.
5,Dedicated truck vs LTL:
– Dedicated truck: Entire truck is dedicated to your shipment. The size of the truck depends on the size of your freight.  Fast delivery time, expensive but sometimes necessary.
– LTL: Less than a truck load. Truck is shared with more than one customer. Longer transit time, but less expensive. It is the usual way freight is shipped.
6.Hazardous freight
-Be sure the venue/show accept hazardous material and gives written approval.
– Contact  your carrier to get a quote that includes the cost of a hazardous shipment, as this will definitely add to the cost.  Only an elite group of drivers are certified to handle hazardous       products.
– You will need to provide the following:
UN number
Packing group
Safety Data sheet. (SDS)I hope that you have found Part 1 and Part 2 informative and helpful.
If you have anything to add or comment on, particularly if you have shipping stories to tell, please feel free to e-mail me at  Subject line: Barb’s blog.