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Are you still in your pajamas?

Now that I, like many of you, are social distancing and working from home, I’m finding that it takes a lot more self-discipline than I thought it would.  I’m also realizing that social distancing does not mean “social media distancing”.  I’ve discovered that, not only is it important to accomplish my work tasks, it also is very important for me to keep up social media chat with my family and friends.

The following is a list of ideas for making working from home doable. It is excerpted from an Austin American-Statesman article, March 16, 2020, by Nicole Villalpando, How to get, stay organized while working from home.
“Austin’s Maura Nevel Thomas, a productivity coach and author of ‘Work Without Walls’ works from home.  She says, “It’s not about where you work. It’s about how you work.  Her suggestions:
– Create separate space for work, if you can.
– Give visible clues to others when it’s work time and when it’s not work time.
– Create a visible signal that you are not to be disturbed.
– Allow for engagements with the household between tasks.
– Create communication with others from the office.  Set up a schedule.
– Set up structure…having trouble getting into the work mode, create a routine.
– Don’t turn on the TV or radio.
– Figure out when your best work time is.
– Get your household on a schedule.
– Make sure you have the right technology.

These days, one thing that I make sure of is that I don’t hit accept when someone is trying to facetime me. My work from home appearance is such a far cry from my work appearance at the office that I might scare someone. Certainly, I’d never live it down!

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