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A Moment in Time

Wow! These past two weeks have left me feeling like I’m in a time warp where everything stands still. However, I do know that……..

Trade shows are not a thing of the past. Once we get over this pause, they’ll be back as a number 1 marketing tool. Trade shows are the only marketing media that offers face to face engagements in real time.  They yield a significant range of opportunities to the B2B marketer:

  •  Attract new customers by personal/direct interaction with potential buyers.
  • Network with industry peers, getting the latest scoop on what is happening in
  • your industry.
  • Meet with potential suppliers.
  • Dine with clients, prospects and business partners at breakfast, lunch, dinner and after hours
  • Host hospitality events
  • Nurture relationships with existing clients in meaningful conversations
  • Check out the competition.

While trade shows might be in hiatus, we don’t have to be.  Now is the time to plan for THE RETURN OF THE TRADE SHOW. Review the shows you participated in last year.  What were the results?

  • Where were your exhibits located on the trade show floor?
  • Did the trade shows satisfy the measurable objectives you established for your shows?
  • Were the budgets accurate? (Space, exhibit, travel & expenses, show services, drayage & transportation, promotion)?
  • Did the exhibits and graphics continue to support your mission and brand? Take a look at your exhibit and graphics.  Are the graphics fresh and compelling?
  • Was the booth staff friendly, approachable and confident? Did they have thorough knowledge of your products and services. Could the booth staff communicate effectively and capture and qualify leads?

Let’s take this “moment in time” and prepare for all the trade show moments in time that are on the horizon.

Please feel free to contact me with questions, experiences, solutions, ideas.  Subject line: Barb’s blogs