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Maximize Your Impact With Versatile Modular Displays At Austin Trade Shows

Xtreme Xhibits knows that trade shows are still tops when it comes to achieving networking, brand exposure and client interaction all in one place, and Austin is one of the top trade show destinations in the U.S. When used as part of a comprehensive marketing plan, tried and true trade show participation holds its own against today’s more virtual interactions. The reasons for this are many but primarily, trade shows deliver something virtual contact cannot: face-to-face interactions. This type of contact with current and potential customers is invaluable no matter what the industry. That’s why trade show participation will always be worth your while.


The hard part is not deciding whether or not to participate in a trade show, but how to present your company or organization in the exhibit hall. Hundreds of designs and choices can overwhelm even the most seasoned marketing professional; new designs show up every year making decisions even more difficult.


Adding to the difficulty in choice are the practical concerns of cost and portability. Many organizations find themselves needing a few different exhibit designs, but unable to afford them all, thus, having to pick and choose one design over another, even if it doesn’t meet all of their needs. Then there’s the issue of getting the exhibit to the conventions. Large exhibits can be cumbersome and require a team to set up, while small exhibits can get lost in the crowd.


Modular Displays At Austin Trade Shows: The Best Of Both Worlds


Xtreme Xhibits offers hundreds of booth designs to choose from and fortunately, many of these designs are now modular displays. Austin trade show exhibitors are finding that the flexibility offered by modular displays can be just the thing they need to meet all their exhibiting needs.


Modular displays are often confused with portable and pop-up displays, but there are a few important differences. Modular designs are generally larger in size and heavier than portable displays. Modular exhibits also feature individual parts that can be arranged and rearranged to create many different booth configurations and give each exhibit a new look. Portable and pop-up displays often don’t have this flexibility. The versatility of modular displays is one of its biggest draws.


That versatility can translate into cost savings down the road too. Since modular displays can be rearranged to fit different booth configurations, exhibitors don’t have to purchase or rent extra pieces or components for their display based on the booth size and layout of different conventions. One model can meet all their needs.


Businesses aren’t limited to the original graphics chosen for the modular display either. With a little advance planning, panel graphics and images can be changed to target each convention’s specific audience.


Extend Your Reach With Modular Displays


From modular displays in Austin to San Antonio, one thing exhibitors agree on is their flexibility. Due to their versatile design, modular exhibits can extend a business’ marketing reach. They can be used at international conventions just as easily as college job fairs, making them the perfect choice for all your exhibiting needs.


If your company is interested in more information about Modular Displays, or any kind of trade show exhibit, please contact Xtreme Xhibits!

Your Next San Antonio Trade Show Booth: What To Know Before You Rent


Every time to use a trade show installation to highlight your company’s products or services, you’re putting your company’s reputation on the line. There is an almost limitless variety of San Antonio trade show booths available for purchase or rent, and you need to decide which works best for you before moving ahead with designing your trade show installation. Trade show booth rental offers you some valuable advantages that ownership doesn’t have, so be sure to discuss your options with your marketing team as well as a trade show installation expert to be sure you have all the information you need to make the right choice.


What Are The Advantages Of Trade Show Booth Rental?


Renting a San Antonio trade show booth gives you several advantages that purchasing simply can’t offer. The most immediate advantage is the extensive savings you’ll get by using less of your marketing budget on your trade show installation. San Antonio businesses often prefer to rent instead of buying because it gives them more leeway to change the overall concept or theme of their trade show exhibits each year, or even with every event they attend. If your business is one that is constantly evolving and offering new innovations, rental can help you update your image as frequently as you roll out new products.


The trade show booth industry is also a rapidly changing one. If you want to take advantage of new and innovative trade show installation features, rental is your best option. You don’t want to use a trade show booth that seems tired or outdated when competing against companies with newer and more attractive trade show booths.


An often overlooked advantage to renting a San Antonio trade show booth is the added service that comes with it. When you rent, you can get the services of a professional from the trade show installation company to help you set up your trade show booth properly. If your booth staff is relatively small or you’re only sending a select few to the convention or trade show, an expert from the display company can be a life saver, letting your staff attend to other issues.


Diversify Your Trade Show Exhibits


When you contact a San Antonio trade show booth company, learn as much as you can about their latest display innovations. Learn which ones will best showcase your company’s products or services. There are plenty of options beyond graphics and text that can be utilized to improve your presentation. Are they using new textiles, videos, or photography to enhance exhibits? Do they offer unusual flooring options that can be integrated into the style of your trade show installation? What about comfort? Do they have flooring that tired attendees will appreciate? Don’t be afraid to ask about what others in your industry are using for their trade show exhibits; the first step toward beating the competition is understanding them.


How Extras Can Enhance Your ROI


If you rent a trade show installation for your next show, keep in mind that incorporating unique touches into your display can garner lots of attention that will make your booth memorable. Talking to a professional trade show installation specialist is a great way to learn about unusual and compelling display options you may not have thought about. At Xtreme Xhibits, we can introduce you to an impressive array of options that will make your San Antonio trade show booth a stand-out at every event.


We’re here to serve you, so feel free to take advantage of our knowledge. We’d love to show you the latest in high definition graphics, interactive features, video feeds and other options that can take your trade show booth to the next level.

Market Your Food Products Using Innovative Trade Show Exhibits

Using trade show exhibits to market food products has never been easy. It can be difficult to coordinate and keep your food samples fresh and attractive throughout the day, but with more food and wine events every year drawing record crowds, you can’t afford to miss an opportunity. New technologies and improved designs mean today’s food product producers can now set up San Antonio trade show exhibits that will stimulate new interest and draw chefs to your booth for increased sales.

Are Trade Show Exhibits Important For Food Products?

The answer is, quite simply, YES. Trade show exhibits should be an integral part of the marketing plan for your food products. Conventions give you the freedom to make an in-person first impression followed up with an excellent demonstration or food tasting that will pique the interest of visitors. San Antonio trade show displays with a strong visual appeal will draw potential customers to your trade show exhibit, and your food samples or product demonstrations can seal the deal for you.

Preparing signature cuisine at your booth is a sure-fire way to attract more visitors, including intrigued chefs and restaurant owners. Take advantage of their interest by using your booth as a place to not only demonstrate, but educate visitors and get them to follow through with an order while they are still at your trade show display.

Wine Tasting Started It All

Vintners and wine and spirits shop owners were the first segment of the food and beverage industry to fully take advantage of the benefits of trade show exhibits. Many would set up trade show displays at culinary and wine tasting events around the country, offering free samples of their wines and reinforcing their brand by prominently displaying their labels.

The food industry became interested in trade show exhibits more recently, due in part to the difficulty of displaying or cooking food all day long in a setting that wasn’t conducive to serving foods at the best temperature. Recent developments now make it feasible to do so, and food products companies are quickly jumping on the trade show display band wagon. The current interest in international and ethnic foods has spurred the growth of trade show displays featuring food products.

Food Samples And Your Trade Show Display

San Antonio food buffs will tell you, if you aren’t offering food samples at your trade show display, you need to rethink your strategy. Chefs, restaurant owners, and cooking enthusiasts visit food and wine shows hoping to taste a variety of foods and be introduced to some new and exciting dishes. For maximum effect, choose foods that are simple to prepare and easy to replace as visitors to your trade show exhibit deplete your samples.

You’ll quickly realize that a counter type trade show display offers just what you need to display your food samples attractively. Be sure to have servers available to stand behind the counter and serve samples. They should also be able to answer questions about the product, so be sure they’re knowledgeable about your product. Keep food samples close to the serving area of your trade show display, but tucked out of sight until they are needed to replenish the displays on top of the counter.

Display Your Food Products Properly

Don’t get overly fancy with your food products. Your trade show exhibit should be attractive and simple. You don’t want a background or set up that distracts from the real star of your trade show display – the food! Label all samples clearly and be sure to note any possible restrictions, such as peanuts or shellfish; both of these can cause allergic reactions in unsuspecting convention visitors, so do take the time to post a caution at your trade show display if needed.

Be willing to edit your trade show display; if a particular food item is wilting under the hot lights or melting, shift to a product that can hold up better under the lights. If your trade show display offers samples of various dips or sauces, be sure to have an appropriate medium for tasting them, such as crackers, tortillas or small chunks of bread.

Be sure that the staff members who are manning your trade show exhibit are familiar with your product so they can answer questions and pitch the many advantages of your produce. Visitors at food or wine shows are devoted “foodies,” and they will have high standards. They will quiz the staff at your booth about anything from the proper temperature for serving the dish to what organic farm raised the tomatoes. Play up the advantages of the foods at your trade show display, including local production or organic status.

If it’s possible, stock your trade show display with food products that can be purchased on the spot so that you can cater to the impulse shoppers who want to take home that fabulous food they just sampled. Also have brochures ready with ordering information at your trade show display so people can re-order your products easily from home.