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We love everything about trade shows. The energy, the opportunities, the networking, the buzz. But they are also hard work. The work starts right when you decide to exhibit at a trade show, and it keeps on going, even past the end of the event. Logistics, budgeting, planning, designing, training, and following up… so much to do! To get the most of out your investment of time and energy, here are a few Xtreme Xhibits trade show tips.


Office-in-a-Box. If you’ve ever event managed, then you know to expect the unexpected. Be prepared for exhibit surprises with this handy box containing everything you might need – a stapler, scissors, paper clips, sticky notes, double-sided and single-sided tape, sharpies, etc. You’ll thank yourself later. Bonus tip: to handle any small repairs or quick fixes, throw in a couple screwdrivers, maybe some allen wrenches and pliers, and some industrial tape.

Multi-Surface Wipes. Keep that amazing trade show exhibit investment clean! Unscented baby wipes are a must-have in your trade show crate. You won’t believe how dirty things get during setup or even just from day to day interaction with staff and customers. Start each day of the show fresh, and keep your hands clean to shake some prospects’ hands.

Hand-held Vacuum and/or Steamer. These are great items to have if you have room to pack them. Save on cleaning costs for smaller booths by bringing your own hand-held vacuum for carpet and surface touch up. The steamer is good to have for any last-minute wrinkle corrections on graphics.

Snacks & Water. Be at your best all day by taking care of your physical needs. Keep snacks and water on hand to stay nourished and hydrated. Time has a way of slipping away while talking with so many customers; don’t find yourself fading at the worst possible moment.

We hope these help you at your next event to maximize your investment. Next time we’ll post Part 2 of our Trade Show Tips for even more helpful pointers.