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Yes, it’s Christmas, and we’re all in the giving mood, right? And that’s especially true for trade show exhibitors. Think about all the stuff you see handed out at shows: t-shirts, water bottles, squeezy balls, Frisbees and who knows what else. Of course most of that swag ends up lost, tossed, or forgotten within days of a conference. Since there’s just so darn much of it, from nearly every exhibitor, it’s not as helpful as it used to be in making your brand stand out. But what if there was another way to do booth premiums?

More and more brands these days are turning away from widgets and trinkets to giving away experiences.

Experience Gifting

The gift of an experience sticks in the memory much more than a cheap printed pen. It stays with your customers much longer than that mousepad they don’t really need. And even better, they remember not only the experience, they remember the emotions they felt, and they then associate those emotions with your brand.

So what does experience gifting look like? Think about fun, interactive things for your exhibit space like a photo booth, or a spin-the-wheel contest. How about live events like lectures or demonstrations that get your potential customers involved? Whatever you can do to create a memory, do it!

You can even break out of the exhibit hall walls and take clients on city tours, or for fun excursions. Maybe host a VIP mixer. Yes, it’s an investment, but it’s a guaranteed memory-maker, and that’s way better than a yo-yo with your logo.


Swag won’t disappear. And there are times when it’s the best choice. But next time you’re selecting booth premiums, instead of automatically settling on a physical gift, spend some time thinking creatively about ways to make interactive experiential memories with your attendees. You’ll see the benefits right away.  Want some ideas? Contact us!