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Your Next San Antonio Trade Show Booth: What To Know Before You Rent

By November 18, 2011November 9th, 2017Trade Show Displays, Trade Show Marketing, Trade Shows


Every time to use a trade show installation to highlight your company’s products or services, you’re putting your company’s reputation on the line. There is an almost limitless variety of San Antonio trade show booths available for purchase or rent, and you need to decide which works best for you before moving ahead with designing your trade show installation. Trade show booth rental offers you some valuable advantages that ownership doesn’t have, so be sure to discuss your options with your marketing team as well as a trade show installation expert to be sure you have all the information you need to make the right choice.


What Are The Advantages Of Trade Show Booth Rental?


Renting a San Antonio trade show booth gives you several advantages that purchasing simply can’t offer. The most immediate advantage is the extensive savings you’ll get by using less of your marketing budget on your trade show installation. San Antonio businesses often prefer to rent instead of buying because it gives them more leeway to change the overall concept or theme of their trade show exhibits each year, or even with every event they attend. If your business is one that is constantly evolving and offering new innovations, rental can help you update your image as frequently as you roll out new products.


The trade show booth industry is also a rapidly changing one. If you want to take advantage of new and innovative trade show installation features, rental is your best option. You don’t want to use a trade show booth that seems tired or outdated when competing against companies with newer and more attractive trade show booths.


An often overlooked advantage to renting a San Antonio trade show booth is the added service that comes with it. When you rent, you can get the services of a professional from the trade show installation company to help you set up your trade show booth properly. If your booth staff is relatively small or you’re only sending a select few to the convention or trade show, an expert from the display company can be a life saver, letting your staff attend to other issues.


Diversify Your Trade Show Exhibits


When you contact a San Antonio trade show booth company, learn as much as you can about their latest display innovations. Learn which ones will best showcase your company’s products or services. There are plenty of options beyond graphics and text that can be utilized to improve your presentation. Are they using new textiles, videos, or photography to enhance exhibits? Do they offer unusual flooring options that can be integrated into the style of your trade show installation? What about comfort? Do they have flooring that tired attendees will appreciate? Don’t be afraid to ask about what others in your industry are using for their trade show exhibits; the first step toward beating the competition is understanding them.


How Extras Can Enhance Your ROI


If you rent a trade show installation for your next show, keep in mind that incorporating unique touches into your display can garner lots of attention that will make your booth memorable. Talking to a professional trade show installation specialist is a great way to learn about unusual and compelling display options you may not have thought about. At Xtreme Xhibits, we can introduce you to an impressive array of options that will make your San Antonio trade show booth a stand-out at every event.


We’re here to serve you, so feel free to take advantage of our knowledge. We’d love to show you the latest in high definition graphics, interactive features, video feeds and other options that can take your trade show booth to the next level.