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Maximize Your Impact With Versatile Modular Displays At Austin Trade Shows

By December 26, 2012August 21st, 2017Event Management

Xtreme Xhibits knows that trade shows are still tops when it comes to achieving networking, brand exposure and client interaction all in one place, and Austin is one of the top trade show destinations in the U.S. When used as part of a comprehensive marketing plan, tried and true trade show participation holds its own against today’s more virtual interactions. The reasons for this are many but primarily, trade shows deliver something virtual contact cannot: face-to-face interactions. This type of contact with current and potential customers is invaluable no matter what the industry. That’s why trade show participation will always be worth your while.


The hard part is not deciding whether or not to participate in a trade show, but how to present your company or organization in the exhibit hall. Hundreds of designs and choices can overwhelm even the most seasoned marketing professional; new designs show up every year making decisions even more difficult.


Adding to the difficulty in choice are the practical concerns of cost and portability. Many organizations find themselves needing a few different exhibit designs, but unable to afford them all, thus, having to pick and choose one design over another, even if it doesn’t meet all of their needs. Then there’s the issue of getting the exhibit to the conventions. Large exhibits can be cumbersome and require a team to set up, while small exhibits can get lost in the crowd.


Modular Displays At Austin Trade Shows: The Best Of Both Worlds


Xtreme Xhibits offers hundreds of booth designs to choose from and fortunately, many of these designs are now modular displays. Austin trade show exhibitors are finding that the flexibility offered by modular displays can be just the thing they need to meet all their exhibiting needs.


Modular displays are often confused with portable and pop-up displays, but there are a few important differences. Modular designs are generally larger in size and heavier than portable displays. Modular exhibits also feature individual parts that can be arranged and rearranged to create many different booth configurations and give each exhibit a new look. Portable and pop-up displays often don’t have this flexibility. The versatility of modular displays is one of its biggest draws.


That versatility can translate into cost savings down the road too. Since modular displays can be rearranged to fit different booth configurations, exhibitors don’t have to purchase or rent extra pieces or components for their display based on the booth size and layout of different conventions. One model can meet all their needs.


Businesses aren’t limited to the original graphics chosen for the modular display either. With a little advance planning, panel graphics and images can be changed to target each convention’s specific audience.


Extend Your Reach With Modular Displays


From modular displays in Austin to San Antonio, one thing exhibitors agree on is their flexibility. Due to their versatile design, modular exhibits can extend a business’ marketing reach. They can be used at international conventions just as easily as college job fairs, making them the perfect choice for all your exhibiting needs.


If your company is interested in more information about Modular Displays, or any kind of trade show exhibit, please contact Xtreme Xhibits!