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Effective Ways To Engage Visitors At Trade Show Displays: San Antonio Trade Show Stands That Entice

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Businesses have always known that mingling with potential clients at industry events is a great way to promote their products and services to a ready-made pool of customers. Because industry events such as trade shows are so popular, companies can count on there being several shows and conferences each year regardless of the industry they’re in. Austin and San Antonio businesses have long known that trade show displays from Xtreme Xhibits reap impressive results because they offer face-to-face opportunities to network and promote.

trade show displays san antonioTrade Show Displays In San Antonio Are Just The Start

Many companies regularly attend events and set up impressive trade show displays, but they may not be getting the ROI they’d hoped for from their trade show stands in San Antonio and other cities. Disappointing results may simply be the result of ineffective planning or insufficient investment in the right tools for genuine marketing success. If you simply set up your trade show stands and expect them to perform for your business, you’ll be disappointed. In order to truly connect with potential customers and fully engage them, you need to take things a step further. The best trade show displays in San Antonio are the ones that are compelling enough to entice visitors, engage them in a dialog and leave a lasting impression.


Establish A Compelling Plan For Your Trade Show Displays

San Antonio event planners will tell you that it’s crucial to have a plan in place at least a few weeks before any event where you’ll be using trade show displays. This requires some extra time and effort by your team, but it’s well worth it if you come up with a few fresh ideas and have the opportunity to refine them before your trade show stands in San Antonio are assembled. Make sure the employees manning your booth understand your company’s main goals for the event. Rehearsing some scenarios for how to interact with customers at trade show displays will mean better coverage and will minimize the chance that key items in your plan will be overlooked.


Offer Enticing Giveaways If People Visit Your Trade Show Stand

It may seem like giveaways have been done to death, but nearly everyone likes to get “something for nothing.” It’s why so many businesses continue to offer incentives or prizes at their trade show displays. San Antonio events always feature several trade show displays offering free gifts because they remain one of the most effective ways to lure visitors to your trade show stands in San Antonio if the gift is a good one. To make sure potential visitors do show up, choose your giveaway wisely. Avoid cheap or uninteresting items and pick something that will truly excite people.


With advance planning and creative thinking for your trade show displays in San Antonio, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Six Ways To Refresh Your Existing San Antonio Trade Show Booth

San Antonio trade show booth Here at Xtreme Xhibits, we pride ourselves on building visually compelling San Antonio trade show booths that resonate with consumers for sustainable marketing impact. Working with us means that your San Antonio trade show booth will not only help extend your business brand, it will also be a marketing resource that can stand the test of time. Our customized, state-of-the-art exhibits are made from premium, long-lasting materials that truly never go out of style, making them a savvy investment, no matter what your live marketing needs.


Yes, our booths and stands can be used extensively without seeming out of touch or dated in any way; however, many of our clients often approach us when they are ready to add a few updates to their San Antonio trade show booth. Our response? Not a problem! We design our exhibits and stands to be refreshed and updated as needed to display your very latest product information and graphics.


How To Keep Your San Antonio Trade Show Booth Looking New


Ready to make some simple, yet impactful, updates to your San Antonio trade show booth? Consider these straightforward tips:


Change Up The Graphics: Have a new product line you want to showcase? Ready to launch some new brand identifying slogans? Changing up the graphics on your stand is an easy way to make sure that your San Antonio trade show booth displays the most relevant merchandise to your live consumer public.


Add Exhibit Lighting: Another way to shed some fresh light on your booth…is to literally add some fresh light to your booth. At Xtreme Xhibits, we can help you strategize how to incorporate lighting throughout your existing San Antonio trade show booth to make the entire exhibit look like new.


Include Tables/Chairs: A new configuration can update the feel of your stand. Include a table and/or chairs in some of your open spaces. Adding new furniture throughout the exhibit can instantly change the entire feel of the design. Don’t have enough room to sit? No worries; opt for a podium to change the appearance without taking up too much space.


Display Technology: Flat screens, e-tablets, and even computer monitors can all be used to display new information throughout the exhibit, all while changing the existing vibe of the stand.


Use Customized Banners: A customized banner from Xtreme Xhibits can immediately refresh the visual impact of your current design. Best of all, they can be used in a wide range of ways. Opt for floor signs to position next to your booth to broaden the visual impact on passersby. However, if you want to elongate the look of your stand you should consider a banner that hangs overhead.


Accessories Make Perfect: A final (inexpensive way) to update the look of your San Antonio trade show booth? Accessorize! The sky truly is the limit when it comes to the number of ways you can use exhibit accessories on your existing stands. Shelving units, literature racks, and storage cabinets give an entirely new vibe to your exhibit, all while keeping you organized.


Want to get creative with refreshing your current trade show stand? We can help. Visit Xtreme Xhibits today to learn more!

Four Trends You Will Want To Include In Your San Antonio Trade Show Booth

trade show marketing booth san antonioAt Xtreme Xhibits, we have seen for ourselves the major impact a San Antonio trade show booth can offer business owners operating in virtually every industry. However, we have also seen entrepreneurs miss the mark with these live marketing resources. They simply assume that setting up a San Antonio trade show booth is all it takes to reap the many rewards offered at a function.


Here at Xtreme Xhibits, we know it takes more than merely showing up to best leverage the distinctive advantages offered by a live marketing event. Our team of design experts understands that the most popular corporate exhibits have effectively utilized a wide range of strategic tactics to resonate with the crowd. One of the biggest ways to prove to your audience that you are fresh and relevant is to tap into some of the very latest design trends with your San Antonio trade show booth.


Keep Your San Antonio Trade Show Booth Looking Cutting Edge And Innovative


Knowing some of the latest design trends can highlight your business as a cutting-edge innovator that’s truly in touch with today’s consuming public. When you’re developing your design concept, consider these trend tips:


Sleek, Simple Lines: When it comes to the shape of your exhibit, it’s important to keep it simple. Overly ornate curves and shapes can instantly take away from your brand and overall marketing message. Using long, sleek lines throughout the design can highlight your brand and keep you on point with this visual trend.


Add Textural Depth: Just because your overall shape is simple, doesn’t mean that you can’t add visual integrity in other ways. A great way to give your booth some esthetic depth is to use different materials and fabrics throughout the exhibit. Warm woods and textiles placed strategically throughout the stand can make your booth inviting to even the most harried passerby.


Make It Comfortable: Another here-to-stay trend? Lounge spaces. Previous generations of exhibitors assumed that the best way to increase the foot traffic to their booths was to get guests in and out as quickly as possible. However, today’s entrepreneurs understand that there is much to be said for enticing guests to come, hang out and get to know your business. Designate a small lounge space where visitors can check emails, relax and even enjoy a snack and beverage while surrounded by your marketing missives.


Offer Onsite Meeting Space: Beyond a lounge area, current booth trends indicate that having a designated meeting space is also a major win for various exhibitors. Why wait until a follow up call to have a face-to-face client meeting? Coordinate impromptu meetings right in your stand; it’s the perfect way to further entice with warm leads and drive home the many ways your organization stands head and shoulders ahead of the competition.


Ready to tap into the latest exhibit tips and trends? Xtreme Xhibits can help. Contact our team of design specialists today!

5 Questions To Ask Before Designing Your San Antonio Trade Show Booth

austin tx trade show exhibitsExhibiting successfully requires a lot of planning and hard work. Where many companies go wrong is starting to design their trade show booth before taking some time to sit down and discuss trade show strategy. Your trade show booth should be based entirely on your trade show strategy. Therefore, if you have not taken time to define this, you cannot effectively begin to design a trade show booth. Below, strategic trade show marketing company, Xtreme Xhibits, shares five questions to discuss with your team before designing your San Antonio trade show booth.


#1 – Which events are we planning on exhibiting at?

The first, most basic question you must discuss is which trade shows, conferences, and other events your company is planning on exhibiting at. The frequency with which you will be exhibiting will probably affect what kind of products you will be using as well as whether you should rent or buy trade show products. Additionally, specifying which events you are planning to attend will help you focus on the market you will be trying to reach with your San Antonio trade show booth.


#2 – What do we hope to gain from exhibiting at these events?

This question is extremely important. You have to know what purpose you are working towards. More importantly, your team needs to know what purpose they are working towards. Without clearly defined goals, people tend to lose excitement and drive. In order to keep your team motivated, you must clearly define success for them by setting goals. For example, maybe your goal is to leave an event with X amount of sales leads. Perhaps your objective is to raise brand recognition. Whatever your goal may be, it is important to define it prior to designing your San Antonio trade show booth.


#3 – How will we capture the attention of attendees and encourage them to visit our booth?

Learning how to stand out from the crowd is something every exhibitor has to do. What is your strategy for capturing the attention of event attendees with so many other displays vying for their attention? What images, graphics, and giveaways do you envision using to draw them in? It is essential to answer this question with your target market in mind.


#4 – What information will we communicate to visitors at our San Antonio trade show booth?

Drawing visitors to your booth is half of the battle. The other half is figuring out what you’re going to say to them once they are at your booth. Some trade show experts recommend having a predetermined set of questions to ask visitors in order to keep the conversation going and gain their interest in your products and services.


#5 – How will we follow up with visitors after the events?

Finally, what is your follow-up plan? What will you do with all of the sales leads that result from the event? How can you get that information to your sales representatives as quickly as possible?


Xtreme Xhibits can help you both strategize and design your San Antonio trade show booth. Contact us today to get started.

Why Exhibitors Love Using Portable Displays In San Antonio

portable displays San Antonio Trade show products have the ability to make or break exhibitors. Trade show exhibitors rely on their products to be professional, durable, and easy to assemble. Portable displays in particular are a great tool for companies that represent their brand at a variety of venues, such as trade shows, conferences, businesses, and other events. Below, we will discuss some of the reasons exhibitors love using portable displays in San Antonio.


#1 – Versatility


Companies appreciate the versatility that portable displays offer. They can be used for many different types of marketing campaigns. Companies can use portable displays in San Antonio to do a number of things: advertise a new product, promote a sale, announce a social media contest, direct foot traffic at an event, and much more.


Another factor that makes these exhibits so versatile is that the graphics can be easily changed. Larger displays, such as island exhibits, are more of a hassle to change, whereas portable displays can be changed at a lower cost with less of a headache. This allows companies to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace by changing marketing campaigns and ads as needed.


#2 – Cost-effectiveness


Companies love using portable displays in San Antonio because they are so cost-effective. Other larger types of exhibits and booths are more expensive to purchase and operate. Companies that choose larger exhibits incur extra expenses in terms of shipping and storage. They also have to pay extra for exhibit services such as installation and dismantling.


Portable displays do not require such extra expenses. Since they pack small and are lightweight, companies save money on shipping and storage. Also, they don’t involve costs like I&D because they can be easily set up by the company.


#3 – Transportability


As their name suggests, portable displays are advantageous because of the fact that they can be taken anywhere. Companies appreciate the fact that they can load up portable displays in the car and take them to any trade show, conference, or event. This allows companies to present their brand in a variety of places. Because of their size, there are many places that portable displays can go that bigger booths couldn’t.


#4 – Professional Look


Even though portable displays are among the smaller type of trade show products, they do not lack in presentation. These displays represent companies well through their high-quality, professional design. Thanks to portable displays in San Antonio, even when your space is limited, you can present your brand in a professional manner.


#5 – Ease Of Use


Portable displays are beneficial because they are so easy to install. These exhibits can be set up in a matter of minutes and do not require any special tools or professional services. There are even portable displays that are completely air powered. These systems literally inflate into professional, wrinkle-free displays in just a few short minutes with the simple press of a button. That kind of convenience is sure to come in handy for exhibitors.


These are just some of the reasons companies love using portable displays in San Antonio. Contact Xtreme Xhibits to find out how your company can benefit from these innovative trade show products.

Selecting the Best Location for Your San Antonio Trade Show Booth

Selecting the Best Location for Your San Antonio Trade Show BoothWhen your company decides to exhibit at a trade show, will any space do? At a San Antonio trade show, booth location is crucial. You may think that just getting in the door is enough, but the psychology of space selection says otherwise. Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline can help you understand what is involved in picking a booth.


What Is The Ideal Location For Your San Antonio Trade Show Booth?


There are many schools of thought about what makes for a good location. The reality is that as a newbie to a particular show, you may not get prime space as that is first offered to past exhibitors who may book the same space year after year. There may actually be an auction for remaining space. Even if you are a first-time exhibitor, you may be offered a decent space. If not, you should aim to book as early as possible in hopes of getting the best space or gamble on waiting, in hopes that a cancellation will free up a space you consider desirable.


When it comes time to select a space for your San Antonio trade show booth, what should you aim for? Common wisdom in the industry is often conflicting:


  • Should you avoid the entrance? Your first thought might be that a location by the door is unbeatable. Experts say a loud “No” to this, as people often congregate at the front of the show to get their bearings about how the expo is laid out, to wait for others, or to prepare to leave. This means that people who come into your booth might just be passing the time and not interested in what you are offering. On the other hand, large players often have huge displays at the front so your small booth might get traffic.


  • Should you avoid placement next to distracting booths? While you might not be able to tell when you sign up for booth space, some exhibitors use music, PA systems, or videos with loud soundtracks to pull in traffic. If they are successful, the people lurking about might dissuade those who are truly interested in getting to you or drive them away if the volume is too loud. On the positive side, some times during the day are likely to be quieter and you may benefit from extra traffic at your neighbor’s booth.


  • Should you avoid booking space next to a competitor? An industry trade show is not like the state fair where vendors in adjacent booths attempt to lure away the competition. You want the presentation of your product to be viewed on its own merits. There is little debate on this!


  • Should you be near seminar rooms or near restrooms or snack stations? While attendees might be focused on getting to a location, once they have attended the talk, hit the bathroom, or had their coffee or snack, they might be in a mood to focus on booths. In general, places that attract traffic could be good for you, which is why spaces at the end of a row or at the crossroads of an aisle where people have to pass can be lucrative.


What Really Determines The Best Space?


Technically, some booth spaces may seem better than others, but how you present your San Antonio trade show booth and do your pre-show marketing are the biggest determinants of pulling in traffic. If you know your location is not ideal, you need to work harder to create a successful show.


Figuring out how to do this can be challenging, even for an experienced exhibitor. Fortunately, there is help available. Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline. Not only will they help you select the best San Antonio trade show booth, but they can also help you with show preparation. Experts in the field, they know how to create a successful show. Call today!

Should You Buy Or Rent Your Trade Show Displays In San Antonio?

Should You Buy Or Rent Your Trade Show Displays In San Antonio?Does your company attend three or more trade shows per year? If so, owning your own booth makes plenty of sense. You many think that owning makes better sense from an investor’s standpoint. While there is a lot to be said about owning your own trade show displays in San Antonio, there are plenty of advantages to renting one for most shows as well.


Owning Your Trade Show Displays In San Antonio


Besides the dollars and cents argument, owning your own booth means that you present the same image to potential customers each time. Some attendees not only go to the same shows every year, but take in multiple shows each year where you are present. Seeing your company image consistently presented at each venue may build trust that could lead to a developing relationship with a potential client. There are other advantages too.


  • When you own your own booth, you can also make small improvements each year to get it just the way you want it.


  • It becomes familiar to your booth staff, who learn how to maneuver in it to capture new leads. Though a booth will not last forever, and may wear out after you have done multiple shows for a few years, you are spared from making a major capital investment for a few years.


  • Many companies leave part of their booth assembled on-site, which adds a functional and professional use for them if customers come to your facility. With the rental unit, you would not have this easy accessibility to a great marketing tool.


On The Other Hand


The flip side of owning your own trade show displays in San Antonio is that your marketing can easily get stale. Unless you are committed to frequently assessing your booth to update the graphics and refresh the look, your booth can lose ground as a vehicle for showing how forward-thinking your company is. New developments in booth technology come along every year or so; if you own your booth, you may keep your eyes closed to what could better promote your company.


For example, in 2013, trade show displays at San Antonio expos faced new competition as Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline introduced the new WindScape air powered booth. If you booth is not that old, no matter how much you love the exciting new design, it’s unlikely you would abandon your old investment for one of the new ones.


Even if you have a booth you are you not ready to abandon, renting still gives you options.


  • For shows where you want to secure a bigger space, renting can fill the gap. You can coordinate rental pieces with any booth style you have.


  • It gives you the opportunity to try out new styles that you might want to buy in the future.


  • Want to liven up your trade show displays at San Antonio expos? Since combining different styles of booths can be very effective, you can even rent a new inflatable piece or some other element to add new interest to your display.


If you decide you would love having either a full booth in the new style or just a piece or two, you can plan ahead to purchase them in the future.


Renting gives you more options to explore your creativity. There are also cost advantages if you rent in town for a local trade show. Displays in San Antonio or Austin incur no transportation charges and lower drayage charges on the floor, as compared to a booth you own.


Interested in exploring options for purchase or rent? Contact us today.

Low Cost Yet High Impact: Effectively Boost The Impact Of Your San Antonio Trade Show Booth

Booths for San Antonio ShowsHere at Xtreme Xhibits, we work with our clients to create a San Antonio trade show booth designed specifically to help them reach their live marketing goals and objectives. The secret to our success? Unlike other San Antonio trade show booth providers that use solve-all, standardized templates, the team at Xtreme Xhibits truly partners with our clients. We team with our entrepreneurs to gain a full understanding of their company’s specific live marketing vision. From there we are able to create a San Antonio trade show booth that not only informs and compels venue visitors, but also delivers a distinctive, sensory experience for every guest that stops in for a closer look at what the business has to offer.

Enhancing A San Antonio Trade Show Booth: Simple Tips That Yield Big Results

Of course, even with a state-of-the-art display from Xtreme Xhibits, many of our clients still want to add a few simple touches and accessories to even further enhance their overall audience impact. Our team of design specialists often consults with these clients to source inexpensive, yet highly-effective, strategies to help these businesses further distinguish themselves from the many other competitive organizations also exhibiting.

If you’re looking for some low cost, high impact enhancements for your San Antonio trade show booth at the next live marketing event, you may want to consider:

Using personalized banner stands: Customized banner stands can prove an ideal enhancement for a myriad of reasons. At Xtreme Xhibits, we design customized banner stand options in a range of sizes, shapes and styles that complement your existing San Antonio trade show booth design. Lightweight and versatile, our banner stands are easy to transport from venue to venue and can be strategically placed to help garner attention and guide guests to your San Antonio trade show booth.

Rental accessories: Incorporating a few rented items within your San Antonio trade show booth can truly make a major difference with your visiting guests. Get creative; consider ways to make your San Antonio trade show booth more organized and your guests more comfortable. A table and chairs for sitting and strategically placed shelving units can all make your exhibit more inviting and enhance crowd impact.

Utilizing customized items with your brand logo: Yes, your San Antonio trade show booth will have your brand identity showcased throughout; however, there are other ways you can help propel your brand identity. Partner with a firm that offers customized items, such as tablecloths, to further accessorize your stand. Additionally, once you’ve found a reputable provider, inquire about customized handouts for your upcoming events. Everyone loves a giveaway. Using a handout with your logo emblazoned on it can truly help your organization achieve long-lasting and sustainable marketing results.

Placing fresh flowers in your stand: Flowers can be the perfect accessory for some of your bare, flat surfaces. They add a fun, fresh burst of color and can make the entire stand smell lovely and inviting for guests. Best of all, while fresh flowers will make a big impact on guests, they will make very little impact on your budget. Simply buy a ready-made bouquet from a local florist or grocery store with seasonal blooms and you are ready to exhibit.

Want to learn more about Xtreme Xhibits’ distinctive approach to San Antonio trade show booth design? Then contact us today.

The Secrets To Designing The Most Successful San Antonio Trade Show Booths

San Antonio trade show boothAlmost anyone can put together a visually attractive marketing display, but it takes particular skill, knowledge and expertise to design and implement San Antonio trade show booths that truly excel at delivering their desired message and optimizing ROI. At Xtreme Xhibits, we work with our clients to conceptualize and construct the perfect marketing solutions for their individual needs. While each client is different, there are a few constants that can be applied to the overall process to help you ensure success at every event you attend.

Know Your Audience

The first important aspect of a winning display design is understanding exactly who you are trying to appeal to and draw into your booth. Your prospective audience will dictate the size and style of your exhibit as well as the tone of your overall marketing strategy. The image of your ideal guest will help guide you throughout the design process and influence nearly every decision you make. Are you aiming your message at end consumers or resellers? Do you want the message to have a professional, corporate feel, or be more casual and relaxed? Ideally you’ll want to find a balance of design choices that appeals to the widest audience possible, but go into the process with a particular target client base in mind.

Gather Perspective (And Inspiration) From Your Competition

If you’re struggling to narrow down the options of all the various San Antonio trade show booths out there, pay special attention to your direct competition. While at shows, visit their booths and get a feel for the fixtures and features they’re utilizing. Just as important as assessing what you like, establishing what you feel are detractors to their overall presence is essential. Try and pick out the things you would do differently, how you could better structure traffic flow or the features and technologies that they lack and that you can utilize in your own design. Remember, standing out from the crowd is key to success at any marketing event, so ultimately the differences between your display and those of your competition will be of upmost importance.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Empty Space

Some marketers, especially those designing their first trade show exhibit, have a tendency to want to pack in as many features as possible. While you’ll certainly want to consider all of your options and utilize any features that you feel will help deliver your message, keep in mind that, ideally, any open space in your floor plan will be filled with guests. Don’t sabotage your efforts by packing your booth so full of tables and stands that attendees can’t navigate through your exhibit.

It’s also important to remember that clutter can lead to confusion. You want your visitors to know exactly where to focus and precisely what you’re trying to say. Giving them too much to see will make it difficult to deliver your message effectively.

Create A Unified Look

Along those same lines, be sure your display presents a clearly unified message. Your design should tie-in to your overall marketing strategy and be branded appropriately. Don’t be tempted to use a wide color pallet or implement multiple textures. Part of keeping your message consistent is keeping it relatively simple, and sticking to similar materials in a limited range of colors will add a certain visual focus to your design.

San Antonio Trade Show Booths: Don’t Go Overboard

In general, especially when building your very first trade show exhibit, simplicity should be your goal. With so many options it can be hard to resist the allure of piling on more and more features, but if not implemented correctly these add-ons can sometimes do more harm than good. Start by building a solid display that will help drive traffic and let you hone your marketing skills. As you gain experience, be sure to take notes on ways to improve your exhibit and think about extra features that you might consider adding in the future.

If you’re still struggling to establish a clear design plan, or have questions about the features of or differences between San Antonio trade show booths, contact Xtreme Xhibits today.

The Number One Mistake Companies Make At Their San Antonio Trade Show Stands

Trade Show Stand in San Antonio

Whether you’re a new exhibitor or you’ve been in sales a long time, it’s easy to make mistakes with your San Antonio trade show stands. Before you attend your next event, learn about the top three mistakes exhibitors make — you might be surprised at how easy it is to avoid these mistakes.

Mistake #3: Focusing Solely On Giveaways At Your San Antonio Trade Show Stands

Giveaways are so common at San Antonio trade show stands — you can’t walk by a booth without seeing employees handing out small items like pens, notepads or other office supplies. However, these giveaways can create major problems for companies if employees focus too much time on giving them out and not enough energy on actually making a sale. If you have giveaways, make sure that they enhance your sales presentation instead of being the entire focus.

Mistake #2: Neglecting The Design Of Your San Antonio Trade Show Stands

It’s true that the design of your San Antonio trade show stands is vitally important. A great design can instantly attract attention to your company and draw people in, so make sure that you’re working with a professional design company like Xtreme Xhibits to ensure that you have a killer design. A professional design company will take a look at your company and seamlessly incorporate your mission statement, your company colors, your logo and your company’s culture to create a one of a kind branded message that delivers results. 

The #1 Mistake Companies Make At Their San Antonio Trade Show Stands: Not Interacting Enough With Customers

The number one mistake that companies make at their San Antonio trade show stands is really easy to avoid! It’s neglecting to engage with customers at the exhibit! If your employees are spending their time looking at their phones or chatting with each other instead of engaging with customers, you’ve got a problem.

Instead, make sure that every employee who is working your San Antonio trade show stands is fully trained on greeting customers the instant a visitor enters the exhibit. If the exhibit is full of customers and all your employees are occupied, a simple wave, nod or even just a smile will acknowledge waiting customers and make them feel important and valued.

When you do finally get to verbally greet that waiting customer, thank them for waiting. A few simple words of appreciation will go a long way toward eliminating any negative feelings about a lengthy wait. Then, ask them open-ended questions that get to the bottom of why they’re visiting your San Antonio trade show stands. Are they looking for a solution to a problem? Or are they unhappy with their current service provider? Avoid questions like ‘Are you enjoying the show?’ These questions won’t help you learn anything about this customer and his or her needs.

 Although the number one mistake is the most common, it’s easy to avoid making all three of these errors with your San Antonio trade show stands. Train your staff on how to avoid these mistakes and you might be surprised at how much your sales figures improve after the event.