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Why Exhibitors Love Using Portable Displays In San Antonio

By November 5, 2014May 14th, 2018Trade Show Displays

Portable Displays San AntonioTrade show products have the ability to make or break exhibitors. Trade show exhibitors rely on their products to be professional, durable, and easy to assemble. Portable displays in particular are a great tool for companies that represent their brand at a variety of venues, such as trade shows, conferences, businesses, and other events. Below, we will discuss some of the reasons exhibitors love using portable displays in San Antonio.


#1 – Versatility


Companies appreciate the versatility that portable displays offer. They can be used for many different types of marketing campaigns. Companies can use portable displays in San Antonio to do a number of things: advertise a new product, promote a sale, announce a social media contest, direct foot traffic at an event, and much more.


Another factor that makes these exhibits so versatile is that the graphics can be easily changed. Larger displays, such as island exhibits, are more of a hassle to change, whereas portable displays can be changed at a lower cost with less of a headache. This allows companies to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace by changing marketing campaigns and ads as needed.


#2 – Cost-effectiveness


Companies love using portable displays in San Antonio because they are so cost-effective. Other larger types of exhibits and booths are more expensive to purchase and operate. Companies that choose larger exhibits incur extra expenses in terms of shipping and storage. They also have to pay extra for exhibit services such as installation and dismantling.


Portable displays do not require such extra expenses. Since they pack small and are lightweight, companies save money on shipping and storage. Also, they don’t involve costs like I&D because they can be easily set up by the company.


#3 – Transportability


As their name suggests, portable displays are advantageous because of the fact that they can be taken anywhere. Companies appreciate the fact that they can load up portable displays in the car and take them to any trade show, conference, or event. This allows companies to present their brand in a variety of places. Because of their size, there are many places that portable displays can go that bigger booths couldn’t.


#4 – Professional Look


Even though portable displays are among the smaller type of trade show products, they do not lack in presentation. These displays represent companies well through their high-quality, professional design. Thanks to portable displays in San Antonio, even when your space is limited, you can present your brand in a professional manner.


#5 – Ease Of Use


Portable displays are beneficial because they are so easy to install. These exhibits can be set up in a matter of minutes and do not require any special tools or professional services. There are even portable displays that are completely air powered. These systems literally inflate into professional, wrinkle-free displays in just a few short minutes with the simple press of a button. That kind of convenience is sure to come in handy for exhibitors.


These are just some of the reasons companies love using portable displays in San Antonio. Contact Xtreme Xhibits to find out how your company can benefit from these innovative trade show products.