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June 2011

Hosting A Convention: Considering Trade Show Installation In San Antonio And More

Planning a large scale trade show installation in San Antonio can be a challenge. It takes someone who’s highly organized and a master planner. There’s a lot to think about, from scheduling to logistics to the layouts of each trade show booth in San Antonio. There’s no margin for error, so make sure to consider every possible contingency.


Consider The Layout For Your Trade Show Installation In San Antonio

Choosing the venue and designing the layout of where each trade show booth in San Antonio will go is one of the first steps when planning an event. You’ll need a space that’s big enough to handle a number of different trade show booths, as well as enough room for the vendors who will be attending the show. It’s better to plan for too few vendors than too many. That way, you can avoid empty spaces on the day of the event and create a sense of urgency for potential vendors.

When deciding where each booth will go, charge more for a trade show stand in San Antonio that will be on the corners or the ends of aisles. You can also charge more for booths that have extras such as electrical outlets.


Don’t Forget To Advertise To Maximize Profit

If potential visitors don’t know your event is happening, they can’t attend. Advertising is incredibly important and must be done effectively to bring in attendees. If you were unable to get sponsorship from local media outlets, consider paying for advertising. Other forms of advertising include posters, online ads on local websites, and direct mail flyers. If you’re concerned with making money with your event, advertise to popular companies to draw in attendees.

The fees collected from businesses that display a trade show booth in San Antonio can help cover overhead fees, but also bring in a profit for the event organizers. Some events also charge attendees an entry fee at the door, which increases the profit for the organizers.


Plan Entertainment To Bring In Visitors

Most people think of bands and music when they think of entertainment at an event. While this can work, it may not be the best choice for an expo. Instead, invite industry leaders and professional motivational speakers to come present and offer secret tips and advice. Your speaker schedule is only limited by your budget so don’t limit yourself to one speaker if you can afford multiple speakers. Make sure you have a signed contract for each speaker so you can include them in your promotional materials and advertisements. If possible, try not to let the entertainment compete with a trade show stand in San Antonio. You don’t want to anger presenters or exhibitors.


Finding Sponsorship For Your Trade Show Installation In San Antonio

Sponsorships can greatly minimize costs. Look to media outlets, such as television and radio stations as well as local newspapers and magazines. These media outlets are ideal sponsorship partners because they don’t directly compete with vendors who are showcasing their products or services at a trade show booth in San Antonio, and they’ll be able to help you promote the event with print ads or commercials on the radio or television. Sponsors often need to know what’s in it for them, so offer them a prominent trade show booth in San Antonio to show off their own displays.

Your chances of putting on a successful event will increase significantly if you keep these tips in mind.

5 Surprising Facts About Trade Show Booths In San Antonio

Creating an effective San Antonio trade show installation isn’t something that a first-time designer should attempt alone. It takes a lot of effort, time, and carefully thought-out planning to create a solid unit. As you become more confident in your decisions, you gain experience and learn what works to produce successful trade show booths in San Antonio. If you learn all you can about San Antonio trade show installation tips and tricks from more experienced designers, you’ll be able to create an amazing and effective trade show booth. As you’re learning, consider these five tips for a great San Antonio trade show exhibit.


Fact #1: A Good Staff Is As Important As The San Antonio Trade Show Installation

Your company’s staff is just as important as your trade show booths in San Antonio. The best design in the world can’t overcome a flat, dull staff. Relationships and personal interactions are ultimately the things that drive sales and keep customers coming back again and again. Choose your most personable staff members and supplement them with great design elements.


Fact #2: You Can’t Judge Trade Show Booths In San Antonio By Price Alone

It’s possible to find trade show booths that use similar materials, but the price can vary. Many companies looking for trade show displays only consider the price. However, it’s a good idea to look at the entire picture before buying a trade show display. Consider a company like Xtreme Xhibits that includes services such as management and organizational software and customer support with no additional charge. Higher end companies also use better materials, which can lead to a longer-lasting display. Don’t be drawn in by a low price and instead research your purchase – you’ll be glad you did.


Fact #3: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

A smaller San Antonio trade show exhibit, when done properly, can provide stellar results. It can be difficult to ensure all the important information is included in a small trade show display, but you can avoid a lot of the clutter that can complicate a bigger San Antonio trade show exhibit.


Fact #4: Shipping And Storage Matters

A San Antonio trade show exhibit doesn’t just appear at the convention hall. You’ll need to think about transportation and maybe even how to store the booth after the show. Some companies, such as Xtreme Xhibits, offer shipping services to ensure booths are safely delivered to the trade show installation. If you choose to ship the display yourself, make sure to pack it safely and insure it for the full amount.


Fact #5: It’s Possible To Rent Trade Show Booths In San Antonio

Inexperienced designers can sometimes get a little sticker shock when they’re first looking for a unit to buy. Instead of buying a San Antonio trade show installation right away, it’s not a bad idea to rent. This gives you a chance to find out what works for your company and what types of booths you’d prefer. It also gives you the opportunity to sketch out something and test it out before committing your company’s resources.

This is just the beginning of the hundreds of tips and tricks about trade show booths in San Antonio and you’ll likely learn your own as you progress throughout your career.

Can A Famous Sponsor Help Your Trade Show Exhibits In Austin?

Have you thought of the advantages and disadvantages of using a famous sponsor at your trade show exhibit in Austin? The right celebrity endorsement can help increase sales and customer awareness, and this also applies to trade show displays. Some trade show exhibits in Austin choose to heavily promote their celebrity endorsement or connection, but is this the right choice for your Austin trade show installation?


A Celebrity Can Add Excitement To A Trade Show Exhibit In Austin

Whether they realize it or not, people worldwide are drawn to celebrities. Celebrities endorse products on television, in magazines, on the radio, and even at an Austin trade show installation. A celebrity endorsement allows people to think for a minute that they can live the same lifestyle just by using an endorsed product.

A trade show exhibit in Austin can use an endorsement to project a professional, exciting image. The testimonial tells attendees that they should be interested in learning more about the product simply because the celebrity thinks it’s important. Celebrity endorsements at an Austin trade show installation are rare, which further adds interest.


Promoting An Endorser’s Own Product With A Trade Show Exhibit In Austin

If you find yourself displaying a product designed by the endorser, you’re in luck. Some people are concerned if the endorser isn’t famous in a traditional sense, but don’t be! All that’s necessary is that the spokesperson is known in his or her field. If the visitors to your trade show exhibits in Austin don’t know your endorser created the product you are highlighting with your trade show exhibit in Austin, teach them. They’ll feel like they’re ‘in the know’ regarding your celebrity sponsorship.

When someone endorses their own product, they’re instilling a sense of confidence in others. People are more likely to go out and buy a product if a celebrity implies that they created it themselves. It’s also true of trade show exhibits in Austin. If visitors think an industry celebrity heads a company, they’ll want to learn more.


Using Other Marketing Materials To Your Advantage To Create A Theme

If your product or company has an existing celebrity endorsement, it’s likely prominently featured in television, print, and other media forms. Whenever this is the case, the celebrity is likely already linked to your product in the minds of existing and potential clients. Incorporating existing marketing themes and graphics into your trade show exhibits in Austin is a good way to further strengthen your brand and your endorsement.

Before you use your endorser’s image, negotiate with them to determine which images you have the rights to use. In a perfect situation, you would have images of your celebrity with your product, but nearly any image can be altered or adapted. Using the same colors and typefaces can help create continuity between your marketing materials and your trade show exhibits in Austin.

These tips obviously shouldn’t be used if you don’t have an existing endorsement for your product. Instead, highlight the features and benefits of your product and leave the celebrity endorsement to companies with an already established celebrity relationship.

Using Live Demonstrations At San Antonio Trade Show Displays

A live demonstration at a trade show stand in San Antonio might seem like a lot of work to organize. You’ll have to bring out a product, put together a presentation, and maybe even write a script to follow. Is it worth it? The answer is almost always yes. However, many San Antonio trade show displays will simply show off their products in an uninspired way that doesn’t allow visitors to interact one-on-one. Another few might have an interactive setup. To be truly memorable, consider a live demonstration.


Activity Spurs Interest At A Trade Show Exhibit In San Antonio

When people walk by a trade show exhibit in San Antonio and see activity, their interest is naturally piqued. They’ll wonder what’s going on and often stop and watch for themselves. Having someone demonstrate your product, especially if they’re outgoing and professional, will increase the chance that people will see your product and presentation. This can help increase the success of any trade show stand in San Antonio.


Make Your San Antonio Trade Show Displays Stand Out

If you’re going to have a presenter highlight your product, the first thing you need to do is design an area for the demonstration. People won’t stop to learn about your product if they can’t tell that there’s a special event going on at your trade show exhibit in San Antonio. If your display stands out from the rest, visitors will be able to instinctively tell they should stop to check out what’s going on.

To make your display stand out, make it bigger, taller or louder. If you have the space, create a small, elevated stage for your presenter. Making the stage a little taller than everyone else will help ensure the presenter is visible as attendees walk by or stop to see what’s going on. If space is limited, a podium or small stand can provide the same effect as a large stage.

You may not be able to control the amount of space you have, but you can certainly control the volume of your presentation. It’s a good idea to use some sort of microphone or PA system – a regular speaking voice just won’t cut it. Just be sure your microphone isn’t too loud or it might bother the other presenters at nearby San Antonio trade show displays.


Finding The Right San Antonio Trade Show Displays Presenter

Finding the right presenter doesn’t have to be difficult. Chances are good that you have a dynamic sales person at your disposal. If your presenter believes in your product or your service, they’ll be able to talk enthusiastically about it and make people take notice. There’s a line between enthusiasm and a hard sell, so be sure your presenter is able to deliver the presentation naturally.

If you use these tips wisely, your trade show stand in San Antonio has a great chance of bringing in extra attention and, ultimately, more sales.