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Can A Famous Sponsor Help Your Trade Show Exhibits In Austin?

By June 16, 2011August 21st, 2017Trade Show Marketing, Trade Shows

Have you thought of the advantages and disadvantages of using a famous sponsor at your trade show exhibit in Austin? The right celebrity endorsement can help increase sales and customer awareness, and this also applies to trade show displays. Some trade show exhibits in Austin choose to heavily promote their celebrity endorsement or connection, but is this the right choice for your Austin trade show installation?


A Celebrity Can Add Excitement To A Trade Show Exhibit In Austin

Whether they realize it or not, people worldwide are drawn to celebrities. Celebrities endorse products on television, in magazines, on the radio, and even at an Austin trade show installation. A celebrity endorsement allows people to think for a minute that they can live the same lifestyle just by using an endorsed product.

A trade show exhibit in Austin can use an endorsement to project a professional, exciting image. The testimonial tells attendees that they should be interested in learning more about the product simply because the celebrity thinks it’s important. Celebrity endorsements at an Austin trade show installation are rare, which further adds interest.


Promoting An Endorser’s Own Product With A Trade Show Exhibit In Austin

If you find yourself displaying a product designed by the endorser, you’re in luck. Some people are concerned if the endorser isn’t famous in a traditional sense, but don’t be! All that’s necessary is that the spokesperson is known in his or her field. If the visitors to your trade show exhibits in Austin don’t know your endorser created the product you are highlighting with your trade show exhibit in Austin, teach them. They’ll feel like they’re ‘in the know’ regarding your celebrity sponsorship.

When someone endorses their own product, they’re instilling a sense of confidence in others. People are more likely to go out and buy a product if a celebrity implies that they created it themselves. It’s also true of trade show exhibits in Austin. If visitors think an industry celebrity heads a company, they’ll want to learn more.


Using Other Marketing Materials To Your Advantage To Create A Theme

If your product or company has an existing celebrity endorsement, it’s likely prominently featured in television, print, and other media forms. Whenever this is the case, the celebrity is likely already linked to your product in the minds of existing and potential clients. Incorporating existing marketing themes and graphics into your trade show exhibits in Austin is a good way to further strengthen your brand and your endorsement.

Before you use your endorser’s image, negotiate with them to determine which images you have the rights to use. In a perfect situation, you would have images of your celebrity with your product, but nearly any image can be altered or adapted. Using the same colors and typefaces can help create continuity between your marketing materials and your trade show exhibits in Austin.

These tips obviously shouldn’t be used if you don’t have an existing endorsement for your product. Instead, highlight the features and benefits of your product and leave the celebrity endorsement to companies with an already established celebrity relationship.