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4 Questions Your Austin Trade Show Booth Should Answer

austin trade show boothIf you are designing a new Austin trade show booth, or perhaps redesigning an existing booth, there are several factors you should take into consideration. You should know who your target market is as well as what goals you hope to achieve as a result of exhibiting. When you are designing a booth, you need to think about it through the eyes of trade show visitors. There are questions they will have in their minds as they explore the event and visit different booths. It is extremely helpful to anticipate the questions they will have and then proactively answer them with your Austin trade show booth. We at Xtreme Xhibits want to share four frequently asked consumer questions that your exhibit should answer.

  1. Who Is Your Company?

Most importantly, your Austin trade show booth should give event attendees a clear picture of who your company is. This involves more than providing them with information about your company. In fact, more and more consumers want you to tell them a story. Why do you exist? Who are the individuals that make up your business? What do you stand for? Not only will answering these questions give visitors a good idea of who your company is, but it will make your brand more memorable to them as well.


  1. Why Do Your Products Or Services Exist?

Another way to phrase this question is – what problems do your products and services solve. The best inventions and startups are simply a result of someone offering a solution to a problem. This is why it is essential for you to communicate to visitors what problem your company is addressing and what specific solution you are offering.


  1. What Makes Your Products Or Services Unique From Your Competitors?

This question is important because chances are your company is not the only one who is offering a solution for the problem at hand. Your Austin trade show booth should show potential customers why they should choose your product or service over the competitors’. What do you offer that your competitors don’t? Maybe it is affordable pricing. Maybe it is extreme attention to detail. Perhaps it is superior customer service. Whatever that element is that makes your company unique, make sure it is evident in the design and messaging of your Austin trade show booth.


  1. What Action Step(s) Can I Take?

Lastly, your booth should make it clear to visitors what their next action step(s) should be. Most of the time, their action step will probably be to talk to one of your booth staffers and get more information about pricing. Other times, the action step may be something different. For example, let’s say an attendee does not stop to talk to anyone at your booth, but they do pick up a promotional item, such as a giveaway. In that case, there should also be an obvious action step for them clearly presented somewhere on the item. Perhaps it is visiting your website or entering a contest on social media. Obvious action steps will help turn more of your leads into sales.


Contact us at Xtreme Xhibits for help answering any questions you may have, as well as for information about other helpful trade show services.

How Banner Stands In Austin Can Help Add Impact And Flair To Your Trade Show Booths

Business owners and managers of large corporations and small companies alike know that using professional, eye-catching and informative trade show booths in Austin is an easy way to make an impact at conventions. A trade show display in Austin can be extremely portable or require professional assistance with the installation. No matter what type of trade show display in Austin you’ve chosen to use, you’ll be able to engage current and prospective clients, as well as show them why your company is the best choice to fill their need.


Banner Stands In Austin: Consider These A Must Have

Most trade show booths in Austin can stand alone, but adding something like banner stands in Austin just enhances the overall look and experience. Banner stands in Austin come in a variety of models, so it’s important to understand the differences between each type. Understanding the basic terminology and the differences in designs and features can help decide between the different types of banner stands in Austin.

X Design: X design banner stands in Austin have an X shaped frame. The graphic clips onto the frame and is held tightly on all four sides.

Retractable Design: These banner stands in Austin can also be called a ‘roll-up’ banner stand. These are a little like window shades, and they roll up quickly and easily. These types of banner stands in Austin come in a variety of sizes and display options. Because they are extremely portable, this type is a popular choice for companies around the world. It’s possible to find retractable stands with interlocking, retractable frames so that companies can connect multiple units to further the promotional message’s impact.

L Design: These banner stands in Austin have an L shaped frame that showcases the final marketing displays.

Pole Tension Designs: These banner stands in Austin come with a stand that uses tension and pressure to adjust to different heights. Because it’s easy to adjust the height, graphics can be changed to ensure a customized message for each venue.

Scrolling Options: Some models have ceiling and floor mount designs that can convey messages, images and graphics. Users can chose to use different heights to make sure that the impact can be customized for each different marketing event.


Choose A Reputable Company For Graphics For Your Trade Show Booths In Austin

The options for your banner stands in Austin are limitless. If you’re interested in doing more than just the same old boring design, consider teaming up with a company that can provide you with some ideas. These professionals can help you determine if you should use dual sided imaging, a simple retractable banner stand or interchangeable components.

When choosing a company to work with, make sure to use one that can create a visually stunning final product, but also work tirelessly to ensure you receive the product you’re expecting. You want to make sure you’re receiving a finished product that maintains your brand’s image and directly complements your overall trade show booths in Austin.

Portable Exhibits On A Budget: Getting More While Spending Less

In an ideal world, every company would have the best professional designers creating customized portable displays on an unlimited budget. In the real world, your company has constraints that need to be considered. No matter how tight your budget may be, you can still use banner stands and other portable displays to create a strong, mobile exhibit – you just need to think a little outside the box.


An Inexpensive Temporary Option: Rent Portable Exhibits

If your company doesn’t plan to use the portable displays often, you can feel free to rent them rather than buying. Rental portable exhibits have a lot more customizability options today than ever before, making them a great choice for any business. Today’s convention attendees can’t tell rented banner stands from purchases because of the advanced customizability and seamless integration. Renting portable displays becomes even more cost effective when you focus on reusable graphics, which can be recycled on other banner stands and portable exhibits in years to come.

Renting is also useful for individual situations even if your company normally maintains one or more portable exhibits. For example, you might want to test out a new design or take a risk before deciding to ultimately purchase or not. Alternatively, you might want a presence at two conventions happening over the same time period. Renting banner stands for one and showing your usual portable exhibits at the other is a great way to be strong at both.


Banner Stands Are The Ultimate Budget-Friendly Option

Banner stands are an economical and yet highly dynamic addition to your convention presence. They are quite cost effective for several reasons. First, their initial purchase price is low, allowing you to buy as many as needed without rising costs. Secondly, they are very adaptable. The same banner stand’s base can be re-used with different graphics, cutting down on your costs if you want to change the theme. Banner stands can be placed alone, but they can also be lined up to create one continuous image. In addition, after the convention is over, banner stands can often have a use back in the office, especially in a lobby or conference room.

Although banner stands are inexpensive, you should be wary of prices that seem too good to be true. Banner stands still require a minimum level of quality in order to be a good investment. Shop around and take time to find the best option for your needs.


Table Top Displays Can Be Cost Effective

 Table top portable displays are also inexpensive and portable exhibits, although a single table top unit will typically cost more than single banner stands. Their biggest advantage is that they have a lot of variety while being tremendously easy to set up. These portable displays are typically ready to go in less than 10 minutes, and they look very professional and polished. There are also many different options to choose from, including small banner stands and pop up portable displays. Because they sit atop a table, they provide natural space for small items like business cards or brochures to be displayed.


Can You Save By Updating Your Current Portable Displays?

In some cases, you don’t need to buy a new unit at all – your old one simply needs a facelift to get it back to optimal functioning. This isn’t something you should try to do alone, as it may require making some changes to your current portable exhibits. Find a company that has done a lot of portable displays in the past, and that understands your budget needs.

Just because your budget is tight doesn’t mean you have to settle on subpar portable displays. These money-saving tips will help you get a great result, even on a shoestring budget.

Tips For Shining The Spotlight On Your Trade Show Installation At The Next Convention

Everyone who sets up a trade show booth at a convention wants to get noticed, but all that competition can make it difficult for your trade show installation to stand out. These ideas will help you ensure that all eyes are on your trade show exhibit, and that you get the most qualified leads to make the event a clear success.


Start Planning Early, And Be Ready To Negotiate

You’ve probably been told by event planners that all space is provided on a first come, first served basis: the earlier you register, the more choices you have. While this is always true to some extent, savvy companies know that you can always negotiate the details about your trade show booth. You’ll want to arrange a truly premium location for your trade show installation, even if you have to pay a bit more to manage it.

What is a premium location? Well, most novice planners think that a trade show exhibit right in the middle of everything is the best idea. While such a trade show booth will get a lot of people looking at it, it will quickly become lost in the shuffle. There isn’t time or space for people to truly absorb the message of a trade show installation in the middle of the hubbub. You get a few seconds of face time before your prospect is whisked away by the crowd. The best place for your trade show exhibit is just off that main thoroughfare, visible from it but not encompassed by the same kind of crowds. Make sure that your trade show booth isn’t too far away from the action, or you run the risk of being overlooked!


An Inviting Trade Show Booth Will Draw More Visitors

Having a lot of display space in your trade show exhibit is a good idea, but too much wall space will lead the trade show installation to become small and cramped. People don’t want to step inside a dark, tiny space, let alone actually spend time talking to sales people in there. The negative, or empty, space is just as important as what is actually printed. Make sure people have ample room to maneuver inside your trade show booth and to view all sides of double-sided display elements.


Encourage Attendees With Trade Show Installation Pre-Registration

Driving traffic isn’t simply a matter of luck. One of the best ways to get attendance up is to let people know you’re coming. A few weeks before the convention, send out pre-registration forms to let local attendees know that your trade show exhibit will be present at the upcoming convention. In exchange for their contact information, offer them a small gift or a chance at a larger prize to be claimed at your trade show booth. This ensures that you get their contact information and gives them a reason to head straight for your trade show installation on convention day.


Grab A Spot On The Presentation Schedule

Conventions aren’t just about the trade show exhibit hall; there are many other activities, including presentations. Anyone who stands up and gives a presentation will automatically be viewed as an authority by the audience. If you can, ensure that you or one of your key staff members is on that presentation schedule so you get the credibility boost and increased attendance that comes with it. In addition, the credentials of each presenter are typically listed in the program, further reinforcing your company’s knowledge and experience.

Any of these tips will help your trade show installation get noticed at the next convention, but for maximum impact you should use them all. No matter how many conventions you’ve attended before or will attend in the future, you can’t go wrong when you use these ideas.

Make Your Trade Show Displays Exciting With A Big Giveaway

Any company can give away small items in an attempt to draw attention at a trade show. While smaller items can bring in visitors, they cannot usually compare with the attraction of a larger big ticket item. Choosing to give away a big ticket item will help your pop up displays get noticed and bring in more visitors, whether you use them instead of or alongside your smaller gifts.


What Makes Gifts Work At Trade Show Displays?

Portable displays with giveaways are proven to attract more attention for a simple reason: people love free stuff. They will take virtually any kind of free stuff, and will go out of their way to get it. The more valuable and useful the freebies, the more they’ll do in order to obtain the item or get a chance at obtaining it if it is raffled.

Choosing a larger gift will increase the amount of buzz and interest that your trade show displays generate. In addition, larger gifts can be used to qualify leads, whereas smaller gifts are given out fairly indiscriminately. Finally, larger gifts will set your company apart in the eyes of your visitors, and give them a stronger positive impression of you. Bigger ticket items are an almost guaranteed way to make a favorable start with a new client.


What Should You Be Giving Away At Your Portable Displays?

The best gifts – regardless of price – are high quality items that are small enough to be easily carried through a long day at the convention. People aren’t likely to go home after winning a big ticket item at your pop up displays, so you need to ensure they’ll be comfortable carrying it afterward. Additionally, you’ll want the item to carry your company logo, or some other reminder of the source. When your visitors see the item, it should remind them of your portable displays and therefore your company.

There are many items that fit this description. Small electronics like iPods and iPads are always a good choice. In addition, high quality watches can work well. Anything larger than this starts to become a problem, as your visitors may not be able to readily carry it. Be equally careful that you don’t choose something too small, like a bracelet or piece of loose jewelry, which might get lost.


Targeting Your Giveaways With Tickets Redeemable At Your Pop Up Displays

It is difficult to qualify leads on the spot at your convention, yet it’s beneficial to target your most likely customers with your biggest giveaways. One good way to accomplish this is by sending out tickets ahead of time. You can handpick the most promising individuals, and then when your portable displays get set up you’ll be ready to meet with them and have them collect their prize. In addition, these tickets ensure that you’ll gain the attention of your most valuable prospects. If they feel as though they have been selected and are excited to see what gift they get, they’ll head directly to your trade show displays as soon as they enter the convention, bypassing all your competitors.


Holding Contests To Drive Up The Excitement Factor

Giveaways attract attention only when people know about them. One of the best ways to let people know about your giveaways is to have them given away through a contest. There are many different types of contests that you could choose, including spinning wheels, scratch cards, and money machines. All of these are very obvious and sensational things, and will make it very clear that you’re giving away something big. When combined with giveaways, they are almost sure to make people stop and visit your pop up displays.

Can A Famous Sponsor Help Your Trade Show Exhibits In Austin?

Have you thought of the advantages and disadvantages of using a famous sponsor at your trade show exhibit in Austin? The right celebrity endorsement can help increase sales and customer awareness, and this also applies to trade show displays. Some trade show exhibits in Austin choose to heavily promote their celebrity endorsement or connection, but is this the right choice for your Austin trade show installation?


A Celebrity Can Add Excitement To A Trade Show Exhibit In Austin

Whether they realize it or not, people worldwide are drawn to celebrities. Celebrities endorse products on television, in magazines, on the radio, and even at an Austin trade show installation. A celebrity endorsement allows people to think for a minute that they can live the same lifestyle just by using an endorsed product.

A trade show exhibit in Austin can use an endorsement to project a professional, exciting image. The testimonial tells attendees that they should be interested in learning more about the product simply because the celebrity thinks it’s important. Celebrity endorsements at an Austin trade show installation are rare, which further adds interest.


Promoting An Endorser’s Own Product With A Trade Show Exhibit In Austin

If you find yourself displaying a product designed by the endorser, you’re in luck. Some people are concerned if the endorser isn’t famous in a traditional sense, but don’t be! All that’s necessary is that the spokesperson is known in his or her field. If the visitors to your trade show exhibits in Austin don’t know your endorser created the product you are highlighting with your trade show exhibit in Austin, teach them. They’ll feel like they’re ‘in the know’ regarding your celebrity sponsorship.

When someone endorses their own product, they’re instilling a sense of confidence in others. People are more likely to go out and buy a product if a celebrity implies that they created it themselves. It’s also true of trade show exhibits in Austin. If visitors think an industry celebrity heads a company, they’ll want to learn more.


Using Other Marketing Materials To Your Advantage To Create A Theme

If your product or company has an existing celebrity endorsement, it’s likely prominently featured in television, print, and other media forms. Whenever this is the case, the celebrity is likely already linked to your product in the minds of existing and potential clients. Incorporating existing marketing themes and graphics into your trade show exhibits in Austin is a good way to further strengthen your brand and your endorsement.

Before you use your endorser’s image, negotiate with them to determine which images you have the rights to use. In a perfect situation, you would have images of your celebrity with your product, but nearly any image can be altered or adapted. Using the same colors and typefaces can help create continuity between your marketing materials and your trade show exhibits in Austin.

These tips obviously shouldn’t be used if you don’t have an existing endorsement for your product. Instead, highlight the features and benefits of your product and leave the celebrity endorsement to companies with an already established celebrity relationship.

Using Banner Stands To Create Strong Portable Displays

If your marketing staff is like most, you think of banner stands as a useful addition to other portable displays, or as a small component of a larger booth. Many companies make use of banner stands, but few use them to their fullest potential.


Banner Stands Offer Unmatched Convenience

Anyone who has worked with banner stands in the past knows how easy they are to set up, take down, and transport. Banner stands are probably the single most easily handled unit at the average trade show event. They are able to roll or fold into a small carrying case. They are easy to ship. They fit in virtually any vehicle, even a small passenger car. Their cases keep them safe, yet aren’t bulky and unwieldy to handle. Finally, they’re inexpensive, which makes them available even to the smallest of companies.


Building Portable Displays From Banners

Although banner stands are excellent additions to larger units, they can be just as dynamic when used alone. The trick is learning to use them in the right way, so that they have maximum impact. To do this, you’ll need to take a look at what banner stands have to offer, and how you can best use that to your advantage.

First, remember that banner stands are usually tall and narrow. Most portable displays built of banner stands combine two, three, or four of these tall and narrow units to create one unified display space. This combination allows you to have a very stylized display that presents strongly to your visitors. Some companies choose to have one cohesive image across the disparate banner stands, while other will split it up somewhat. Ultimately the choice is yours; either of these design strategies will make a bold statement when done well.


Placement Of Text Matters

Unlike many other portable displays, banner stands can have messages printed anywhere on them, from foot level to eye level. The sheer size of these units can lead to some easily avoided design blunders. When you have so much room to work with, using that space wisely is really critical. You don’t want to put important information in a place where people will rarely be able to see it. The very bottom of your banner stands is better used for a bold graphic or other interesting – but not overly important or informative –design feature.

Ideally, the crucial information should be at eye height, if not slightly higher. This will place it at the perfect level to catch the attention of most visitors, without being so high that no one will be able to see it. More detailed information can be placed below that, but should not be any lower than mid-chest. People won’t want to bend their heads too much to see the text.


Use Banner Stands Outside Conventions Too

One of the best features of portable displays composed of banner stands is that each stand can be used outside the trade show as well. Design them properly and they have a place at corporate events, in reception areas, and in many other business settings.