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Reasons To Use Table Top Displays In San Antonio

8 Reasons Table Top Displays In San Antonio Will Wow The Crowd

When you need to ensure maximum attention in a few feet of space, look no farther than a table top display. Table top displays in San Antonio will provide a professional, quality look that works for any industry or event. Most displays will break down and fit into a backpack or your carry-on luggage making them easy to transport. If you’re on the fence about using a table top display, here are a few reasons that will help you make up your mind.

  1. Makes An Exhibitors Job Easier

While you might not think that this as a way to wow the crowd, and no, it doesn’t directly impact your audience, but a quick, easy set up means you won’t be as stressed or rushed and will be ready and waiting as soon as the doors open. When you are able to focus on customers, they will be more likely to enjoy their interactions with you.

  1. Big Impact In A Small Space

When you don’t have the floor space for a full sized wall or banner display, or when you need all available booth space for merchandise, table top displays in San Antonio are the solution you need. With the right location and design, you will still make the impact you’re looking for.

  1. Grabs Attention

Just like larger, more elaborate booth set ups, table top displays can grab a whole lot of attention. Big bold graphics and eye catching designs will help bring people into you booth and get them talking. The more people you can bring into your booth, the more likely others are to follow and see why your booth is drawing a crowd.

  1. Brand Recognition

In a sea of table top displays in a San Antonio trade show, having a name that customers already know and trust can be invaluable. And for companies that attend trade shows in multiple cities, having a standard design will ensure a cohesive look.

  1. Ability To Be Interactive

Technology is an important part of our everyday lives, and customers expect your business to have an online presence. Incorporating tablets to give virtual product tours or browse product catalogs can mean more information is given in a short time and a higher likelihood that you’ll be remembered.

  1. Quality Makes A Good Impression

When choosing your table top display in San Antonio, remember that nothing makes a better first impression than a quality display. Skyline displays are made of materials that will last for a long time, enabling you to continue to make a big impact without having to get new displays for every show.table top displays San Antonio

  1. Accessories Add Even More Impact

Table throws designed to compliment your table top display make your trade show or event set up have a seamless, professional look that only enhances your business’ image in the eyes of attendees.

  1. The Many Choices Helps You Stand Out

Table top displays in San Antonio come in a wide array of styles and shapes to meet your individual need. Contact Xtreme Xhibits today and see what can be done to help your business get the recognition it deserves.

Xtreme Xhibits Goes Beyond Table Top Displays In San Antonio

Xtreme Xhibits Goes Beyond Table Top Displays In San AntonioAs the designated Skyline Exhibits provider for San Antonio and Austin, Xtreme Xhibits offers a full range of trade show products, including island exhibits, back wall displays, table top displays, banner stands, pop up displays, air powered displays, and more. Although Xtreme Xhibits does provide a wide selection of exhibiting products, that is not all we offer. In this review, we will discuss how Xtreme Xhibits goes beyond island exhibits, modular inline booths, and table top displays in San Antonio.


Xtreme Xhibits Helps You Showcase Your Company


Offering exhibiting products is only part of what Xtreme Xhibits does. We also work on the bigger picture – helping you showcase your company. Our goal is to create engaging displays that effectively capture the attention of trade show attendees and intrigue them to find out more about your company. Not only that, but we want visitors at your booth to realize why they need and want to buy your products or services today.


Xtreme Xhibits Offers Graphic Design


One of our services at Xtreme Xhibits is graphic design. Our team of designers will work with you to create engaging graphics that will make your exhibit extremely impactful. The benefit of using our graphic design services is that we can customize the graphics for your specific size and style of display or exhibit. This provides ideal congruency between the graphics and hardware of your exhibits, pop up displays, and table top displays in San Antonio.


Xtreme Xhibits Enhances Your ROI


At Xtreme Xhibits, not only do we provide trade show products such as table top displays in San Antonio, but we also provide strategic trade show marketing services. We will help you develop and enhance your trade show marketing strategies. We will discuss with you what events you will exhibit at as well as what you hope to gain from these events. We will also examine how you will effectively capture the attention of event attendees. We will strategize about what you will tell visitors once you have drawn them to your booth. Finally, we will come up with a plan of action for after the event. The way we design your booth and promotional materials will reflect these strategies.


Xtreme Xhibits Offers Trade Show Services


  • Free Educational Seminars – Our seminars cover a variety of topics based around helping you showcase your company.
  • Rental Options – There are many advantages to renting trade show products. We offer a wide rental selection.
  • Global Network – Do you exhibit nationally or internationally? No problem. Xtreme Xhibits is part of the global network of Skyline Exhibits.
  • Exhibit Consulting – Our industry experts can provide you with insight and knowledge that will help take your company’s exhibiting strategies to the next level.
  • Global I&D – Not only can we store your exhibits but we can offer global installation and dismantling services.


For more information about how Xtreme Xhibits can help you showcase your company, contact us today.

Successful Austin Tradeshow Exhibits: Planning Before, During And After The Show Is Crucial

Xtreme Xhibits knows there’s nothing as important to the success of Austin tradeshow exhibits as proper planning and execution. Whether you plan to use table top displays, island exhibits or banner stands in Austin, proper planning will be essential to how well your Austin trade show display performs on the trade show or conference floor. Carefully planned marketing strategies that are executed properly are the key to getting your money’s worth from any event. Breaking down the planning and preparation into specific segments – before, during and after the event – can help you stay focused so that your Austin trade show display from Xtreme Xhibits garners plenty of ROI and enhances your brand image.


Before The Show: Prepping Your Staff To Run Austin Tradeshow Exhibits


If it were as easy as setting up an Austin trade show display and sitting back while motivated buyers visited Austin tradeshow exhibits to throw down money and leads, everyone would love attending these events. But it doesn’t happen that way. For optimal response, you have to do some step-by-step planning that may seem dull, but advanced planning will always lead to better results. Be sure you begin training your booth staff a month or two in advance so that they can seamlessly run your Austin tradeshow exhibits. A well trained staff sets certain Austin tradeshow exhibits head and shoulders above the crowd on the trade show floor.


Make A List, Check It Twice


Preparing a checklist several weeks before your next trade show can prevent snags in anything from transporting and setting up your tradeshow exhibits and banner stands in Austin to proper branding of your products, services and your company’s trade show representatives. A typical checklist might look like this:


  • Confirm your Austin trade show display space with the event manager
  • Determine what your goals are each time you are involved with Austin tradeshow exhibits
  • Become familiar with the venue’s marketing brochure and event program
  • Put your plans in writing and create a staffing schedule for the event
  • Confirm that your Austin trade show display presents a unified, clear message and is properly branded for optimal success
  • Practice your company’s pitch with your trade show staff for a smooth, successful presentation
  • Confirm that all needed materials, including brochures, business cards and giveaways, have been ordered and delivered.
  • Make sure you have backups for all elements of your Austin trade show display in the event of an emergency


The Big Day (or Days): Critical Elements For Success On The Floor


You and your employees must be ready to greet attendees and give them a flawless pitch while answering any of their questions. It takes both physical and mental stamina to spend hours meeting, greeting and networking with potential leads. Your checklist for the big day should include anything you can improve or change at the present time, including:


  • Enforcing an appropriate dress code for your Austin trade show display staff that’s professional yet comfortable
  • Making sure everyone has sufficient breaks for eating, a restroom stop and simple “down time” to recharge
  • Encouraging all of the staff at your Austin tradeshow exhibits to be upbeat, optimistic and helpful to every visitor


The Final Phase: After The Event, Proper Follow-Through Is Essential


It would be nice if you could simply sit back with a sigh of relief after the trade show displays and banner stands in Austin have been packed up and shipped to your next event, but you still need to do some follow-up work. Among the many steps you should take to ensure your Austin tradeshow exhibits continue to be successful long after the lights are off are:


  • Properly sorting and compiling new and updated leads and entering them into your company’s records
  • Mail follow-up marketing packets and any requested, additional materials as soon as feasible
  • Touch base periodically with your leads so that your company is fresh in their minds when they are ready to sign a contract or make a purchase
  • Hold a post-trade show meeting with all staff members who worked at your Austin tradeshow exhibits as well as any managers or marketing strategists so that you can brainstorm the weak spots and strong points. Then you can learn from any mistakes and improve your ROI with each one of your Austin tradeshow exhibits moving forward


Proper planning and preparation will always deliver better results when you’re on the trade show floor. If your Austin trade show display isn’t delivering strongly, you may need to focus more on all aspects of the before, during and after phases in order to ensure future success.


Contact Xtreme Xhibits if your company needs a trade show display!

Matching Your Trade Show Stands To The Type Of Convention

Not all conventions are created equal. There are three distinct types of conventions that you might attend, and the type of trade show exhibits that will be most effective are different at every one of them. Although you shouldn’t shy away from a convention simply because your current trade show stands are not perfectly suited, understanding the differences will help you make all practical adjustments to have the best chance of success.


Convention Type #1: Events Catering To The Industry

These are the toughest type of convention for trade show exhibits designers because industry experts are almost always the most demanding. Trade show booths for this kind of convention need to offer copious information. Remember, industry events are not about selling. Your trade show stands should not be full of merchandise, because you simply won’t be able to move it. The goal of trade show stands at this kind of event is to present your efforts to your fellow industry experts, and to see their efforts in return. Don’t expect much in the way of sales.


Convention Type #2: Events Catering To Customers

This kind of convention is the exact opposite of an industry-targeted event. Here, the general public is not just allowed to attend, they’re encouraged to come in. You’re free to make your trade show exhibits much more promotional at this kind of event, and you should keep some product on hand to sell during the convention. Expect to see consumers with little or no knowledge of your product, and expect them to be looking to purchase. Make sure that your trade show stands are inviting, or you risk losing out on business.


Convention Type #3: Events That Cater To The Industry And Consumers

Designing trade show stands for this kind of event requires a balance between promotional sales and informative industry notices. It’s best to choose a focus on either consumers or industry. Most people will choose consumers simply because they offer the best chance of turning a profit, and thus help offset the cost of your rented trade show booths space. However, appealing to industry is very valuable in the long term. Make sure to spend some time looking around; don’t forget that you’ll be getting a chance to observe competitors here just as you would at an industry-only show.


Common Types Of Industry-Specific Conventions

In addition to these broad categories, there are some industries known for particular types of conventions. They’re very characteristic, and knowing about them in advance can help you plan for them more effectively.

Automotive Showcases: these are consumer-focused, but without a lot of purchasing. It’s primarily a venue for automakers to communicate with their customers.

Home and Garden Shows: There are many businesses that can find good clientele at these highly customer-driven shows. While people may not go there seeking a contractor immediately, your business can build its reputation directly with consumers while showcasing itself within the industry.

Technology Shows: If you specialize in gadgets, this kind of show is for you. These shows can be consumer focused or industry focused depending on the event, but they’re always a fun place to show off the latest technology.

Understanding what kind of convention you’re likely to attend can help you plan your trade show booths to maximize your audience. However, if your company doesn’t presently have the budget to create new trade show stands for every new event, don’t worry – being there matters a lot more than having the most ideal booth for that particular occasion.

How To Use Banner Stands And Pop Up Displays In Your Store

Few convention displays have as much versatility as banner stands and pop up displays. Both of them can replace a trade show display entirely with the right design, but they can also be used as an addition to a larger unit. They are inexpensive, pack easily, and can be updated without difficulty. Many companies recognize their value on the trade show floor; increasingly, retailers are seeing their value inside stores. When properly designed, banner stands and pop up displays can serve as an engaging and dynamic point of sale display to help promote your newest products or biggest sales.


Pop Up Displays Pop Out To Grab Attention

Although point of sale displays are different from their convention booth cousins, both share a single goal: to communicate information to people who might not otherwise see it. They need to be clear, yet commanding. They must be concise, yet informative. Too much information, and the unit is useless, but providing too little information will provide the same poor result. This is true of a trade show display and a point of sale display. The key is to find a way to draw attention without using too many words, and banner stands and pop up displays both excel at this.

Pop up displays are best for companies that frequently travel to sell merchandise simply because they are so easy to set up. They can literally pop into place, making them set up and dismantle with unprecedented ease. Although they have a mechanism that makes them a little more fragile than banner stands, well designed pop up displays can last a very long time. The major disadvantage of pop up displays is that they cannot have their text and images changed as easily as banner stands. The display for pop up displays consists of a piece of canvas stretched across a frame, and changing out that canvas can be a real hassle.


Banner Stands Are Incredibly Versatile

Banner stands are another common choice for point of sale displays. These units come in a variety of sizes, but virtually always can be rolled or folded into a small travel size. They fit easily in even small vehicles, and can typically be taken as carry-ons in a plane. In addition, they’re easy to tuck away in your store when not in use. This makes them a very good choice when you need a small unit to point out something in your store, but don’t necessarily want it to have a constant presence.

One of the biggest benefits of banner stands is that they can very easily be re-customized whenever you start a new promotion or stock a new product. The printed element of most banner stands is totally separate from the more expensive metal backing that supports it. You can simply order a replacement banner and switch them out in a matter of minutes. For most stores that have frequent inventory changes, banner stands are the display of choice.


Display Units Draw Attention To Your Store

Whether you’re selling from a storefront in a mall or from a vendor booth at a larger show, banner stands and pop up displays can help you get the job done. They communicate your products effectively and actively draw new business, all at a fairly low cost. When designed properly, both can last your company for years.

Is Your San Antonio Trade Show Display Marketing Program Ready For 2011?

A new year always brings a great opportunity to examine your company’s strengths and weaknesses. You can look back over the various financial quarters and analyze profits, discovering what marketing strategies worked, and what needs refinement. 2011 is a unique year for table top displays in San Antonio because many companies are finally emerging from the recession, and can once more find funds to attend trade show displays and conventions that were previously put on hold. Companies returning to the San Antonio trade show display scene and those well acquainted with pop up displays in Austin can both benefit from taking a fresh look at their marketing strategies and considering these ways to update and super-charge marketing in 2011.

Pop Up Displays In Austin Promote A Focused Objective

In years past, table top displays in San Antonio had distinctly unfocused and often vague goals. Companies would simply aim to ‘drive traffic’ or ‘increase sales’, hazy endeavors which made it tough to track success. Today’s market requires demonstrable results, and the San Antonio trade show display has adapted. Focused marketing objectives are omnipresent now, and pop up displays in Austin are the more effective because of it. They provide an easy method to analyze the success of a new venture or new design style, allowing you to quantify your successes and learn from any failures before you build your next San Antonio trade show display.

Are You Taking Your San Antonio Trade Show Display To The Right Conventions?

If your company has been out of the field for months or even years, you need to take a hard look at how your old convention roster may have changed. The economy has hit many venues hard as well, possibly reducing the number of available trade shows that you can attend. Other great places to showcase your San Antonio trade show display may also have come into existence. Look with fresh eyes at your typical roster and decide whether you want to add or subtract from there.

Incorporate Social Media Into Your Table Top Displays In San Antonio

Many companies stopped exhibiting at conventions before social media became a widespread tool inside a San Antonio trade show display. Now, it’s an absolutely crucial tool for marketing throughout the many areas of promotion, but can be especially powerful when combined with the other offerings a convention would naturally provide. It has a lot of potential, but integrating it into table top displays in San Antonio can be a challenge if you are not experienced with it. Consider visiting a few conventions before actually putting up a San Antonio trade show display yourself and seek the advice of an expert if you have questions.

2011 can be a great year for your marketing success. These new techniques promise even greater return on investment than before, and the changes to the field over the past few years promise a more interesting experience for even the most casual owner of a San Antonio trade show display. If you are looking for a new San Antonio trade show display or have questions about the current techniques of convention marketing, the experts at Xtreme Xhibits are happy to help. We offer Skyline exhibits and a national network of industry specialists who can help you with any questions.

Banner Stands And Table Top Displays In San Antonio: What Your Company Needs To Know

Banner stands in San Antonio are an excellent choice for a business, but table top displays in San Antonio can also offer a lot of value. Both these exhibits share one important common feature: table top displays and banner stands in San Antonio are very flexible and versatile. Along with pop up displays in San Antonio, they can be used at virtually every event with success. Although these different exhibits have important distinctions that define them, it’s common to see a company trying to decide whether to choose table top displays in San Antonio or banner stands. San Antonio companies can help make the choice with information about pop up displays in San Antonio versus table top displays and banner stands in San Antonio.

Differentiating Between Table Top Displays And Banner Stands In San Antonio

Banner stands, table top displays, and pop up displays in San Antonio can all serve similar roles. They help promote your company in a smaller format than a full-scale tradeshow exhibit, and are often used to add a highlight to a larger unit. If you are trying to choose between table top displays, pop up displays, and banner stands in San Antonio, the first thing to do is understand the finer details of each.

Table Top Displays In San Antonio:

  • Table top displays in San Antonio require some kind of table in order to display properly. They become miniature trade show displays when used in this manner, and present a very positive image. Unlike pop up displays in San Antonio, they have relatively little height choice, and must always sit on something. They can be used inside a booth or other display unit to add a punch.
  • Table top displays in San Antonio ship cross country in just one shipment. If you’re going to be shipping, this is an important advantage. It is more common than shipping companies would like to admit for packages to become lost in the mail. If you’re shipping a banner stand to San Antonio, you could lose the base but not the banner, leaving you with an annoying problem. Table top displays in San Antonio will not have that problem.

Banner Stands In San Antonio:

  • It’s hard to beat banner stands in San Antonio for portability and easy storage. The base separates from the banner, allowing the entire unit to fold up quite small. Banner stands in San Antonio are typically stored in a small tube, and can be shipped in the same way. They are amazingly small, which makes them great for companies who often drive to conventions.
  • Banner stands in San Antonio tend to be very durable. Their graphical component is made from a heavy duty material that resists rips, and their base is made from durable metals or composite materials.
  • Changing out the graphics on banner stands in San Antonio is easier than updating table top displays or pop up displays. San Antonio companies can simply design and order a new banner for their base, creating a totally updated look without having to re-do the entire thing.

Pop Up Displays In San Antonio:

  • Pop up displays in San Antonio offer the portability of banner stands with a similar display style to table top displays. San Antonio companies often choose these because they allow for ample display space without taking up a lot of storage space.
  • There are many different kinds of pop up displays in San Antonio, some of which will be less durable because they’re made with inferior materials. Finding the right company to create pop up displays in San Antonio is vital to receiving a long lasting and durable exhibit.

Making The Right Call For You

Deciding between table top units, banner stands, and pop up displays in San Antonio is a difficult task. All of them have their advantages and will serve you well, but you might also benefit from the specific advantages provided by each. If you are still uncertain about what kind of unit you’d like, or if you know what you want and are ready to order, Xtreme Xhibits is happy to help. We’re the premiere regional source of Skyline exhibit products, including table top displays, pop up displays, and banner stands. San Antonio companies can contact us now for more information from our experienced convention professionals.