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How To Use Banner Stands And Pop Up Displays In Your Store

By April 15, 2011August 21st, 2017Trade Show Displays, Trade Shows

Few convention displays have as much versatility as banner stands and pop up displays. Both of them can replace a trade show display entirely with the right design, but they can also be used as an addition to a larger unit. They are inexpensive, pack easily, and can be updated without difficulty. Many companies recognize their value on the trade show floor; increasingly, retailers are seeing their value inside stores. When properly designed, banner stands and pop up displays can serve as an engaging and dynamic point of sale display to help promote your newest products or biggest sales.


Pop Up Displays Pop Out To Grab Attention

Although point of sale displays are different from their convention booth cousins, both share a single goal: to communicate information to people who might not otherwise see it. They need to be clear, yet commanding. They must be concise, yet informative. Too much information, and the unit is useless, but providing too little information will provide the same poor result. This is true of a trade show display and a point of sale display. The key is to find a way to draw attention without using too many words, and banner stands and pop up displays both excel at this.

Pop up displays are best for companies that frequently travel to sell merchandise simply because they are so easy to set up. They can literally pop into place, making them set up and dismantle with unprecedented ease. Although they have a mechanism that makes them a little more fragile than banner stands, well designed pop up displays can last a very long time. The major disadvantage of pop up displays is that they cannot have their text and images changed as easily as banner stands. The display for pop up displays consists of a piece of canvas stretched across a frame, and changing out that canvas can be a real hassle.


Banner Stands Are Incredibly Versatile

Banner stands are another common choice for point of sale displays. These units come in a variety of sizes, but virtually always can be rolled or folded into a small travel size. They fit easily in even small vehicles, and can typically be taken as carry-ons in a plane. In addition, they’re easy to tuck away in your store when not in use. This makes them a very good choice when you need a small unit to point out something in your store, but don’t necessarily want it to have a constant presence.

One of the biggest benefits of banner stands is that they can very easily be re-customized whenever you start a new promotion or stock a new product. The printed element of most banner stands is totally separate from the more expensive metal backing that supports it. You can simply order a replacement banner and switch them out in a matter of minutes. For most stores that have frequent inventory changes, banner stands are the display of choice.


Display Units Draw Attention To Your Store

Whether you’re selling from a storefront in a mall or from a vendor booth at a larger show, banner stands and pop up displays can help you get the job done. They communicate your products effectively and actively draw new business, all at a fairly low cost. When designed properly, both can last your company for years.