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Bring Your Table Top Displays To Austin: Preparing For A Trade Show

Bring Your Table Top Displays To Austin: Preparing For A Trade Show

The team at Xtreme Xhibits knows that, just like with any presentation, when it comes to trade shows, preparation is everything. The last thing you want is to be scrambling at the eleventh hour to get everything done or, worse, showing up at the convention with no real plan. Start preparing well in advance so you have plenty of time to get all of your ducks in a row!

Budgeting For A Convention

The first step is to decide how much you can afford to spend on a convention. In addition to the registration fee for the show itself, the costs will include travel and accommodation for your staff, extra labor to help set up and take down your booth, and designing your table top displays. Austin conventions also may require you to have insurance coverage, so be sure to budget for that as well. It’s a good idea to set aside more money than you think you’ll need in case of unexpected expenses.

Designing A Table Top Display In Austin

When you’re first starting out in the trade show arena, it’s best to start small. Table top displays at Austin conventions are a great way to get started without spending too much. Lightweight and easy to pack, they also save you a bundle on shipping costs. Also, bigger is not always better, some convention halls won’t be able to accommodate larger displays, but a table top display at Austin trade shows will always fit.

Researching The Options

Once you have your display squared away and you know how much more you can spend, do some careful research on what conventions are appropriate for your business and work with your budget. Especially for a first-time exhibitor, you should consider attending a show that you’ve already been to as a customer so you’ll have some firsthand experience of what the convention will be like. Also, take a good look at the target market of each convention you’re researching and make sure you’ll fit in well. A large, elaborate booth will stick out like a sore thumb in a hall full of smaller companies with simple table top displays in Austin, and vice-versa. You also stand a much better chance of making some sales if you choose an expo that’s appropriate for your market.

table top displays AustinFilling Out The Paperwork

After you’ve chosen a convention, the first thing to do is to completely fill in the contract and send it in. Make sure you read it thoroughly so you know exactly what you’re agreeing to. You’ll also need to send your deposit to reserve your space at the show. At this point, you should also decide whether you’d like to use sponsorship or advertising to promote your presence at the convention. Sometimes the convention manual will include sponsorship opportunities. If it doesn’t, talk to your trade show rep to find out what is available.

Setting Goals

It’s pointless to exhibit at a convention without having some clear goals in place. Avoid spinning your wheels and come up with a strategy in advance. Are you demonstrating a new product line? Are you finding new sales leads and making connections? Make a plan and choose your staff accordingly. Make sure you send people who know the product thoroughly and know how to land a sale.

Pack Up And Go

Once you have all the advance work done, it’s time to pack your things and leave! Be sure to take plenty of promotional materials such as brochures and business cards so you don’t run out halfway through the show, as well as your booth decorations and any promotional products you’ll be using. Choose your clothing carefully, since you’ll want to be both appropriate and comfortable.

After you’ve finished all of the prep work, enjoy the show! When you’re fully prepared, the convention will be a breeze. Demonstrate your product, make some connections, and be sure to keep careful records so you can follow up later. But there’s no need to do all that preparation yourself, contact Xtreme Xhibits and let us help you!

Matching Your Trade Show Stands To The Type Of Convention

Not all conventions are created equal. There are three distinct types of conventions that you might attend, and the type of trade show exhibits that will be most effective are different at every one of them. Although you shouldn’t shy away from a convention simply because your current trade show stands are not perfectly suited, understanding the differences will help you make all practical adjustments to have the best chance of success.


Convention Type #1: Events Catering To The Industry

These are the toughest type of convention for trade show exhibits designers because industry experts are almost always the most demanding. Trade show booths for this kind of convention need to offer copious information. Remember, industry events are not about selling. Your trade show stands should not be full of merchandise, because you simply won’t be able to move it. The goal of trade show stands at this kind of event is to present your efforts to your fellow industry experts, and to see their efforts in return. Don’t expect much in the way of sales.


Convention Type #2: Events Catering To Customers

This kind of convention is the exact opposite of an industry-targeted event. Here, the general public is not just allowed to attend, they’re encouraged to come in. You’re free to make your trade show exhibits much more promotional at this kind of event, and you should keep some product on hand to sell during the convention. Expect to see consumers with little or no knowledge of your product, and expect them to be looking to purchase. Make sure that your trade show stands are inviting, or you risk losing out on business.


Convention Type #3: Events That Cater To The Industry And Consumers

Designing trade show stands for this kind of event requires a balance between promotional sales and informative industry notices. It’s best to choose a focus on either consumers or industry. Most people will choose consumers simply because they offer the best chance of turning a profit, and thus help offset the cost of your rented trade show booths space. However, appealing to industry is very valuable in the long term. Make sure to spend some time looking around; don’t forget that you’ll be getting a chance to observe competitors here just as you would at an industry-only show.


Common Types Of Industry-Specific Conventions

In addition to these broad categories, there are some industries known for particular types of conventions. They’re very characteristic, and knowing about them in advance can help you plan for them more effectively.

Automotive Showcases: these are consumer-focused, but without a lot of purchasing. It’s primarily a venue for automakers to communicate with their customers.

Home and Garden Shows: There are many businesses that can find good clientele at these highly customer-driven shows. While people may not go there seeking a contractor immediately, your business can build its reputation directly with consumers while showcasing itself within the industry.

Technology Shows: If you specialize in gadgets, this kind of show is for you. These shows can be consumer focused or industry focused depending on the event, but they’re always a fun place to show off the latest technology.

Understanding what kind of convention you’re likely to attend can help you plan your trade show booths to maximize your audience. However, if your company doesn’t presently have the budget to create new trade show stands for every new event, don’t worry – being there matters a lot more than having the most ideal booth for that particular occasion.

Handing A High-Value Sample At A Trade Show Booth

Having a sample of your company’s most recent product at your trade show exhibit is one of the best ways to guarantee a successful conference. It allows visitors to see their potential investment, to try it before they buy it and thus know exactly what they’re getting.

In some cases, placing a sample at your trade show booth is simple. You may find the sample to be expendable, or you may even want to give it away so people can try it for themselves at home. Difficulties arise when the nature of your product prevents it from being presented at a trade show stand because it is too valuable to risk. There are many products that fit this description. Everything from jewelry to artifacts and high-tech computer parts are too valuable to be put in a trade show exhibit without any kind of protection. Fortunately, you have options. There are three major choices that you can select. They will all keep your product somewhat safe, but many of the more secure ones have a bigger impact on your overall trade show booth.


Choice #1: Put Your Product In A Display Case

Having a display case in your trade show stand will ensure that your product cannot be stolen, but it will also ensure that no one can interact with that product because it’s locked away. Display cases that are placed in a trade show exhibit can also be on the expensive side, as they must be carefully built in order to be resilient. If you choose this option for your trade show stand, it is strongly recommended that you have several different samples at different angles in the case. Visitors would want to examine the item for themselves, and if they cannot remove it from the case, they’ll at least be able to see it fully in the display.


Choice #2: Allow Your Visitors To Handle The Item Outside Its Case

This solution sacrifices some of the protective value of a display case for a substantially greater ability to showcase your product. In this scenario, visitors to your trade show exhibit can handle the product only upon request, and likely under close supervision from one of your staffers. You’ll know exactly who is handling your product at any time, and you’ll have close control over where it is. There is little risk of it being removed from your trade show booth, as you can always know in whose hands it rests. In addition, you won’t need to be concerned about it being stolen from your trade show stand when you step away from the booth: the case will keep it protected when not being handled.


Choice #3: Bring In Private Security

For big ticket items, adding security may be a necessity, even if you have a case for your product. Human security adds a level of safety simply because it is very visible, very noticeable, and a very good deterrent to would-be criminals. The main concern with this choice is that private security, even for a small trade show booth, can be expensive.


Focus On Security, But Don’t Forget Your Visitors

Emphasizing the security of your product can often cause marketers to lose sight of their overall goal: to make visitors feel welcome and to help them understand the product. If your trade show exhibit cannot do this with the necessary security precautions protecting your product sample, then you’re probably better off foregoing the sample. Having your product on display is ideal, but not if it means losing an open and inviting trade show stand.

Small Size, Big Advantage: Surprising Benefits Of Table Top Displays, Pop Up Displays, And Banner Stands in Austin

It can be tough to remember that pop up displays in San Antonio offer a lot more than just size. While your eyes may naturally be drawn to the largest banner stands in Austin, that doesn’t mean you’ll immediately go to visit that booth. Successful table top displays in Austin are able to bring visitors into the range of your sales team, which can then turn them into conversions. Size is just the beginning; small pop up displays in San Antonio can offer results that are just as strong while bringing several other advantages due to their smaller size.

Pop Up Displays In San Antonio Offer A Lot Of Bang For Your Buck

If your company needs an inexpensive convention presence, it’s hard to beat table top displays. Austin companies who choose these units are able to save a lot of cash while still having a very strong presence at a convention. Well designed table top displays in Austin are so well done that visitors hardly notice how inexpensive they actually were. Part of the reason for this is that pop up displays in San Antonio are simply less expensive due to their small size, assuring that almost any company can afford a well made and nice looking unit. The return on your investment is strong as well because properly designed pop up displays in San Antonio offer just as much potential to grab leads, assuming they are properly staffed as well.

Smaller Table Top Displays In Austin Yield A Strong Design Focus

The smaller size of typical pop up displays in San Antonio leads to another unexpected benefit. Designers are naturally forced to use their space more wisely, which tends to create a more clearly focused exhibit than would otherwise be produced. Table top displays in Austin have a limited amount of space that can be used to showcase text and images. Recognizing this, designers will naturally gravitate toward the most important points of their presentation. As long as they can avoid overcrowding, what emerges on pop up displays in San Antonio is typically a stronger, more focused representation of the most important points your company wants to present.

Banner Stands in Austin Naturally Promote A Clean, Uncluttered Display Area

There is another advantage to having a smaller area as you would with trade show displays in Austin. Larger units seem to attract clutter, and your message almost inevitably gets lost in the shuffle. Smaller banner stands in Austin have so little space initially that it’s difficult to clutter them. You have a limited area to place samples, literature, and anything else you’d like to showcase; anything that you put up must be something that’s very important. Your visitors know this, and will take it into account when they visit your table top display in Austin.

Setup, Takedown, And Transport Are A Snap

Perhaps the most obvious advantage provided by pop up displays in San Antonio is their strong portability. Small pop up displays in San Antonio can easily be taken by car to Dallas, Houston, or venues outside the state. Some are even easily taken on a plane as carryon luggage, allowing you company to skip the hassle of shipping altogether. Whether you are an individual traveler or are working with a large staff, this advantage of table top displays in Austin cannot be underestimated. The experts at Xtreme Xhibits are available to answer any question you may have and we offer Skyline exhibits and a national network of industry specialists who can find the right booth design for you.