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Key Design Principles For Effective Banner Stands

Key Design Principles For Effective Banner Stands

Banner Stands AustinBanners stands offer exhibitors a lot of flexibility in putting their messages, products, and visual branding in the spotlight. An effectively designed banner will make an imprint in the mind of the viewer, even if they don’t make a decision to stop and take the message in. Achieving a banner design that will stand out from the crowded visual environment of a trade show floor takes careful planning, beginning with three key design principles.

  • Pictures Speak Louder Than Words – Banner stands create a display space that is best suited to visual messages. A standard-sized banner is a fairly large graphical image, but it’s a relatively small space for displaying a lot of text. Take advantage of the power of visual imagery by designing your banners around a professionally designed graphic or high-resolution professional photograph. Your images need to be bold and crisp, even when printed in large format, so it’s critical to begin with high-quality images, optimized for up-scaling. The images should be harmonious, both in color and theme, with your visual branding and the message of product your want to highlight. Using banner stands that support shaped or layered banners can add dimension and visual impact to your designs.
  • Remember Buy Level – There is an old saying in retail merchandising: “Eye level is buy level.” This is also true when it comes to designing banners. Place the most important elements of your message at eye level, but don’t fall for the temptation of overcrowding that space. If you place too many things at eye level, your visitors won’t be left with a clean, clear impression of your brand and message. In fact, they may not register an impression at all, or they will recall it as a visual version of indistinct mumbling. That’s a missed opportunity for you.
  • Show, Don’t Tell – Chances are, your marketing department has worked hard on developing great copy for your websites and brochures, to let prospects know why they should buy your products. It’s important to keep in mind that your banners serve a very different purpose from either a brochure or a website; the banners are there to draw people into the sales funnel, not to close sales. Many designers hold that a banner should have no more than seven words on it. Whether you stick to seven words or not, don’t overcrowd your banners with text or distract viewers from the simple, clear message your graphic should leave in their minds.

Skyline Banner Stands And Design

Austin exhibitors depend on Skyline Xtreme Xhibits for top quality banner stands and banners, along with experienced graphic design to help them create the most effective banners for their trade show exhibits. We’ll help you choose the best materials and design to represent your brand image and products, and whether you need 3 banner stands or 300, we’ll make sure they’re produced and delivered where you need them on time, every time.

Light Your Next Trade Show Up With Banner Stands In Austin

Light Up Your Next Trade Show With Skyline Banner Stands In Austin

Lighting is a critical factor in trade show exhibit, and one that’s often given short shrift. Why? Lighting is a complex issue, and many exhibitors believe that it’s not worth the expense and planning. While lighting plans can be quite elaborate, they don’t have to be, and some pretty simple additions, like lighted banner stands, to your current booth setup can make a big impact. By learning some lighting basics and using some creativity, your company can boost the impact and effectiveness of your trade show display without spending a lot of money or time.

Banner Stands Austin

Basic Lighting For Trade Show Display

  • Watch Out For Ghouls And Aliens – The angle and color of lighting used in a display can make – or ruin – the effect. Up-lighting your product or a part of your display can be very dramatic and effective, but, as any photographer can tell you, up-lighting a person gives that person a ghoulish appearance. If you want to use up-lights, be careful to place them where your team members won’t need to be standing or walking. Similarly, colored lighting can draw attention to, and complement your visual branding, product, or packaging, but placing colored lights where they will also shine on your team can make them look like some kind of weird aliens.
  • Think In Layers – Lighting designers build the lightscape for their clients by working in layers. You can employ some of the basic principles of layered lighting on your own, though. Obviously, there’s ambient lighting – the overhead lights in the venue, plus any natural light – as a foundation. Within your own space, you can add additional layers of lighting to highlight, attract, and change the mood, depending on your marketing goals. Use accent lights to point visitors’ view to your logo and products, as well as things you want them to do or take, like literature, mailing list sign-up, or interactive displays. Cooler-colored light and moving lights tend to grab people’s attention and attract them initially, but these things are also unsettling, so think about using warm-colored light inside the booth. This is more welcoming and also more flattering to the people inside. Use cool-toned or moving lights on the front of your booth, where people can walk inside and past them.
  • Using Lights While Keeping It Simple – If your backwall is comprised of banner stands, you’ve already got a good place to put a layer of lights. Or maybe you’ve got a solid wall panel with backlights. Perfect! But what about the rest of your space? Using additional banner stands, you can place more light around the inside of your booth or on the aisle, and if your stands have shelves, like the Skyline Myriad line, you can strategically place and highlight your literature and products without having to build a huge structure, or pack and transport bulky gear.

With Smart Lighting And Skyline Banner Stands, Austin Exhibitors Get Noticed

With some small, cost-effective changes, your company’s trade show booth can attract more visitors, and give your team a better chance to turn those visitors into customers. It’s easy to improve your lighting when you begin with Skyline banner stands. Austin exhibitors can contact Skyline’s Xtreme Xhibits  online, or by phone at 512-832-1921 for help with lighting plans, banners stands, marketing strategy, and anything else your business needs to succeed at trade show marketing.

Benefits Of Using Banner Stands In Austin

Don’t Miss Out: Use Banner Stands In Austin At Your Next Trade Show

Putting together a cohesive trade show marketing plan requires careful calculation, strategy and attention to detail. What’s one key factor that cannot be overlooked during the planning process? Price. You will always have to consider your budget as well as your specific marketing needs in order to put together an exhibit that truly benefits for your organization.

Many business owners simply assume that a trade show exhibit in Austin will prove far too costly to consider for their small to mid-sized company. Fortunately, this simply isn’t the case. For entrepreneurs in every industry, using banner stands in Austin marks an ideal exhibit solution that suits both their budget and their specific marketing objectives. Most importantly, these versatile signs can be used in a wide range of ways for a custom final look that resonates with the trade show audience.

Price Isn’t The Only Benefit Offered By Banner Stands In Austin

As a general rule, your banner stands in Austin will cost considerably less than other Banner Stands Austinlive marketing options. However, it’s important to remember that banner stands in Austin aren’t simply cost effective. These corporate signs have earned their spot in a wide range of trade show exhibits because they deliver results.

If you are considering integrating banner stands into your corporate trade show presence, you should know the many advantages that these signs offer beyond mere cost. Banner stands can instantly enhance your exhibit presence and deliver many marketing benefits, including:

Various Sizes, Shapes, And Looks

Do you think that using banner stands in Austin means settling for a standard, cookie-cutter shape and style? Guess again. At Xtreme Xhibits, our team of skilled and experienced design specialists can create banner stands of virtually any size and shape. We can help you create an eye-catching final design that truly stands out no matter how big the exhibiting crowd around you.

Your Personal Mark

Besides offering a wide range of shapes and sizes, banner stands in Austin allow business owners the chance to customize the actual content found on the signs. At Xtreme Xhibits, we work with our partners to put the focus on their brand-identifying features. Your corporate colors, logo, slogan and taglines will all play a major role in customizing your banner stands so Austin attendees know exactly who you are and what you do.

Seamless Transport And Setup

Most importantly, using banner stands at Austin events means that you and your staff will enjoy a seamless transport and setup experience. Our premium lightweight signs fold up into a customized case for easy carrying, as well as storage. Once at the event, your staff won’t have to worry about a complicated setup and dismantling process. With just a few easy steps, your entire banner stands will be setup and ready to inform and impress the crowd as part of your final trade show exhibit.

Want to hear more about the many benefits offered with banner stands? Contact the team at Xtreme Xhibits today. Our team can help your trade show vision become a reality.

Top Ways To Make Your Banner Stands At Austin Events Stand Out From The Competition

Austin Banner StandsAt Xtreme Xhibits, we know firsthand the many benefits that using our customized banner stands at Austin events can deliver to our clients. No matter what the scope of your business, or your specific operational niche, using banner stands at Austin live marketing events can quickly help your organization stand apart from the competition. Lightweight and versatile, these corporate signs can be used in a wide range of ways to help strengthen your brand identity and make a major impact on your specific targeted demographic.

Ensuring Your Banner Stands At Austin Functions Stand Out

Of course, as with any marketing resource, effective banner stands at Austin expos must incorporate strategic promotional planning and execution to ensure that they best resonate with a business’ consumer pool. When partnering with Xtreme Xhibits for corporate signs, we work closely with our clients to keep a few major considerations in mind to yield the best results possible.

When creating your corporate banner stands, Xtreme Xhibits will help you maintain a steady focus on several key points, including:

Color selection: At Xtreme Xhibits, we always incorporate our clients’ brand identity within their booths, stands and exhibits. We believe that including your brand identifying color palette is the best way to strengthen the reach of your corporation as well as identity and consumer loyalty.

However, while we know that color is important, we also believe that creating a sign that proves too loud and too bold can prove a distraction. We can help you strike a perfect balance with your color scheme to maximize visual impact. Do you want to include a colored background as part of your final design? Not a problem. At Xtreme Xhibits, we can partner with you to strategize the right hues that work most effectively with the foreground layout.

Customized sizes: Sure, there are certain lines of banner stands at Austin events that seem to follow a cookie-cutter template. Not at Xtreme Xhibits. We offer an extensive range of customized sizes, shapes and styles with one primary focus in mind: to get your stand noticed and effectively leave the competition behind you. Our team of in-house design specialists can work with you to determine the right height, lines and overall shape of your final sign to ensure you receive a one-of-a-kind look that commands attention, even in the biggest crowds.

Information layout: When using your banner stands at Austin live marketing events, you’ll quickly learn that less can truly be more. Yes, you may have an extensive range of promotional information you’re hoping to display; however, overcrowding your sign can overwhelm the wandering crowd, forcing them to quickly move on to a competitor’s exhibit. We can help you keep things concise, yet still informative, so that everyone walking past your booth knows exactly what your company offers, with just one glance.

Are you ready to get started on your customized banner stands? Contact us today at: http://www.xtremexhibits.com/contact.html!

Four Tips For Maximizing Results With Banner Stands At Austin Trade Shows

Portable Banner Stands in AustinIf you’re entering into the convention and live encounter marketing arena, you already understand the importance of having a dynamic, engaging trade show booth that effectively captivates the wandering crowd at industry events. Business owners in every field know that, in order to effectively propel their brand ahead of the competitive masses, they have to have a booth that informs, engages and compels each and every visitor that happens to wander through the venue. Unfortunately, while the booths themselves may deliver a cohesive brand message, many entrepreneurs fall short when it comes to providing banner stands at Austin events that reinforce the missives outlined within their stand.


Banner Stands At Austin Events Can Deliver Optimal Return On Investment


If you’re considering using banner stands at Austin events, it’s important to have a plan of action when going into the design process. Here at Xtreme Xhibits, as a leading provider banner stands in Austin and throughout the region, we work with our clients to outline four specific tips that can truly enhance their overall efforts and return on investment.


Tip #1 – Think Tall: Many clients initially feel like they want their banner stands to be on the shorter side of the height spectrum. However, it’s important to remember that, in a crowded venue, the smaller banner stands will often get completely overlooked. Keeping your signs tall is a great way to catch the eye of the wandering crowd, no matter how busy and bustling the venue gets.


Tip #2 – Words First: Sure, you may initially feel that placing content and text all over the banner stand is the perfect way to tell attendees everything they need to know about your organization. Unfortunately, for many participants, they will pause only long enough to view the words written on the top part of your signs. Placing your business name and text at the top of banner stands at Austin events is the best way to ensure that you’re maximizing the chance that viewers will read what you want them to know most.


Tip #3 – Don’t Overcrowd: Much like the content you use on your banner stands, it’s always critical to carefully strategize where you’ll place your graphics and images on your signs. At Xtreme Xhibits, we firmly believe that “less is ALWAYS more” when it comes to detailing your banner stands with product images, logos and other graphics. We team with our clients to create a final graphic layout that not only looks great, but also enhances viewer impact.


Tip #4 – Embrace Potential: Many of our clients come to us with a very set definition of uses for their banner stands at Austin events. They are often surprised to learn that there are virtually limitless options for these customized signs. Not only can they prove an ideal accessory to larger exhibits, but when placed strategically together, banner stands can actually be used as a display on their own. We partner with our clients to outline just how versatile using banner stands at Austin events can be to help them truly embrace their impressive marketing potential.


Ready to hear more about using our banner stands at Austin events? Visit our website today at: http://www.xtremexhibits.com/.

Can’t Afford Large Trade Show Displays? Table Top Displays And Banner Stands Pack Impressive Impact


Companies often have the misconception that they have to invest in the largest trade show displays possible if they want to truly impress trade show attendees. Investing in trade show displays that have an oversized footprint and feature elaborate details may seem like a great idea, but these costly displays can cause problems. Because they have unusual elements and are larger and more difficult to work with, you may have to ship them to the trade show venue early and spend extra time setting them up and breaking them down. You may also discover that full-sized trade show displays require more attention from your staff and more money to keep them in good condition. If your company is venturing onto the trade show floor for the first time or is interested in branching out with trade show displays in new locations, it may want to keep things simple in order to conserve both time and resources.


Thankfully, today’s trade show exhibits in Austin don’t have to be massive, elaborate structures to have an impressive impact. Your business can get great results using alternative trade show displays such as table top displays and banner stands that are less expensive, simple to set up and easier to work with than their oversized cousins. Whether your company is a “mom and pop shop” or an international business, you can use table top displays and banner stands to capture the interest of visitors on the convention floor if you take the time to use every element effectively.


Table Top Displays: Simple Powerhouses

If you think table top displays are the equivalent of your old, grade-school quality science fair exhibits, think again. Table top displays have never been more attractive and professional, offering plenty of sophisticated features and myriad options for customization. They also have a smaller price tag while packing a full-scale marketing punch. Even companies with limitless trade show funding often invest in table top displays for use at smaller venues such as local job fairs or to use as adjuncts to their full sized island stands. Your company can take advantage of the lower cost of table top displays to maximize their impact with custom graphics and high-grade materials that will reflect your business’ dedication to quality. With lower shipping costs and easier set-up and break-down, table top displays will continue to save you money every time they are used.


Use Banner Stands Outside Of Traditional Trade Show Venues

In addition to table top displays, Austin professionals often take advantage of the versatility and simple design of banner stands. Austin trade show experts from Xtreme Xhibits point out that banner stands can be used in conjunction with island exhibits or table top displays to emphasize a point, give additional information, or draw in visitors if placed in a peripheral position, but this isn’t the only way to use these versatile, inexpensive marketing tools.


Banner stands in Austin are available in a wide range of styles and finishes, allowing you to clearly and unmistakably tout your brand logo or company tag line. Because banner stands are lightweight and retractable, they are the perfect solution when you’ll be traveling from one venue to another where limited marketing space will be available for your company. As stand-alone units, you can quickly put them in place at recruiting events, meet-and-greets and other venues where a full sized trade show display would be impractical.


Don’t be discouraged if your current marketing budget doesn’t allow for full-scale trade show displays in Austin. Designing and purchasing customized table top displays and banner stands from Xtreme Xhibits is an excellent way to ensure an impressive presence at trade shows and other venues without hurting your bottom line, and they can be easily integrated into a larger set-up when the time is right.

How Your Trade Show Installation Can Benefit From Hired Help


An innovative trade show installation in Austinfrom Xtreme Xhibits can be the highlight of any event if all the elements are installed properly and the pop up displays, portable displays and other pieces look their best. But in some situations, you simply don’t have the time to ensure that it’s properly installed because you are understaffed, overworked, or don’t have the experience properly setting up your trade show installation’s various elements. Add in the stress of shipping your trade show installation to the event, getting there yourself, and preparing your presentation, and you’ve got a recipe for potential disaster. To minimize your stress level, consider hiring a professional service that can ship, repair and even set up your trade show installation for you.


Hiring The Right Help For A Great Trade Show Installation

Because there are a variety of elements in a trade show installation, including pop up displays, portable displays, booths, and modular units, you need to hire a specialist. Using a general contractor who isn’t familiar with the tight time constraints and assembly guidelines of trade shows can lead to problems. The specialists at Xtreme Xhibits ensure that your trade show installation will be assembled with exceptional care to your exact specifications and that your pop up displays and portable displays will be taken down and packed for shipping with the same great care.


Spokes Models: Drawing The Crowd

Setting up your portable displays and coordinating your trade show installation aren’t the only reasons you should consider hiring help. In fact, many companies hire temporary help to augment the staff in their trade show installation. Hiring an attractive spokes model can generate buzz on the conference or convention floor, bringing more visitors to check out your pop up displays and trade show installation. Keep in mind, however, that a spokes model’s role should be limited to giving out promotional items, greeting visitors and other general tasks. They should refer any specific questions to your own staff. The function of a good spokes model is to greet visitors, draw them into your trade show installation, and to distribute brochures or promotional gifts. This will free you and your staff up for in-depth interaction with interested customers.


Electrical Contractors

Many venues today require that you use their on-site electrical contractors for any work involving special lighting, electrical outlets, computer set-ups, etc. for your trade show installation. If this is the case, try to talk to one of the contractors in advance of the event so that you can discuss what you need and how you want your trade show installation to function. Don’t step on any toes by bypassing the electrical contractors during the set-up and wiring of any portable displays, pop up displays or other elements of your trade show installation. Remember, some event venues will have electricians available to help you with your trade show installation, so don’t hire your own contractor until you’ve confirmed that this is acceptable.


Professional Packing And Shipping Services

Don’t take a chance by trying to properly pack and ship your trade show installation from one event to the next. Pop up displays, portable displays and banner stands all have fragile components that need to be handled and packed with great care if you’re going to avoid damages on route to the next event. Hiring a professional packing and shipping service will protect your valuable trade show installation so that it’s in excellent condition when it arrives at the next trade show. Look for a national or international shipping firm that has experience with trade show installations and is willing to pick up and deliver.


An outstanding trade show installation from Xtreme Xhibits can reinforce brand identity and generate qualified leads if it is properly staged and staffed. To guarantee great results at every event, take the time to hire outside help that’s qualified, experienced and professional to minimize stress and help your next trade show be a rousing success.

Proper Shipping Techniques For Your Trade Show Booth


Shipping your company’s trade show booth from one event to another can be difficult, particularly if you aren’t sure about the details of properly packing and shipping trade show stands. Many inexperienced business men and women have inadvertently made mistakes that cost their companies a considerable amount of money when shipping booth elements. Protect your company’s trade show booth investment by following our simple tips for efficient and secure shipping.


Pay Attention To The Weather

Adverse weather, including rain storms, hail, snow or heat waves can all do serious damage to the various parts of an event stand, so you need to make sure your San Antonio trade show booth is properly protected from the elements when it’s being prepared for shipment and while it is being loaded and unloaded at either end of the shipping route. Ask your shipper if they have the proper materials to shield your trade show booth pieces from the elements throughout the shipping process and when they are unloading your trade show stands at your destination.


Stick To The Schedule And Stay Focused When Shipping Your Trade Show Booth

Properly installing your trade show booth is crucial to presenting a professional image at any event or conference, so you need to make sure your shipment will arrive early enough to give you ample time for proper set up. One way to ensure your shipment will be on time is to use a GPS tracking system through your shipper in order to locate your trade show stands if they don’t arrive when you are expecting them. By tracking your San Antonio trade show booth with a GPS, you can be more precise with scheduling your set up. Some GPS systems allow you to check the status of your shipment anywhere along its route via your smartphone or laptop, making it simple to confirm when it will arrive even if you’re busy on the trade show floor.


Shipping Trade Show Stands Inexpensively

To some extent, you can control the cost of shipping your trade show booth if you plan ahead. Contacting a local delivery firm that regularly transports trade show stands in San Antonio can mean a lower individual cost for you since they’re already headed to that location. You can also transport your trade show stands using your own company truck or transport vehicle if you have a reliable delivery crew, but weigh the cost savings against the potential for problems. In many cases, it’s worth paying a bit more money to have a professional shipper or your trade show booth company package and ship your trade show stands and banners. Because they have more experience, they will be more efficient, saving you time and money. If you need a quote for shipping the trade show booth you ordered from us, feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs. Our professional transport team can safely deliver San Antonio trade show stands to almost anywhere.


Go With An Experienced Shipper

The more shipping experience a company has, the less likely it is that your trade show booth will damaged, lost or late to the destination venue. Professional delivery specialists understand the delicacy of trade show stands and will prepare each piece properly for shipment to prevent damage from shifting, dropping or mishandling by others along the way. Knowing how much packing to use and what kind of packing is appropriate are essential, so be sure to ask a few questions before committing to a particular delivery service for your trade show booth. At Xtreme Xhibits, we’ve been shipping trade show booths securely for years.


By carefully selecting the most effective and safe method of shipping your San Antonio trade show booth, you’ll minimize the opportunities for problems such as late delivery or the arrival of damaged trade show stands. The money you’ll save in the long run will definitely be worth the investment.

Common Storage Mistakes With Table Top Displays And Banner Stands


If you’ve invested some of your marketing budget in banner stands and table top displays in San Antonio, you know how important it is to protect them properly so that they’ll still be vibrant and professional looking the next time you use them. Unfortunately, some people make storage mistakes that can result in damage that can shorten the life of your banner stands and ruin the effectiveness of your table top displays.


Foregoing Professional Storage

Most event venues and trade show display companies offer professional storage for banner stands and table top displays between events.  At conferences and trade shows, this option protects you against possible loss or theft of your display elements. In most cases, a set storage fee is quoted and remains in place throughout the event, including during tear down and packing after the event is over. Although it may be tempting to simply store your trade show display at the hotel where you’ll be staying or stash it in your vehicle, this isn’t a good idea. For one thing, your pieces could easily be shuffled aside when space is needed, and anyone could steal or accidentally damage them. Although it may cost a bit more to have us professionally store your table top displays and banner stands, Austin businesses will tell you that your display will be carefully stored and shielded from harm at all times.


Skipping Security Measures

Properly storing your table top displays is just the beginning at most event venues. Remember, proper storage protects items from damage, but proper security protects you from theft or loss of expensive and essential trade show pieces. If there is professional security available, take advantage of the chance to have your trade show booth area guarded during off hours. If a security guard isn’t an option, invest in an inexpensive alarm system to discourage would-be thieves or vandals.


Insufficiently Insuring Your Trade Show Displays

Your company is responsible for adequately insuring your table top displays and banner stands. San Antonio event venues aren’t responsible for anything lost, damaged or stolen when you participate in a trade show. If an accident occurs or there is a breach of security and your display is stolen, proper insurance can help you recoup your losses. It would be a shame to lose professionally crafted banner stands or table top displays and not have the funds to replace them. Ask your business insurer about adding a rider to your business policy that will cover the cost of repair or replacement of banner stands, table top displays and trade show booths.


Neglecting The Environmental Conditions

The least expensive storage option isn’t always the best choice for storing banner stands and table top displays. If you store your display in a storage facility that isn’t air conditioned, temperatures can soar to the triple digits. Extremely high temperatures can do serious damage to recycled or natural materials used in many banner stands. Vulnerable materials such as certain plastics or delicate fabrics can quickly deteriorate if temperatures fluctuate between too hot and too cold while your table top displays are sitting in storage between events. Spend the extra money for a climate controlled storage unit if you’ll be storing your trade show display banner stands and table top displays in Austin for long stretches of time.


Assuming Your Table Top Displays Will Be Ready To Show

Assuming your banner stands or other display elements will come out of storage in perfect condition and ready to show can be a serious mistake. Always take the time to check every element carefully, looking for snags, tears, bent frames, or other damage. The storage area might have sustained flood damage, high temperatures or other disasters that you’re unaware of. Before setting up your banner stands and table top displays, inspect every inch of them for problems. It’s best to do this before leaving the storage facility in case you need to fill out a claim form. If you discover unexpected damage that renders your banner stands or table top displays unusable, contact us as soon as possible so we can help you put together a replacement or rental unit as soon as possible in order to minimize your loss.


If you take the time to properly store your table top displays and banner stands in San Antonio and avoid the common mistakes outlined above, you can ensure your trade show display is always in top condition and ready to represent your company properly.

Mounting A Successful Trade Show Installation In Austin


Businesses mounting a trade show installation in Austin, Texas generally have two choices when it comes to setting up their trade show stand or booth. They can hire a professional installation crew to set up their trade show installation or they can opt to do the set up and tear down themselves. One option can save you time better spent elsewhere, while the other can save you money. Both are valid choices depending on your company’s needs, knowledge, budget and time.


The Set-Up Costs Of A Trade Show Installation

here are a variety of expenditures involved in organizing, designing and setting up a trade show installation, including the cost of one or more trade show stands and any accessories you’ll need. There is also the price of set up and tear down, which is usually a pre-determined price that is agreed upon before any actual work is done. Using a team of Austin installation professionals is one way to control costs, as they are proficient at all aspects of the job and can quickly and efficiently take care of everything from assembling your trade show stand to packing up your installation after the event is over. If you’re considering this option, we’ll be glad to give you a quote on professional installation and dismantle.


We’re proud to not only offer outstanding design and manufacture of Austin trade show installations, we’re also available to do the set up and tear down of your trade show stand and other event elements from banner stands to flooring. Because we’re already familiar with the design, materials and lay-out of your trade show installation, we can quickly assemble and disassemble your entire display in the fastest time possible without compromising on the quality or safety of the installation.


If you decide not to out-source the assembly of your trade show installation, take the style and size of your trade show stand into consideration when estimating the set up time needed by your employees. If you’re using simple pop-up displays this may be a good option, but if your staff isn’t experienced at booth assembly or your trade show installation is complex, you may want to reconsider the time and effort involved and go with a professional team. If you are sure your employees can do the job proficiently, make sure you allow them some extra time and give them clear, precise instructions in order to minimize glitches.


Do-It-Yourself Requires Preparation

If your company has decided to handle the assembly and disassembly of your trade show installation internally, you’ll want to prepare a detailed checklist of what you need to do in order for things to run smoothly. Get copies of the floor plan and your individual booth layout prior to arriving at the venue and make sure all measurements are clearly marked, including the width, depth and height of your available space. Determine how you’ll get the actual exhibit pieces to the venue safely and when you’ll need them delivered. Double check for obstacles such as narrow stairwells, escalators, or elevators. Determine what tools you’ll need to help you with assembly and make sure those tools will be available the day of the event. Finally, double check everything one last time before starting the set-up of your trade show installation.


Experienced installation and dismantle crews usually appoint a team leader who will be responsible for the set up and tear down. This person will give other members of the crew individual instructions and organize their efforts. He can also answer any questions that arise in order to ensure a seamless Austin trade show installation with little or no stress.