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Can’t Afford Large Trade Show Displays? Table Top Displays And Banner Stands Pack Impressive Impact

By February 1, 2012November 9th, 2017Trade Show Displays


Companies often have the misconception that they have to invest in the largest trade show displays possible if they want to truly impress trade show attendees. Investing in trade show displays that have an oversized footprint and feature elaborate details may seem like a great idea, but these costly displays can cause problems. Because they have unusual elements and are larger and more difficult to work with, you may have to ship them to the trade show venue early and spend extra time setting them up and breaking them down. You may also discover that full-sized trade show displays require more attention from your staff and more money to keep them in good condition. If your company is venturing onto the trade show floor for the first time or is interested in branching out with trade show displays in new locations, it may want to keep things simple in order to conserve both time and resources.


Thankfully, today’s trade show exhibits in Austin don’t have to be massive, elaborate structures to have an impressive impact. Your business can get great results using alternative trade show displays such as table top displays and banner stands that are less expensive, simple to set up and easier to work with than their oversized cousins. Whether your company is a “mom and pop shop” or an international business, you can use table top displays and banner stands to capture the interest of visitors on the convention floor if you take the time to use every element effectively.


Table Top Displays: Simple Powerhouses

If you think table top displays are the equivalent of your old, grade-school quality science fair exhibits, think again. Table top displays have never been more attractive and professional, offering plenty of sophisticated features and myriad options for customization. They also have a smaller price tag while packing a full-scale marketing punch. Even companies with limitless trade show funding often invest in table top displays for use at smaller venues such as local job fairs or to use as adjuncts to their full sized island stands. Your company can take advantage of the lower cost of table top displays to maximize their impact with custom graphics and high-grade materials that will reflect your business’ dedication to quality. With lower shipping costs and easier set-up and break-down, table top displays will continue to save you money every time they are used.


Use Banner Stands Outside Of Traditional Trade Show Venues

In addition to table top displays, Austin professionals often take advantage of the versatility and simple design of banner stands. Austin trade show experts from Xtreme Xhibits point out that banner stands can be used in conjunction with island exhibits or table top displays to emphasize a point, give additional information, or draw in visitors if placed in a peripheral position, but this isn’t the only way to use these versatile, inexpensive marketing tools.


Banner stands in Austin are available in a wide range of styles and finishes, allowing you to clearly and unmistakably tout your brand logo or company tag line. Because banner stands are lightweight and retractable, they are the perfect solution when you’ll be traveling from one venue to another where limited marketing space will be available for your company. As stand-alone units, you can quickly put them in place at recruiting events, meet-and-greets and other venues where a full sized trade show display would be impractical.


Don’t be discouraged if your current marketing budget doesn’t allow for full-scale trade show displays in Austin. Designing and purchasing customized table top displays and banner stands from Xtreme Xhibits is an excellent way to ensure an impressive presence at trade shows and other venues without hurting your bottom line, and they can be easily integrated into a larger set-up when the time is right.