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Light Your Next Trade Show Up With Banner Stands In Austin

By May 17, 2016August 21st, 2017

Light Up Your Next Trade Show With Skyline Banner Stands In Austin

Lighting is a critical factor in trade show exhibit, and one that’s often given short shrift. Why? Lighting is a complex issue, and many exhibitors believe that it’s not worth the expense and planning. While lighting plans can be quite elaborate, they don’t have to be, and some pretty simple additions, like lighted banner stands, to your current booth setup can make a big impact. By learning some lighting basics and using some creativity, your company can boost the impact and effectiveness of your trade show display without spending a lot of money or time.

Banner Stands Austin

Basic Lighting For Trade Show Display

  • Watch Out For Ghouls And Aliens – The angle and color of lighting used in a display can make – or ruin – the effect. Up-lighting your product or a part of your display can be very dramatic and effective, but, as any photographer can tell you, up-lighting a person gives that person a ghoulish appearance. If you want to use up-lights, be careful to place them where your team members won’t need to be standing or walking. Similarly, colored lighting can draw attention to, and complement your visual branding, product, or packaging, but placing colored lights where they will also shine on your team can make them look like some kind of weird aliens.
  • Think In Layers – Lighting designers build the lightscape for their clients by working in layers. You can employ some of the basic principles of layered lighting on your own, though. Obviously, there’s ambient lighting – the overhead lights in the venue, plus any natural light – as a foundation. Within your own space, you can add additional layers of lighting to highlight, attract, and change the mood, depending on your marketing goals. Use accent lights to point visitors’ view to your logo and products, as well as things you want them to do or take, like literature, mailing list sign-up, or interactive displays. Cooler-colored light and moving lights tend to grab people’s attention and attract them initially, but these things are also unsettling, so think about using warm-colored light inside the booth. This is more welcoming and also more flattering to the people inside. Use cool-toned or moving lights on the front of your booth, where people can walk inside and past them.
  • Using Lights While Keeping It Simple – If your backwall is comprised of banner stands, you’ve already got a good place to put a layer of lights. Or maybe you’ve got a solid wall panel with backlights. Perfect! But what about the rest of your space? Using additional banner stands, you can place more light around the inside of your booth or on the aisle, and if your stands have shelves, like the Skyline Myriad line, you can strategically place and highlight your literature and products without having to build a huge structure, or pack and transport bulky gear.

With Smart Lighting And Skyline Banner Stands, Austin Exhibitors Get Noticed

With some small, cost-effective changes, your company’s trade show booth can attract more visitors, and give your team a better chance to turn those visitors into customers. It’s easy to improve your lighting when you begin with Skyline banner stands. Austin exhibitors can contact Skyline’s Xtreme Xhibits  online, or by phone at 512-832-1921 for help with lighting plans, banners stands, marketing strategy, and anything else your business needs to succeed at trade show marketing.