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August 2015

Banner Stands Can Help Trade Show Displays Stand Out

Use Banner Stands To Help Your Trade Show Displays In San Antonio Stand Out

Every opportunity to make an impression at a trade show can be a good opportunity. However, your company’s presence at such events will cost you money. Taking the time to match your wish- list for trade show displays in San Antonio to your exhibiting budget is a necessary step. There is one potential member of your trade show sales team that you might overlook, and that is the banner stand. Consider the benefits of these versatile and economical displays before moving ahead with your display investment.

Why Banner Stands?

Banner stands are stand-alone displays mounted onto units of varying widths. One stand can be used alone or several can be used in a line to fill a 10-foot space. When designed and utilized well, they offer an immediate and impactful punch to your trade show displays in San Antonio.

The goal for any element of an exhibit is to draw customers into your area and start conversations about your product or service. The banner stand is engineered and designed to grab visitors’ attention, and it will do just that. And because they are the first thing visitors see, they set the tone for the exhibit experience. Crisp graphics and messaging can effectively communicate your key selling points.

The banners themselves can be made out of fabric or vinyl, each with their own benefits and limits to consider. Fabric banners are durable, can be folded for easy travel, and don’t reflect the light like vinyl banners. However, fabric banners are harder to clean and can fade over time. Although they are not as lightweight, vinyl banners are easier to wipe clean and allow for brighter colors and sharper image definition.

Your Brand On Display

Your company image is important to you. An expertly designed banner stand can consistently present your brand in a powerful way. When you work with a trade show exhibit company, access to expert designers is a service you should look for. Designers can add your logo and key selling points to banners, tabletops, handouts and anywhere else they apply, for the best possible trade show displays in San Antonio.

When communicating your brand through a banner display, it is best to make sure the banner is easy to read, crisp, and simple. Banner stands that stand out are easy to read from a distance. Imagine looking out over a crowded trade show and seeing that bold graphic that drowns out all of the other visual clutter around you. Your banner stand should do just

Consistency is key when it comes to brand messaging. The design possibilities are endless when it comes to banner stands, yet a unified look is important. Precisely designed and printed banners should maintain a unified use of colors and fonts that are coordinated with other advertising materials.

Banner Stands Are Versatile

Graphic banners, or panels, are so simple to use. There is no need for tools or to hire professional installers. They compact and easy to pack; they simply retract from their bases and that’s it. This allows for quick and easy setup; take down, transport, and storage. Another added benefit is that the banners and stands will fit in any vehicle.

A banner stand’s size and transportability allows you to use them over and over again in many different settings; this is one of the biggest benefits of incorporating them into your trade show display. You will easily be able to use your single banner stand or series of banner stands in your retail store, business meeting, stage presentation, special event, and as a conference room display. Your expertly designed banner stands will instantly become a top-performing member of your marketing team.

Adding to their versatility, it is possible to add options like shelving and literature holders to certain banner stand designs. Creative lighting can also enhance your trade show displays in San Antonio and highlight your banner stands.

Xtreme Xhibits is a trusted source of the best in trade show displays in San Antonio. They are the only stop for all of your event marketing needs. Their design services team can take your brand to the next level. With a wide variety of banner stand options to meet your exhibit layout and your budget, contact them today to discuss how their services can exceed your expectations.

Using Creative Services With San Antonio Trade Show Stands

Creative Services Can Take Your San Antonio Trade Show Stands To The Next Leveltrade-show-displays

The average trade show has over 400 exhibitors. The average attendee visits 21 exhibits at any given show. To ensure your San Antonio trade show stands are among the 21 exhibits each attendee visits; they need to stand out and draw attendees in. This can be best achieved by utilizing the creative services team of your chosen marketing company.

The following key points will highlight the best use of creative solutions within your overall marketing strategy for your San Antonio trade show stands.

Increase Intentional Traffic With Pre-Show Marketing

What are you doing before the upcoming trade show to make attendees want to visit your booth? Don’t limit your marketing strategy to the exhibit

experience alone. Creative teams, like the Skyline 360 division of Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline, Inc., can develop and implement a clear marketing strategy that will get your product in the minds of clients before you meet them face-to-face.

One proven tool is to create a pre-show mailer that makes a professional, yet unforgettable, first impression on your targeted clients. In addition to using a mailer, don’t overlook the importance of leveraging social media to your advantage. The marketing teams, like Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline, Inc., can customize an online campaign that will have potential clients buzzing about your company long before they see your San Antonio trade show stands.

Sorting through pre-show promotional ideas, such as giveaway and gift offers, can be daunting. The best strategy is to select your pre-show giveaway offers by analyzing those that would best appeal to your target audience, rather than anyone and everyone at the event. This focused strategy will benefit the company by narrowing the intended recipients of your trade show freebies. Getting a limited amount of strategically chosen giveaways into the hands of your target audience will keep costs lower, yet boost profitability.

Standout Video, Animation, And Photography

It may come as a surprise that a trade show design and production company can also meet your need for videos, animation, and photography. What’s more, understanding how to use these tools will increase your San Antonio trade show stands’ exposure and influence; unlocking the key to more revenue. These services are can create video infographics, product demo videos, and 3D animation all with the goal of promoting your brand through powerful motion graphics and live action videos.San-Antonio-trade-show-stands

An attendee will stay an average of two minutes longer at an exhibit when they watch a video as part of a display. The benefits of video marketing at your San Antonio trade show stands include drawing people into your booth and keeping them there. Your investment in a video marketing piece can extend beyond your event. Using this creative content on your website and on social media will increase social engagement and start better conversations about your company online.

A creative expert can also meet your needs for photography as part of your promotional plan. Your promotional materials will stand out among the rest with professional portraits, product shots and brand asset shots. The best creative studios offer in-house photography and full-post production capabilities.

Your Brand At Its Best

Whether you already have existing trade show stands or you are just getting started, your brand can be its best through the addition of creative solutions. New companies may need help building a strong logo and an established company may seek to better incorporate that logo into their banners, brochures, and catalogs. Whatever the task, seeking the help of a professional is a worthy investment.

Marketing professionals determine what’s appropriate for your company and the market. Your brand may benefit from a bold refresh, or may need to be more consistently applied throughout your promotional materials. The job of a creative services team is to distinguish your company from the competition.

Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline, Inc. is a top producer of San Antonio trade show stands. The logistical planning of your trade show stand is just one piece of puzzle. A focused marketing strategy, including creative solutions, will boost your ROI to the top. The creative services professionals at Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline, Inc. can help with all of your marketing needs and incorporate your brand with the latest in video, animation, and photography. Contact them today and ask how creative services can make your trade show exhibit the leader of the pack.

Why Space Is Crucial In Your Trade Show Stand In San Antonio

When you begin designing your trade show stand in San Antonio, you probably think about the colors, the graphics, and the technological accessories you want to use. You probably do not give much thought to how you want to utilize space in your display. But you should! Space is a crucial element in giving your trade show stand the overall eye-catching quality you want it to have.


The appropriate or inappropriate use of space has the power to make or break overall exhibit. Space always communicates something, but what do you want to be communicating? Here are several things to consider for properly using space in your trade show stand:


Not Enough Space Or Too Much Space Is A Bad Thing


Creating the right balance of space is paramount to creating an attractive display. You want to have enough space, but not too much! If you have too much space within your trade show stand, it will tell your audience that you have a lack of information to communicate. If your company cannot fill its booth with color and information, people will perceive you as boring and irrelevant. They will not feel the urge to explore your display or interact with your products.


If your exhibit does not have enough space, it will communicate chaos and disorganization to your guests. There is no way to communicate everything about your company through your trade show stand alone, so don’t try! Pick several ideas or concepts you want individuals to know, and stick with those things. Rely on your staff to give guests more information than what the stand can communicate. Also simplify the overall design of your stand, so that you do not overwhelm guests. Less is almost always more!


Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline, Inc. is an exceptional business that helps companies create professional, custom-made trade show stands in San Antonio. They have an expert design team that can help you create a display that balances space well.


Create Space Throughout Your Team


Another important element of space that people do not generally consider is the space you ought to create amongst your team. Make sure your employees are evenly spaced throughout your San Antonio trade show stand, and not bunched up in one area. If your team is grouped together and partially closed off to guests, it will communicate a clique-like mentality that can intimidate individuals. People will be much more likely to approach your booth if your team is open and ready to engage with individuals.

Why Space Is Crucial In Your Trade Show Stand In San Antonio

Utilize The Space Around Your Trade Show Stand


Lastly, it is important to effectively utilize the space surrounding your trade show stand in San Antonio, as well as the space within it. The members of your team should be going beyond the borders of your display to engage with event guests. Use team members to draw people into your exhibit to learn more about you. Interact with people and give them a reason to check out your booth. Walk throughout the event center and bring handouts and giveaways from your booth. If you can make a connection outside of your display, people will be that much more likely to stop at your trade show stand when walking past.


Xtreme Xhibits offers various training resources to help your team effectively engage with people and sell your products. Take the time to train your team on how to effectively use the space between them, as well as the space around them.


If you need help revamping your San Antonio trade show stand, or want to create a new one all together, check out Xtreme Xhibits and the various services and resources they have available. Do not hesitate to contact them today and found out how they can improve your display.