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Why Space Is Crucial In Your Trade Show Stand In San Antonio

By August 4, 2015August 21st, 2017Uncategorized

When you begin designing your trade show stand in San Antonio, you probably think about the colors, the graphics, and the technological accessories you want to use. You probably do not give much thought to how you want to utilize space in your display. But you should! Space is a crucial element in giving your trade show stand the overall eye-catching quality you want it to have.


The appropriate or inappropriate use of space has the power to make or break overall exhibit. Space always communicates something, but what do you want to be communicating? Here are several things to consider for properly using space in your trade show stand:


Not Enough Space Or Too Much Space Is A Bad Thing


Creating the right balance of space is paramount to creating an attractive display. You want to have enough space, but not too much! If you have too much space within your trade show stand, it will tell your audience that you have a lack of information to communicate. If your company cannot fill its booth with color and information, people will perceive you as boring and irrelevant. They will not feel the urge to explore your display or interact with your products.


If your exhibit does not have enough space, it will communicate chaos and disorganization to your guests. There is no way to communicate everything about your company through your trade show stand alone, so don’t try! Pick several ideas or concepts you want individuals to know, and stick with those things. Rely on your staff to give guests more information than what the stand can communicate. Also simplify the overall design of your stand, so that you do not overwhelm guests. Less is almost always more!


Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline, Inc. is an exceptional business that helps companies create professional, custom-made trade show stands in San Antonio. They have an expert design team that can help you create a display that balances space well.


Create Space Throughout Your Team


Another important element of space that people do not generally consider is the space you ought to create amongst your team. Make sure your employees are evenly spaced throughout your San Antonio trade show stand, and not bunched up in one area. If your team is grouped together and partially closed off to guests, it will communicate a clique-like mentality that can intimidate individuals. People will be much more likely to approach your booth if your team is open and ready to engage with individuals.

Why Space Is Crucial In Your Trade Show Stand In San Antonio

Utilize The Space Around Your Trade Show Stand


Lastly, it is important to effectively utilize the space surrounding your trade show stand in San Antonio, as well as the space within it. The members of your team should be going beyond the borders of your display to engage with event guests. Use team members to draw people into your exhibit to learn more about you. Interact with people and give them a reason to check out your booth. Walk throughout the event center and bring handouts and giveaways from your booth. If you can make a connection outside of your display, people will be that much more likely to stop at your trade show stand when walking past.


Xtreme Xhibits offers various training resources to help your team effectively engage with people and sell your products. Take the time to train your team on how to effectively use the space between them, as well as the space around them.


If you need help revamping your San Antonio trade show stand, or want to create a new one all together, check out Xtreme Xhibits and the various services and resources they have available. Do not hesitate to contact them today and found out how they can improve your display.