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How To Create Winning Trade Show Display For Retail Stores

How To Create Winning Trade Show Display For Retail Stores

Design your trade show display for retail stores with Xtreme Xhibits.Creating effective trade show displays for retail stores can involve anything from professionally designed plan-o-grams and lightscapes to employing some solid, basic retail merchandising principles in your trade show booth. You’ve already done some of the research and planning you’ll need to design your booth when you designed your store layout and merchandising plan. Before you plan your trade show booth, shop your competitors, especially those who have larger marketing budgets. Help yourself to the benefit of their extensive (and expensive) research and design ideas by identifying their trends, themes, colors, and other design concepts, then seeing how you can apply the best and most innovative ideas in the design of your own trade show booth.

Obviously, the most important goals of your visual merchandising efforts at trade shows are selling your product and brand, so you need to find ways to apply ideas you’ve gleaned from others in ways that boost your brand recognition and boast your products’ unique selling propositions (USPs). It’s not going to work for you to simply copy another retailer’s design ideas; you need to adapt those concepts to serve your own marketing campaign. Create a trade show booth that will make customers who are familiar with your stores feel welcome, gives new customers a feel for what your stores are about, and adds a sense of anticipation that they’re going to experience something out-of-the-ordinary in your booth.

  • Get-Ability – In your trade show booth, you’ve obviously got a lot less space available for merchandising, but the same underlying principles apply: If customers can’t get to your products, they’re not going to buy them. It can be tempting to just put one of each product out on display; it makes for a tidier booth and reduces loss through breakage or theft. Unfortunately, it also discourages purchasing. Customers don’t want to have to ask for the item they want to purchase, and they don’t want to pick up the last one. Shelve at least three of every item in your trade show display to strike the best balance between space and loss considerations and customer appeal.
  • Visibility – Think about how to draw customers into your space, off the aisle, and how to display your merchandise, so that the customers themselves don’t block the view of other customers who haven’t entered your booth yet. Think vertical. Your merchandise needs to be in reach, but you still have about six feet of vertical space you can use to display your products. You can use large graphics as part of the display, or banner stands alongside the display units to help express your USP and give customers a reason to step inside and investigate.
  • Motion – Motion is a powerful attention-grabber, and multiple studies have shown that incorporating a kinetic element in a retail display increases sales. If your product moves, placing a demonstrator in view of the aisle will help bring in more traffic and drive more sales. When you design an element of motion into your trade show exhibit, think about where it will draw most attention. If it’s something customers can put their hands on and experience, keep it in reachable range. If it’s something that’s purely visual, place it up higher, so it can be seen from further away.

Top Shelf Trade Show Display For Retail Stores

Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline can help you create the right environment in your trade show booth to sell your merchandise at the show and draw people to your retail stores afterward. Whether you’re looking for customized rental display or you want to purchase your own booth display, we’re here to help with everything from overall design to graphics, lighting, and logistics.

Branded Banner Stands Boost Recognition

Branded Banner Stands Boost Recognition

Xtreme Xhibit's branded banner stands.Banner stands are a staple in trade show marketing because of their versatility and supreme return on investment. Although they have myriad uses, their most basic use is boosting brand recognition and product familiarity. It seems like a no-brainer to use branded banner stands, but many exhibitors fail to employ some of the simplest and most effective design concepts in their bids to create something spectacular. Spectacle isn’t always what sells, or leaves the biggest impression, though, so if you’re designing new banners, or evaluating the effectiveness of your current banners, here are some ideas that can help:

  • Paired Design – Paired design is a highly effective way to create that instant message. Use one banner stand for your visual branding, and the other for a very short message combined with a graphic to drive the image home, or just a graphic that evokes a sensory experience. This is easily accomplished with some products, like food, but with other products, you may have to reach deeper to come up with the image that’s going to make your prospects feel, smell, taste, or wish. These images are not about logical explanation; they’re about visceral response. If you sell sprinkler controls, you want prospects to feel and smell the Perfect, green grass beneath their feet, or the delicate scent of their burgeoning orange groves in bloom.
  • A Unified Front – Using your logo as the unifying visual among a series of images is another effective way to create a message with few words. One powerful example is the display Skyline designed for Solo Cup. In this case, the images are on larger panels used as a backwall, but it’s easy to see how the design concept could also work on banner stands. In an instant or viewing the display, you get the impression that Solo Cup brings you all kinds of delicious food, and they’ve got a form factor for just about any application. Note the variety in the images: there’s something there for everyone. If you’re hungry, you’ll key in on the take-out meals; if you’re tired, that giant cup of coffee is going to grab your attention, and if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you won’t fail to notice that giant milkshake. The colors are in strong contrast to the Solo logo’s soothing blue, so the images stand out from a great distance.

Expert Design For Brilliantly Branded Banner Stands

Austin exhibitors depend on Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline for expert guidance in creating branded banner stands that really work. From graphic design to marketing strategy and full-service support for rental or purchase of all your trade show display, Xtreme Xhibits has everything your company needs to achieve your trade show marketing goals.