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June 2016

Two Big Benefits Of Backlit Tower Displays

Two Big Benefits Of Backlit Tower Displays: Outstanding Exposure And A Small Footprint

benefits of backlit tower displays trade showsWhether your company is looking for ways to make a big impact at trade shows while traveling light, or you’re trying to find more effective ways to grab attention without over-crowding your booth, backlit tower displays can provide some big advantages in a small space, without committing to big shipping, drayage, or installation charges. Place your visual branding and message far above the crowd, then grab their attention with lighting; visitors will spot your display from across the room. They’ll be exposed to your brand and products before they ever get to your booth, and because your booth is now an easily spotted landmark on the floor, people are likely to choose it as a place to meet throughout the day. Bonus!

  • Portable Towers – Portable tower displays like Skyline’s Windscape towers come in your choice of sizes, and they couldn’t be easier to transport and set up. A 16-foot Windscape tower packs down into a standard-sized suitcase, so your team can check it on their flight, or it can easily fit into the trunk of a passenger car. Set-up takes minutes, and can be done by one or two people without tools or professional help.
  • Structural Towers – For even more impact, Skyline’s PictureCube towers feature backlighting, so your tower is a beacon on the show floor. These towers use Performa fabric to diffuse the light showing through your custom graphics, to give an even glow and vibrant appearance. The fabric fits over a sturdy, lightweight framework, which sets up quickly with two or three people.
  • Massive Display Surfaces – A 16-foot tower display raises your message to twice the height of a standard booth backwall, and gives you either three (triangular tower) or four (square tower) huge surfaces to broadcast your visual branding and message across the room. At about 64 square feet per surface, half of it above the level of the standard backwalls most exhibitors use; that’s a lot of opportunities for your company and products to shine. A square-footprint, 16-foot tower will give you about 250 square feet of display space while taking up just 16 square feet of booth space. It’s an excellent value and an outstandingly effective way to grab attention.

The Benefits Of Backlit Tower Displays Include Cleaner Booth Space, More Display Surface

By using tower display to take advantage of the “free” space above your trade show display booth, you can cut the clutter and create a better traffic flow inside your booth without sacrificing display space. Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline can help you to plan your space and create custom graphics for your tower displays to maximize the impact you get from your backlit tower display, your booth space, and your company’s investment in attending each and every trade show. With strategic planning, professional design help, and premium display materials from Skyline, your company will stand above the crowd at your next trade show in San Antonio or Austin!

Key Considerations For Your Trade Show Custom Booth Design

Important Things To Consider For Your Trade Show Display’s Custom Booth Design

custom trade show booth design skylineIf your company is planning to design a large trade show display, custom booth design offers a lot of opportunities to make a big impact and get a great return on your investment. It also offers some chances to make costly mistakes, so it’s important to think through all the angles and make the right design choices before you start investing your trade show marketing budget. Your initial investment is a significant consideration, but the choices you make at that point in the design process will largely determine your future costs to maintain and use that display for its useful life-span, and, too often, companies commit themselves to things they honestly didn’t even realize they were choosing.

  • How Will We Use This? – Obviously, most custom booth design plans will begin with what you want your booth to do for you – how it will help your company meet its trade show marketing goals – and the impression you want it to create. Will you be displaying merchandise? Do you need space for product demos? Are you planning multimedia or interactive displays? Do you need specialty spaces like conference rooms or large storage? It’s important to think about the answer to these and other questions for today, but just as importantly, to answer them for the future. Typically, companies that invest in purchasing large exhibits plan to use those exhibits for three to five years. What are your company’s five-year plans for trade show marketing, and how will you use your exhibit during that time? Make a list of the features and functions you will need immediately and in the future.
  • True Cost – Once you’ve evaluated what you need from your custom booth design, you can begin to compare options for fulfilling those needs. It’s absolutely critical at this point that you take into account the true cost of ownership of whichever exhibit pieces you’re considering. The initial investment will obviously be a factor, but making a comparison based on initial investment alone is a critical error. Costs for things like shipping and drayage, in/out preparation, Installation & Dismantle (I&D), storage, and replacing custom graphics when you want to change campaigns can change the picture dramatically. Make an accurate comparison of your options by evaluating estimates of the initial investment plus these additional expenses for each option, over the length of time you expect to use that exhibit.
  • Does Ownership Meet Our Needs? – You may discover, after making a comparison of the true cost of ownership, that ownership is not the most economical choice for your specific needs. You can still reap the benefits of a custom booth design with Skyline’s custom rental exhibits. You still have total flexibility in the your booth set-up, and every piece you rent will arrive at each show dressed in brilliant custom graphics. Vary the size or configuration of the exhibit as often as you need; all you’re buying are the graphics, which can be re-used any time you rent the exhibit piece they go with. If your show schedule has you traveling around the country, Skyline can ship your graphics to the branch office nearest your next show, and they’ll be delivered to the show along with the rental pieces you need, saving you on long-distance shipping.

Evaluate Your Options

Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline offers full service to help exhibitors in the Austin and San Antonio markets to work through the entire process of custom booth design and purchase or rental. From cost comparison to graphic design, asset management, certified I&D, and international support through a network of more than 130 offices worldwide, Xtreme Xhibits has all the tools to help your company succeed at trade show marketing.