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December 2014

4 Reasons People Don’t Stop At Your Austin Trade Show Display

4 Reasons People Don't Stop At Your Austin Trade Show DisplayAs an exhibitor, you put a lot of time, money, and effort into your company’s trade show displays and exhibits. Sometimes your company sees a good return on this investment. Other times, you may find that event attendees seem to be walking right by your Austin trade show display without a second glance. This can be extremely frustrating, but it is important to take it as an opportunity to try to determine why those attendees did not stop at your booth. That way you can improve your Austin trade show display for the future. Below, we will explore four of the possible reasons people may not stop at a trade show display.


#1 – The display doesn’t stand out from the crowd.


The first reason attendees won’t stop at an Austin trade show display is if it does not stand out from the crowd. At trade shows and conferences there are countless other booths vying for their attention. This makes it absolutely essential that your company finds a way to design a booth that will not only capture the attention of attendees, but also intrigue them to find out more about your company. There are a variety of ways you can do this, including engaging graphics, vibrant colors, and innovative displays.


#2 – The display doesn’t effectively communicate a company’s competitive advantage.


Another reason attendees won’t stop at an Austin trade show display is when it does not clearly communicate why someone would benefit from buying a company’s products and services. With so many other exhibitors simultaneously selling their products, it is imperative that your Austin trade show display effectively communicates your company’s unique competitive advantage. Is your price the lowest? Is your quality the highest? Whatever specific benefit consumers receive when buying from you should be effectively communicated through your Austin trade show display.


#3 – The staff does not seem welcoming or engaging.


When attendees are not stopping at an Austin trade show display, the problem is not always necessarily with the display itself. Sometimes the problem is with the staffers. Put yourself in the shoes of an event attendee. You are approaching two booths that are side-by-side. One booth has a few disengaged staffers that look bored, unprofessional and unapproachable. The other booth has a few staffers who are smiling, professional, and welcoming. You are probably going to choose the second booth, and so is every other attendee. It’s important to be sure that charisma, professionalism, and great interpersonal skills are concepts that are strongly interwoven into the DNA of your company’s culture. Also, try to staff your Austin trade show display with employees that are energetic and excellent communicators.


#4 – There is no buzz about the Austin trade show display.


Another reason that prevents people from visiting an Austin trade show display is there is a lack of buzz at the exhibit. This reason can be difficult to measure at times because it is less tangible than the others. If you find that people are walking right past your booth, ask yourself if your booth has excitement or activity. An exciting, active booth is more likely to draw in visitors than a quiet, dull booth. Try to brainstorm creative ways to up the excitement factor of your booth, whether by games, contests, or giveaways.


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3 Reasons Your Company Needs San Antonio Trade Show Displays

3 Reasons Your Company Needs San Antonio Trade Show DisplaysIn an effort to keep costs low and profits high, every company has to evaluate what products are worth investing in prior to making purchases. For example, companies must determine if trade show products provide a valuable return on investment. Trade show products such as island exhibits, modular inline booths, and portable displays can serve a variety of purposes for your company. Below, we will discuss three reasons your company needs San Antonio trade show displays.


#1 – San Antonio trade show displays draw visitors at trade shows, conferences, and other events.


The first reason your company needs San Antonio trade show displays is simply because they are great tools to draw event attendees at industry expos, conferences, and other events. You can take these displays with you virtually wherever you go, even using them at businesses, sporting events, concerts, and other community events. Effective trade show displays will capture the attention of people passing by and intrigue them enough to visit your booth. It is important to design your San Antonio trade show displays with your target market in mind. Choose images, graphics, text, and hardware that you think will appeal most effectively to those consumers you are trying to reach with your products and services.


#2 – Trade show displays communicate important information about your company.


Not only do your San Antonio trade show displays serve the purpose of drawing visitors to your booth, but they also communicate important information about your company to event attendees. When any given attendee visits your booth, they probably have some basic questions in mind. What does your company do? What products and services do you offer? Who are those products and services intended for? What are your prices? Since you have anticipated these basic questions, you can use San Antonio trade show displays to provide pertinent information that consumers want to know. When your booth gets busy, there may be moments where you don’t have enough staffers to interact with every visitor. This makes it more important than ever that your display clearly communicates the benefits of buying from your company.


#3 – Trade show displays provide physical places for your employees to interact with potential customers.


The third reason your company needs San Antonio trade show displays is that they provide tangible places for your team members to interact with potential customers and ideally walk away with a hefty number of sales leads. Imagine if you were promoting your company at an event and you didn’t have a display or booth. Your team members were simply walking around handing out materials and initiating conversations with event attendees. This method may prove to be fairly ineffective. Attendees may view the interactions as intrusive and unwelcomed. On the other hand, if you have a professional, high-quality exhibit, staffed with energetic, bright employees and stocked with promotional materials and free samples, that is something that will add value to event attendees. Instead of walking away from the event thinking your company was intrusive, they will ideally walk away thinking you are professional and trustworthy.


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Top Tips For Making Your Austin Trade Show Displays Stand Out In A Crowd

Top Tips For Making Your Austin Trade Show Displays Stand Out In A CrowdAs part of the renowned Skyline family, Xtreme Xhibits has proven itself as the leading provider of Austin trade show displays throughout the region. Our team of creative specialists have partnered with business owners in any industry, with every sized operations, and with virtually every type of live encounter marketing goals, to ensure that our Austin trade show displays best resonate with every type of event crowd. The key to our long-term success in this area? Constantly redefining what consumers can expect from innovative Austin trade show displays. When using one of our exhibits, entrepreneurs instantly separate themselves from the competition by delivering a total sensory experience that informs, engages and, ultimately, converts.


Leveraging All Possible Space Options With Your Austin Trade Show Displays


At Xtreme Xhibits, our creative team strives to leverage all available design space with our Austin trade show displays. We don’t just merely follow the hottest industry trends – we help our clients set them. When consulting with our staff, we create customized design solutions that incorporate a litany of live encounter exhibit innovations for optimal promotional impact and return on investment. Some of our latest tips for making Austin trade show displays stand out, include:


The sky’s the limit: Who says that all of your exhibit’s design elements have to be at eye-level? At Xtreme Xhibits we truly believe that the sky is the limit when it comes to marketing creativity; we work with our partners to design customized exhibit ceilings. From state-of-the-art lighting fixtures to using the extended canvas to further showcase your corporate brand identity, Xtreme Xhibits can help you create a taller visual presence that commands attention from the competition.


Floors matter too: Want to have all your visiting guests feel like they’ve actually walked into your company’s storefront? Adding a customized floor space can help. We can provide floors of various textures and materials to complement the rest of your exhibit and make your space feel completely different from the other exhibitors at the venue.


Conference rooms/lounges: Do you want to create a space that your visitors will want to relax in? Conference rooms and lounges within the exhibit can help you easily achieve this goal. At Xtreme Xhibits, we partner with your team to understand your specific sitting area objectives. From there we can create inviting lounges with various amenities and/or office-style conference rooms for you and your clients to comfortably meet in during the function.


Appeal to all of the senses: Once we’ve outlined the strategic concept of your Austin trade show displays, Xtreme Xhibits will further customize your exhibits by appealing to all of the senses. Including amenities such as speakers for music, flat screens for looping presentations, storage options for snacks and refreshments, and tactile exhibit components throughout the stand that will keep your guests engaged and relaxed throughout their time with your team.


Don’t settle for blending in with the crowd during your live marketing events. Work with Xtreme Xhibits to create Austin trade show displays that truly stand out. Contact us today for more information.