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Make The Most Of Your Space With Pop Up Displays At Austin Shows

When you’re planning for a trade show, does size matter? What size booth do you need to have an effective presence? For most shows, the smallest space is 10′ by 10′ and this is the amount that two thirds of the exhibitors sign up for. Another 18% select a 10′ by 20′ or 10′ by 30′ space. If you are part of the exhibiting majority, pop up displays at Austin shows will give you a presence. Xtreme Xhibits can offer you the most striking pop-ups in the industry.


Let’s be honest. For a small 10′ by 10′ booth, the most important attention grabber is the backwall that presents your company’s name, message, or compelling images. You may have shelves or a tablet stand attached to the backwall and may include a banner stand, table, or work stand in the area, but generally in a small booth, you endeavor to keep the area uncluttered to display your graphics. Your picture can “speak a thousand words” only if people can see it clearly.


Maximizing A 10′ Space With Pop Up Displays In Austin & Beyond


When you are looking for a display backwall that is attractive, effective, and easy to manage, look no further than the Mirage pop up system from Skyline. It’s only one option in a line of attractive pop up displays in Austin that work well in small spaces. What sets Mirage apart?


  • Durable and stable. The Mirage system offers you a choice of a fiberglass or high tech carbon frame that pops up and locks into place without additional fasteners. The frame is “triangulated” to keep the frame stable even if showroom floors are not even.


  • Eye-catching graphics that stay in place. The graphics adhere to it with magnets set on multiple strips of alternating polarization to make sure that your graphics stay put and are perfectly aligned. This allows you to position graphics at eye level or covering the entire backwall.


  • Roll it in. The system is portable enough to fit into a rolling case that you can conveniently take with you, even to small shows. The contents are light enough that the display is manageable, even for one person. There are two cases available to house your display that are no more than 41 inches high, which means they would easily fit in an SUV or a sedan with a fold-down rear seat.


  • Easy set-up. The Mirage pop up system is easy for one person to set up. With practice, it should only take about 10 minutes to unpack the frame, graphics and panels and lights and put them into place. Even if you send an inexperienced person to handle the show at the last minute, assembly is no problem as set-up directions fit right inside the case for easy access.


  • Expandable. If you display a 20′ exhibit, two Mirage panels connect effortlessly to form a curved, gull wing, or serpentine pattern. The units also coordinate well with other Skyline systems. The units are built to accommodate lights and other attachments to make them functional for your needs.


  • Double duty case. Some Skyline cases are built to do double duty as a piece of booth furniture. By wrapping it with the graphic panel, it blends into the booth and gives you some writing space. Since the case is with you, when the show is over you won’t have to wait for your cases to be brought back from exhibit storage to start dismantling your booth.


When you exhibit in 10′ booth spaces, make the most of your space with attractive pop up displays in Austin – you can’t go wrong with Mirage. Contact Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline today whether you need a pop up or other show services.

Expert Advice For Planning Your San Antonio Trade Show Display

Expert Advice For Planning Your San Antonio Trade Show DisplayIt takes a village to run a trade show, especially your first one. When your company wants to make its first move into the trade show arena, there is a lot to comprehend. The process involves a lot more than picking out your San Antonio trade show display and sending it on to the show. Instead, you must pre-plan your marketing strategy for the show and determine what your objectives are. Rather than trying to do all of this internally, rely on the experts at Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline. You’ll be able to buy or rent a state-of-the-art booth, and also work with trained trade show exhibit consultants to help you get started.


How Can A Trade Show Exhibit Consultant Help You?


Your trade show consultant wants to develop a relationship with you to help you get started, and they’ll also be on hand as your needs grow.


  • Forming a plan. Before you commit to a show, you have undoubtedly researched appropriate exhibits, considered your own experiences attending shows, and talked to other businesses about how effective particular shows were in delivering good leads. You’ve read about best practices regarding pre-show engagement of prospects, giveaways, advertising, and of course, the best ways to design and utilize your booth space. As you try to assimilate all this knowledge, your Xtreme Xhibits consultant can help you turn great ideas into a plan that will work for your company.


  • Selecting a booth. Acquiring your San Antonio trade show display is a step you should take only after you have thought about the type of shows that seem to be a good fit for your company. Displays come in every size – from tabletop models to huge constructs that take up a few thousand feet of the showroom floor. On your maiden trade show voyage, you do not want to buy a large custom booth. Even though making a good impression with a well-designed booth is important, you don’t want to overbuy before you know how much you’re going to use it, nor buy something you don’t like working with. There are many exciting types of displays available to you, so you should choose the San Antonio trade show display you like.


  • Buy or rent? For many companies, renting a booth for the first show is a better investment than buying one. If you decide to make a purchase, there are several styles of portable equipment to choose from that can be incorporated into a larger design or a different system. For example, if you choose a popular Mirage pop up or one of the new WindScape™ inflatable booths, the backwall that shows off the graphics will find a place in any other system you ultimately buy. Your trade show consultants will assist you in making your decision.


Making The Most Of Your San Antonio Trade Show Display


  • Marketing your booth. When you have the exhibit secured, promoting it through pre-show mailings, advertising, and social media is the next step. Your consultant will share what has worked with other customers and even offer suggestions on giveaways and training your booth staff.


  • Show services. Getting your booth to the show and setting it up properly can be a hassle. Your trade show consultant can help you arrange shipping and take care of the install and dismantle (I&D) for your exhibit. If you are renting equipment, all of this will be included in the fee to make your set-up trouble-free. A company representative is on hand at most shows in case you have an equipment problem.


Don’t Go It Alone


When you are planning out a San Antonio trade show display, especially your first one, don’t be shy about using the resources of Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline. We’re your village, and we are happy to offer our exhibit expertise. Contact us today to see how we can help you get started.

Use A Professional To Design Your San Antonio Trade Show Stands

Use A Professional To Design Your San Antonio Trade Show StandsA trade show is one place where you go out of your way to impress a bunch of strangers. You hope, of course, that by show’s end, there are a whole group of them who are no longer strangers, but potential customers for your company. You still need to maintain a professional presence even with the ones you have a relationship with, but as the old cliché says “first impressions are lasting.” This means that at a San Antonio trade show, stands, giveaways, booth literature, and everything about your display should meet the same high standards that concerned you when you first selected your trade show booth. To help you achieve that, partner with Xtreme Xhibits, specialists in trade show design and management.


Proper Design For San Antonio Trade Show Stands


Today, virtually every person with a laptop has access to graphics programs that enable them to store, edit, overlay text, and add special effects to pictures. Having access to Photoshop or other graphics programs does not make everyone who owns software a graphic designer. Equipped with pictures they have sized or enhanced themselves, many people who work in sales or marketing order trade show stands and other items for the booth online.


Sometimes this works out fine if the pictures are of good quality, but if the resolution is too low or the color balance is off, the finished product might not be very good quality. When the product comes, it may look okay to the staff, so off to the trade show it goes. Once in place, the graphics used on the stand may not be of the same caliber as what most other vendors at the show have displayed.

Acquire The Expertise You Need To Design Your Booth Accessories


Word to the wise: use a professional booth designer with an understanding of graphics when preparing your San Antonio trade show stands and other elements. Amateurs may not always get the color, lighting, fonts, and graphics placement right on trade show art. Where in-house expertise really comes into play in preparing trade show stands and anything else is in helping define what a company should be emphasizing in graphics and text. Ordering online trade show stands with home-adjusted graphics seldom results in the best quality.


You may have someone with a good graphic sense who works within your company. While this can be an asset in keeping costs down, even an in-house artist may not be an expert at effective trade show marketing. Knowing the latest graphic techniques is important, but knowing what works at a trade show is what maximizes your marketing dollars.


Go For An Experienced Trade Show Marketing Firm


To ensure high-quality displays that present the best image of your company, rely on a team that knows the specifics of your business, has professional-level graphic skills, and has know-how in trade show marketing. Working with an experienced trade show marketing company like Xtreme Xhibits will ensure that professionals with knowledge in graphic design particular to trade show exhibits will properly present your company’s message. Contact us today.

Pass Trade Show Psychology 101 With Banner Stands At San Antonio Shows

banner stands san antonio showsWhen you are an exhibitor at trade show, you are in a head-to-head competition with every other exhibitor for the hearts, minds, and ultimately the wallets of attendees. This statement is probably a slight exaggeration as not everyone who comes to the event is a potential customer for you. Your booth space, however, is competing with every other booth in the area. Make sure you capture attendee attention with an attractive display enhanced by banner signs with these tips from Xtreme Xhibits.


Trade Show Psychology 101


Here’s a little trade show psychology 101 for you to consider. At any show, but particularly the large ones with hundreds of booths, attendees often pre-plan their visits to target certain booths. Maybe they are looking for a certain type of product, they want to see how a competitor presents themselves at shows, or they want information on potential vendors. They are only likely to spend more than two minutes at around 26 exhibits that they don’t specifically aim for. If you have something they might want but don’t know it, they’ll pass you by unless you have something that pulls them in and causes them to stay for more than a couple of minutes.


Harness The Power Of Banner Stands At San Antonio Shows


Banner signs are one way to imprint your message on the brain of a passing attendee. These units that might only be a couple feet wide have the power to present something that sticks with them. Just as people sometimes remember a song lyric or a line from a play or presentation without recalling everything about what they saw, a brief message on the sign can be the takeaway from your booth.


Given the power that these small booth signs have on your visitors, there are a few key things to remember when planning your use of banner signs:


  • Don’t overload your booth with banner stands. Larger displays can feature them throughout the booth effectively to both pass on information and direct traffic, but a smaller booth will look like a warehouse if you have too many pieces and parts on the floor.


  • Don’t overload your banners with content. Even if your banner is 5-foot long, remember that your readers will only absorb a few words at eye level or a bit higher. Rather than pack too much onto one sign, plan on a double-sided panel where the message can be different on each side.


  • Make sure your photos are outstanding. Even if the photos are screened a bit to make your words stand out, the photo needs to be good quality. If you are using some generic photos of San Antonio, check with your graphic designer about stock pictures.


  • Position your signs in a place that will do you some good. If your sign is advertising an event or a product demonstration that might lure traffic to your booth, have this sign near the entrance to your space so that passersby can take note.


Contact Xtreme Xhibits For Custom Banner Stands In San Antonio


For more tips on using banner stands at San Antonio shows, contact Xtreme Xhibits today. Experts in creating effective marketing materials, they can make sure that you have banner stands that will capture traffic and be memorable for attendees.