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Pass Trade Show Psychology 101 With Banner Stands At San Antonio Shows

By August 3, 2014May 14th, 2018

banner stands san antonio showsWhen you are an exhibitor at trade show, you are in a head-to-head competition with every other exhibitor for the hearts, minds, and ultimately the wallets of attendees. This statement is probably a slight exaggeration as not everyone who comes to the event is a potential customer for you. Your booth space, however, is competing with every other booth in the area. Make sure you capture attendee attention with an attractive display enhanced by banner signs with these tips from Xtreme Xhibits.


Trade Show Psychology 101


Here’s a little trade show psychology 101 for you to consider. At any show, but particularly the large ones with hundreds of booths, attendees often pre-plan their visits to target certain booths. Maybe they are looking for a certain type of product, they want to see how a competitor presents themselves at shows, or they want information on potential vendors. They are only likely to spend more than two minutes at around 26 exhibits that they don’t specifically aim for. If you have something they might want but don’t know it, they’ll pass you by unless you have something that pulls them in and causes them to stay for more than a couple of minutes.


Harness The Power Of Banner Stands At San Antonio Shows


Banner signs are one way to imprint your message on the brain of a passing attendee. These units that might only be a couple feet wide have the power to present something that sticks with them. Just as people sometimes remember a song lyric or a line from a play or presentation without recalling everything about what they saw, a brief message on the sign can be the takeaway from your booth.


Given the power that these small booth signs have on your visitors, there are a few key things to remember when planning your use of banner signs:


  • Don’t overload your booth with banner stands. Larger displays can feature them throughout the booth effectively to both pass on information and direct traffic, but a smaller booth will look like a warehouse if you have too many pieces and parts on the floor.


  • Don’t overload your banners with content. Even if your banner is 5-foot long, remember that your readers will only absorb a few words at eye level or a bit higher. Rather than pack too much onto one sign, plan on a double-sided panel where the message can be different on each side.


  • Make sure your photos are outstanding. Even if the photos are screened a bit to make your words stand out, the photo needs to be good quality. If you are using some generic photos of San Antonio, check with your graphic designer about stock pictures.


  • Position your signs in a place that will do you some good. If your sign is advertising an event or a product demonstration that might lure traffic to your booth, have this sign near the entrance to your space so that passersby can take note.


Contact Xtreme Xhibits For Custom Banner Stands In San Antonio


For more tips on using banner stands at San Antonio shows, contact Xtreme Xhibits today. Experts in creating effective marketing materials, they can make sure that you have banner stands that will capture traffic and be memorable for attendees.