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Not All Trade Show Suppliers Are Created Equal

Not All Trade Show Suppliers Are Created Equal

If your company is planning its entry into trade show marketing, or perhaps you’ve been at it for some time and are looking for a new trade show supplier, the first thing you should understand is that while you’ve got a seemingly infinite number of choices, not all of those choices can actually provide everything you need to be successful. Start your search by defining what you need in the near future, and what you can foresee needing in the next few years, in order to design an effective exhibit and achieve your trade show marketing objectives.

Trade Show Suppliers What Services Do You Need Today…And Tomorrow?

Many larger companies have already worked through the process of developing a branding package and trade show marketing plan by the time they start talking to trade show suppliers. A branding package is a set of specifications that ensure consistency and quality in all of your future visual branding choices: Logo and variants, colors, fonts, and other critical details. If your company doesn’t already have a branding package, you’ll want to work with a full-service trade show house that has branding specialists you can work with. If you need help developing a clearly defined trade show marketing plan, be sure the trade show supplier you’re considering offers marketing services to help you.

Once you’ve got that trade show marketing plan in place, you’ll have a better idea of what you’ll need from a trade show supplier, going forward. How often will you change your display and graphics to showcase new products or campaigns? Are you planning unique displays for certain key shows? Find out up front whether the trade show house you’re talking to can keep up with the demands you’re likely to have, and what their production timelines are, so you can decide whether they can effectively meet your needs.

Product Variety And Quality

Another significant difference among trade show suppliers is the quality and variety of display pieces they can offer you, and on what terms. Do you need to purchase, or is rental better for your purposes? Does the trade show supplier you’re talking to make its full catalog available on a rental basis, or just a few generic selections? How many of the pieces you’ll want to use can they provide with custom graphics? No matter whether you’re planning to purchase or rent, you’ll want to see examples in person, so you can evaluate the fabrics used for graphics, and the print quality. Do their structures and frames look polished and professional, or are they looking a bit overworked? If you’re looking for a portable DIY set-up, ask about the weight, ease of set-up, and whether there are rolling containers available with the pieces you need.

Where Will You Need Service?

If your trade show marketing plans include nationwide or international travel, ask whether any potential trade show supplier has local offices in the places you need to exhibit. Especially when you’re looking at international exhibiting, it’s critical to have the support of a local team to help you plan for different show rules and city ordinances that may affect your plans. Can they provide Install & Dismantle (I & D) labor for your exhibit in all the locations you need? Trade show suppliers with multiple locations can often help you save money by delivering your exhibit from a location that’s closer to your show.

Xtreme Xhibits By Skyline Has It All Covered

Xtreme Xhibits offers full-service support for exhibitors in Austin and San Antonio, and worldwide support through Skyline’s network of 135 offices in 31 countries. Whether you’re starting from a rough sketch on a legal pad or a CAD drawing with elevations, we’ll help you develop your ideas into an impressive and effective display that your team can use to achieve your marketing and sales goals at every show, no matter where that may be.

Designing A Trade Show Display That Goes Beyond Looking Cool

Designing A Trade Show Display That Goes Beyond Looking Cool

Designing A Trade Show DisplayWhen it comes to designing a trade show display for your company, there are so many amazing ideas and styles; it can be hard to know where to start! Creating a display that grabs people’s attention and makes a lasting impression is one important factor in good exhibit design. Too often, exhibitors focus on this one area, simply because it’s easy to be enthusiastic about, and they miss opportunities by shortcutting or ignoring steps in the not-so-exciting planning process. Building a trade show exhibit is a serious investment, and you need that exhibit to do more than look cool; you need it to help your team achieve your marketing and sales goals.

  • Hard Objectives And General Goals – We know you’re eager to start sketching out your exhibit ideas, but before you dive into the fun part of the process, you should take the time to define what, exactly, you need to accomplish with that exhibit as a tool. Use your trade show marketing plan to set specific and achievable objectives, like sales numbers, and lead generation. Next, make a list of more general, harder-to-quantify goals. This might include things like improving your brand recognition. Thorough planning and setting goals as specifically as possible will help you realize a stronger Return on Investment (ROI) for your entire trade show marketing program.
  • Who Do You Need To Reach? – After you’ve laid out what you need and want to accomplish with your trade show display, you’ll need to define your target audience. What people do you need to attract to your booth to achieve the goals you’ve set? You may find that you have primary target group – most likely buyers – and a secondary group who are more likely to help you achieve goals like boosting your social media presence. Clearly, the primary target group should be your highest priority, but often, there are opportunities to cater to a secondary target group’s interests without detracting from your main purpose and without pulling the focus of your exhibit off-track.
  • What Will Those People Respond To? – Once you’ve got a full-color picture of what you need to accomplish, and whom you want to work with, it’s time to figure out what will attract those people, and what may repel them. Creating the right environment, ultimately, is about building a scene where your prospects are receptive to your message and appeal. An effective booth for a business selling contract services or wholesale merchandise needs a very different environment than one for a retail merchandise booth. The contracts and wholesale merchandise exhibits are likely supporting a longer sales process, where the retail merchandise one will rely more directly on a physical sales path (much like the virtual sales funnel of a website) that walks prospects from awareness to interest, then to a buying decision and purchase.

Full Service Support Every Step Of The Way

In the Austin and San Antonio markets, Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline helps exhibitors design the most effective displays for their specific business and goals. Our services include everything from marketing training and consulting to branding, exhibit design and logistics.