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November 2010

Getting Visible: Austin Trade Show Displays For Table Tops

There is a common misconception among exhibitors that bigger is always better. If you are trying to compare yourself against the large displays of major corporations, then perhaps a small display will look like a battle of David and Goliath proportions. The simple fact of the matter is that for small businesses or small events a custom display is not an option.

As a result, businesses are looking for an option from San Antonio Xtreme Xhibits that can deliver at exhibitions while not taking up a lot of space. Because of this surge, there are a growing number of options available for businesses that are portable and provide a professional exhibit. Everything from the classics to the latest and greatest from Austin Xtreme Xhibits will ensure the success of your business in a small venue environment.

The Latest And Greatest From San Antonio Xtreme Xhibits

With the growing popularity of table top solutions, Austin trade show displays have been developed to be compact and portable. In most cases, modern booths incorporate a travel case into the exhibit to make setup and tear down simple. Some solutions from San Antonio Xtreme Xhibits are encased in a hard shell case, while others use a soft case made out of nylon. The decision is more about preference. However a display that is encased in a hard shell will be able to endure more of the rigors of travel. On the other hand, a soft case display from Austin Xtreme Xhibits will be larger as the case itself takes up less space.

Always Faithful – Austin Xtreme Xhibits That Deliver

Everybody loves a classic. With Austin trade show displays, the love of classics can be just as true. The classic table top display from San Antonio Xtreme Xhibits is built with two side panels that support a center panel to display information. Display space is added to the design by putting a header at the top of the panel. The actual size of the booth from Austin Xtreme Xhibits varies between options. These solutions are versatile and can be adapted easily to fit into many different situations.

Decisions, Decisions – Choosing Austin Trade Show Displays

When choosing between the classic or modern design, you should take into account the type of effect that you are putting across with your Austin trade show displays. Outside of the look of the display from San Antonio Xtreme Xhibits, consider how easy the display will be to transport and how effectively you can incorporate it to market your products and services.

Whether In Austin Or San Antonio, Xtreme Xhibits Can Help

Regardless of whether your event is in San Antonio or Austin, Xtreme Xhibits can help find the right solutions for your business. Their team of experts provides a one-stop solution for Austin trade show displays whether looking for a table top exhibit or a large custom display. For more information, contact San Antonio Xtreme Xhibits at 210-299-5000 or Austin at 512-832-1921. You can also connect on the web by visiting

Looking for an Extreme Exhibit, Contact Xtreme Xhibits

As often happens in the trade show events industry, the tide has shifted once again on the sea of display choices. Many exhibitors are looking for portable and light options to trim down their added costs for an eextreme exhibitsvent. They are finding a solution through pop up displays from Xtreme Xhibits. The displays give a business many choices that are easy to travel with and give a unique look to their booth. Putting together a pop up booth takes an understanding of the design elements particular to it. Xtreme Xhibits has a design team with an expert understanding of the best use of these exhibits. However, here are the basics every exhibitor needs to know about a pop up exhibit from Xtreme Xhibits.

What Makes A Pop Up Display From Xtreme Xhibits, Extreme?

The biggest advantage that this type of exhibit offers is the ability to stand out from other exhibitors. By its very nature, the design is atypical compared to any other structure. The modern design captures the attention of attendees, and is able to stand taller than other extreme exhibits. Yet the extreme exhibit structure is lightweight and portable for inexpensive shipping.

A disadvantage of this type of display is that it requires pre-planning and does not allow for changes on the go. The extreme exhibit is covered by stretched fabric that can be printed in full color. However, this also means that to replace the graphics, a new print must be available for replacement. In many cases, the fabric stretches across the entire displays as opposed to the sectioned Velcro pieces of other displays that can be exchanged out easily.

Use With Other Extreme Exhibits Structures

A nice feature about Xtreme Xhibits’ pop up booths is that they can be easily added on to an existing display. There many compact and flexible solutions making them the perfect solution for adding more marketing space. If attending a small exhibition, the company could opt to use the small display, or pull out all the stops with extreme exhibits at larger venues.

The Design Behind Xtreme Xhibits Pop Up Displays

These booths are built for simple setup even if you are displaying by yourself. They are made of a sturdy metal frame that locks into place once setup. The fabric is stretched by sections or in one single panel across the display depending on which of the extreme exhibits are chosen. No more having to hire a team to install the exhibit, or carrying around tools to install yourself. Set up in minutes while others are still laboring away with installation.

Let Xtreme Xhibits Design Your Next Event

The solutions available from Xtreme Xhibits range in cost depending on how elaborate the display is. Xtreme Xhibits can also handle the design and printing of the graphics offering their clients a one-stop solution for their exhibition needs. For more information on all of the trade show display options, contact Xtreme Xhibits by visiting or call 512-832-1921 in Austin or 210-299-5000 in San Antonio.