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What You Need To Know About Promoting Your Trade Show Exhibit With Social Marketing

Today’s top marketing agencies are turning toward social media and social marketing as the next stage in marketing and branding. It’s no surprise; after all, millions of people visit Facebook and check Twitter every day. Social media reaches into every corner of our lives, even beyond our computers onto mobile phones. Even though marketing companies jump on social media, many trade show exhibit designers have been a bit slower with their adoption. If your company has not used social media to boost your trade show booths, you could be missing out on hundreds or thousands of new attendees and potential leads.


Blogs Help Boost Your Company And Your Trade Show Booths

Blogs are one of the easiest elements of social marketing for a company to implement. Creating a blog is as simple as creating a page on your website that is set up for frequent updates. From this page, you can easily stay connected with a large consumer base, helping them feel strong ties to your company. Blogs work particularly well for any company that produces Internet or computer products, or deals primarily with high-tech customers.

Once your blog is established, it becomes an amazing tool for promoting your trade show exhibit. It will instantly tell your regular readers about your trade show booths, but it also gives them a link they can send to any friends who might want to attend. One of the greatest strengths of good social media is that it can easily spread far beyond the initial exposed group with zero additional effort. That means more people visiting your trade show exhibit – and that’s always a good thing!


You Can Connect Via Facebook And Twitter At Your Trade Show Exhibit

Most companies think that it is prohibitively difficult to get new visitors hooked up on Facebook and Twitter at the trade show exhibit. In fact, it’s not hard at all. Most people who rely heavily on Facebook and Twitter are likely to have some kind of phone or mobile tablet PC which can connect to those services remotely. All you need to do is provide your Facebook and Twitter information at your trade show booths, and point out that you’re available through social networking. Your interested visitors will do the rest.


Social Marketing Is Best Set Up Well Before The Convention

Connecting your social marketing with your trade show exhibit is pretty easy. What’s more difficult is navigating social marketing without experience in the field. Because social marketing is such a cutting edge marketing technology, it’s really wise to seek the advice of an expert, and seek that advice early. Social media has many quirks that an expert will easily help you work out. At a bare minimum, however, you should have a Facebook page, a blog, and a Twitter feed ready to go several weeks in advance. For best results, set them up months or even years in advance so they can get a substantial following.

Using social media to your advantage can put you ahead of the other trade show booths at your convention, and ahead of the other companies in your industry. Combine these two advantages, and it’s no surprise that social media is such a powerful tool for promotion. With these tips, you’re ready to use its power for your own success.