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Tips For Hosting Your First Convention: Getting The Right Trade Show Stand Layout And More

By April 29, 2011August 21st, 2017Trade Show Displays, Trade Show Marketing

If you’ve spent most of your time exhibiting at a trade show booth, you may not realize that the people who organize the convention are actually making money too. There are the fees that companies pay to put up their trade show installation, plus rental, plus the fees that visitors pay just to enter the event. All of these can add up to quite a profit, assuming you’ve got enough people in attendance.

It’s no doubt that planning for something as large scale as an entire convention is a lot more intensive than just planning one trade show stand. If you’re going to do it, you’ll need to have exceptional planning skills. Know exactly what you’re going to do ahead of time, and be sure that you have enough exhibitors signed up to make your event worthwhile.


The Trade Show Booth Layout Defines The Visitor Experience

When you first start planning your event, you’ll need to decide how big you want it to be, and then select a venue to match. Many venues have pre-defined layouts from which you can choose, and some can only offer one layout. Make sure that you select a venue that offers fewer trade show stand lots than the number of exhibitors you expect to attend. It’s bad for a convention – especially a newer convention – to have empty spaces instead of a trade show installation. It’s far better to overbook slightly than overshoot and have too much space.


Not All Locations Are Created Equal

After you’ve decided on a venue and configuration, go through and price out the rental fee for each individual space. Keep in mind that some exhibition spots should cost more than others. For example, a corner space or a space with extra amenities such as electrical outlets should be rented for more. Make sure you have spaces for any size trade show booth so that any exhibitor can find a comfortable space for their unit.


Work On Affiliates And Sponsors

The most intensive costs for a large convention are upfront costs, and finding the funds for them can be difficult. To help offset these costs, many conventions will take on a sponsor. While you could get a sponsor from within the industry, that could potentially compete with your exhibitors and cause problems. Instead, try seeking sponsorship from your local media stations such as radio and TV. They’ll benefit from local exposure without detracting from any industry trade show installation. Plus, they might even give you a discount on your advertising rates!


Don’t Rely On Trade Show Booth Exhibitors To Entertain Your Visitors

A successful convention has more than trade show installation varieties available to its visitors. You should plan on having at least one major speaker at your event, if not more. Motivational speakers are a good choice, as are industry leaders or recognized industry celebrities. Keep in mind the main goals of your event, and tailor the speakers to fit those goals.


Advertise Early And Often

Especially with a new event, advertising is absolutely key. Individual trade show stand exhibitors may advertise somewhat, but getting the word out about your convention is your responsibility. Make sure that you’re using a multimedia approach and covering as many markets as possible. Every new outlet increases the number of visitors, and thus increases your revenue now and your popularity for another event next year.

With these ideas in mind, you’re ready to make your first event a success. You can continue expanding your convention until it becomes an industry staple that people look forward to year after year.