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Portable Displays In Austin: Know Which Displays To Avoid During The Design Process

By November 30, 2014August 21st, 2017Trade Show Displays

Xtreme Xhibits offers important tips for avoiding popular mistakes when strategizing layout and execution of portable displays in Austin.Optimizing results with your portable displays in Austin requires careful planning and strategic execution in order to yield the best results possible. If you’re moving forward with strategizing the layout of your portable displays in Austin, it’s important to note a few common and critical mistakes that many entrepreneurs make when putting together their lightweight exhibits.


When creating your company’s customized portable displays in Austin avoid:


Common Mistake #1: Using Too Many Words


Yes, content is crucial when designing portable displays in Austin; however, using too many words can overwhelm (and bore) passersby. At Xtreme Xhibits, our team of design specialists recommends limiting the number of words used on a display to approximately 6-10, max. Exercising word concision can help your booth garner attention; once visitors stop in your booth, your staff can engage in a dialogue (no word limit necessary) to further your marketing message.


Common Mistake #2: Choosing The Wrong Words


Not only do you have to limit your words, you must also choose the right words for maximum effect. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of zeroing in on words that do nothing to move their marketing message forward. Don’t be one of them; brainstorm with your team the right words that helps delineate exactly what your business offers and why your consumers will benefit when partnering with your organization.


Common Mistake #3: Not Helping Words Stand Out


No, we’re not out of the “mistake with words” woods yet. Another common mistake that business owners make is using the wrong colors throughout their portable displays in Austin. They’ll use dark background colors with dark font colors, or light shades on even lighter shades. The result? Even the best marketing message in the world becomes hard to decipher. At Xtreme Xhibits we work with our clients to create the best color palette to use for optimal visual results.


Common Mistake #4: Graphic Overload


Another common marketing misstep for owners designing portable displays in Austin is graphic overload. Yes, these lightweight exhibits will deliver just as much marketing impact as their larger counterparts; however, the overall canvas you have to market your company is smaller. It’s important to strategically consider available space by adapting a “less is more” mentality. Choose only your most relevant images to instantly convey what your business offers. Rather than taking up every available inch of space with graphics, design an eye-catching centralized focal point and spin your marketing message out from there. Additionally, when sorting through your images, keep a careful eye on the overall quality of your pictures. Only use the most crisp, top quality pictures to showcase your organization as professional and capable.


Common Mistake #5: Placing Marketing Missives Too Low


Once you’ve pinpointed your content, chosen your graphics, and designated your centralized focal point, it’s time to strategize placing the rest of your relevant information throughout the exhibit. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of showcasing these details below eye level; this can prove a costly promotional misstep. Keep everything you’ve created/selected at eye height to ensure your guests can instantly absorb your marketing missives as a whole for optimal impact.


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