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Up The Excitement Factor Of Your Austin Trade Show Exhibit With WindScape

By July 28, 2014August 21st, 2017Trade Show Displays

Up The Excitement Factor Of Your Austin Trade Show Exhibit With WindScape

When you come to Austin, a trade show exhibit should be as much fun as anything else in the city. Our town is constantly on the list of places where exciting new things are always happening, so whether you are an exhibitor or an attendee at an industry event, you don’t want the word “boring” to even cross your mind! With exciting new products and services from Xtreme Xhibits, this won’t happen.

A Dust Storm Of Interest


Skyline, a company known as an innovator in booth design, recently released the WindScape line of inflatable products that have blown up a dust storm of interest on the showroom floor and beyond. Rather than being constructed of heavy, inflexible materials that are costly to ship and labor-intensive to install, the new WindScape products feature inflatable frames to support amazing graphics. Even when you are talking about massive displays full of signage and other elements, these new air-powered components do the job.


This is true no matter what size of booth you’re talking about. If you go to a lot of trade shows, you know that a 10′ by 10′ booth is the most common. As you walk row after row, you’ll see a million of these, with a few 20′ by 20′ inline models thrown in. The repetition becomes obvious. With a WindScape trade show exhibit this never has to happen. Even in a 10′ x 10′ booth, you can use a blowup backwall that can be transported easily to the event in a portable case that turns into a handy table.

Innovative Possibilities For Your Austin Trade Show Exhibit


If you can see the possibilities that this new inflatable approach offers to small booths, imagine what it can do for a giant booth. Traditionally, large island exhibits are equipped with many stations to engage attendees who drop by. Components often include large monitors, kiosks with laptops, trade show stands equipped with tablets, product displays, interactive media, and more. To accommodate these features, there are often kiosks, banner stands, private rooms, sections designated with half walls, learning areas, and more. Any of these features can also be created with WindScape booths.


For an exhibitor, this means endless design possibilities. When an exhibitor is not afraid to try something new and effective, they often turn to Xtreme Xhibits, where the sky’s the limit! Many companies that want to make the change first try WindScape components as a rental unit to get first-hand experience with how they look and function. While they may decide they want to tweak a feature or two in the Austin trade show exhibit they ultimately purchase, they’ll know they’re getting exactly what they need.


Interested in seeing what WindScape can do for you? Contact us about our exciting array of exhibits, services and trade show products. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect Austin trade show exhibit to meet your company’s needs.