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Smart Design Decisions For Your Banner Stands In Austin

By October 24, 2013November 2nd, 2017

Banner stands in Austintrade show austin banner stands are some of the most versatile exhibits and they’re incredibly easy install.

These two factors mean that they’re quite popular, but that doesn’t mean that they’re easy to design. Before you choose a final design for your company’s banner stands in Austin, make sure that your design company is using these tips to create banner stands that will get noticed, no matter where you use them.

Forget About Big Blocks Of Text On Your Banner Stands In Austin

Big blocks of text on your banner stands will make your visitors’ eyes glaze over. Very few people will actually stop and read what’s on your banners and many will only look at your banner for three seconds! This means that you need to use short, bullet points in large type instead of lengthy paragraphs. Make sure that your text can be read from a distance so that the banners will attract attention even from across the venue.

Use Color Thoughtfully On Your Banner Stands In Austin

Color can enhance your banner stands, but if it’s not used correctly, it can detract attention. You already know that you should use bullet points, rather than large paragraphs to get your point across, but it’s also important that you use color correctly. If your background is black or another dark color, white text can be quite visible, as long as it’s large enough. However, if your text is in a small, Serif font, it’s probably not going to be easily visible from a distance.

Make Sure The Photos On Your Banner Stands In Austin Are Crisp And Clear

Photos can add a lot of visual impact to banner stands, but if they’re out of focus, no one’s going to know what products or services your company provides. Instead, make sure that you’re using photos that are crisp and clear. If you’re taking your own photos for your banner stands, you’ll need a quality digital camera — a camera phone won’t cut it. If you don’t have a quality digital camera, talk to the company that’s designing your banner stands in Austin about photos. They may have stock images you can use or suggest a photographer who can take stunning, high quality photographs.

Consider More Than One Graphic Panel For Your Banner Stands In Austin

If you’re planning on attending more than one event, you can make your banner stands in Austin pull double duty by having extra graphic panels designed. Some have changeable graphic cartridges that make changing the graphics as easy as pulling out the old cartridge and clicking the new one into place. This will allow you to use your banner stands in Austin for trade shows, in-store promotions and even in your company lobby.

Before you have banner stands created, talk your design strategies over with your graphic designer. Make sure to utilize these tips so that your banner stands will get your company noticed, even from afar.

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