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Money Saving Tips For Your Trade Show Exhibit In San Antonio

By March 26, 2014August 21st, 2017Trade Show Displays

San Antonio Trade Show ExhibitsIf your company is attending a trade show, job fair or other marketing event with a trade show exhibit in San Antonio, there’s no reason why it should have to cost an arm and a leg! While it’s true that marketing events have a lot of parts that all cost money, it is possible to save money. Checking over your invoices to make sure that you’re not overcharged, researching to make sure that you’re finding the cheapest shipping partners, and booking your own travel are all easy things that companies can do to make their entire experience more affordable.

Check Over Your Invoices For Your Trade Show Exhibit In San Antonio

Chances are good that you’ll receive a lot of invoices regarding your trade show exhibit in San Antonio. Many companies just blindly pay these invoices, but this can be a terrible idea! Instead, check them over line by line and make sure that you actually received the services listed. For instance, if one crate from your trade show exhibit in San Antonio is mistakenly delivered to another company’s space and needs to be moved, you shouldn’t have to pay for it! Additionally, when businesses realize that you check over your invoice for accuracy, they’ll make sure to be more careful when levying fees. A mistake doesn’t mean that the company is trying to take advantage of you — it’s likely a simple human error so asking politely will usually get the erroneous charge taken off.

Book Your Own Travel Rather Than Going Through An Agency

Many large companies have a travel agency at their disposal and these agencies can be quite convenient when you’re taking your trade show exhibit to San Antonio or beyond. However, they’re not always worried about booking the absolute lowest price for your travel. Additionally, many of these flights are booked at a refundable rate, which ups the price exponentially. If you’re concerned that your trip might have to be cancelled or you have to change the name on the flight reservation, consider looking into travel insurance instead of booking a refundable rate. Travel insurance may be less expensive than the refundable flight price and might be a better deal, as long as you understand the restrictions.

Source The Cheapest, Most Reliable Shipping Services For Your Trade Show Exhibit In San Antonio

Another way to save money is to research the cheapest, yet most reliable shipping service for your trade show exhibit in San Antonio. Perhaps the venue has a contracted or preferred shipping partner, but you find that you can use a competitor for less money. No matter which shipping partner you choose, make sure that it offers shipping insurance for your trade show exhibit in San Antonio. Some may include insurance up to a certain amount, but it’s vital that this insurance covers the full replacement value, just in case there’s a problem.

Checking your invoices carefully, booking your own travel, and finding the least expensive shipping methods are all easy ways to save money with your trade show exhibit in San Antonio. If you’re interested in learning more about how Xtreme Xhibits can help your company stand out and save cash, please contact us today.