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Keep Ahead Of The Curve With Engaging Trade Show Booths Austin Trade Show Attendees Will Love


It’s always challenging to be at the forefront in any industry, and keeping ahead of the curve at trade shows and conventions is a crucial part of leading the way. Unique or eye-catching trade show booths can help your company stay in the lead, particularly if you have some great suggestions from trade show display professionals like our Xtreme Xhibits team. Regardless of the industry, attendance at Austin conventions and trade shows is time consuming and exhausting. But keeping ahead of the curve can be simplified if you pay attention to details like how to use your banner stands and which trade show display style works best to enhance your product or service.


Trade Show Booths That Shine: Using Banner Stands And Displays To Their Full Potential


The key to developing great trade show booths is remembering their purpose: attracting visitors and keeping their attention so that you can make your company pitch. There are countless ways to do this, and you’ll need to go through some trial and error to determine what’s best for your trade show display in Austin. Interactive banner stands and trade show booths are very popular because they engage the individual and encourage a response. Consider using interactive videos or demonstrations to capture the interest of visitors to your trade show booths. If you have a knowledgeable staff, come up with a few ways to help them engage visitors quickly, then keep their attention with valuable content.


Use Lighting Options To Highlight Your Trade Show Booths


Spotlights, flood lights and colorful LED lighting are all great ways to draw attention to trade show booths. Any time visitors notice your banner stands or trade show display because you’ve used unusual lighting, they’ll get the impression that your company is keeping current and willing to utilize the latest trends. Your company’s primary goal with trade show booths is to supply your customers and potential clients with information on your latest innovations; using innovative lighting solutions reinforces the impression that your company is a leader in the industry.


Entice Visitors To Trade Show Booths With A Chance To Win


Most people jump at the chance to win something.  Trade show booths that offer visitors an opportunity to win a prize are always popular. It doesn’t matter if it’s a grand prize, a selection of mid-priced gift certificates, or a free product or service; everyone likes to be a winner. Use banner stands to announce a drawing or sweepstakes and you’re sure to get lots of visitors at your San Antonio trade show booths. Investing in a few moderately priced prizes at each trade show can give you an impressive trade show booth ROI. You can even have the prizes inscribed with your company logo and contact information for a bit of fee advertising after the show is over.


There’s an added bonus for your company with a sweepstakes or prize drawing – you can quickly and effortlessly collect new contact information from hundreds of visitors. Simply ask everyone at your trade show booths to fill out an entry form that asks for their name, company name, address, telephone number, and email address. Voila! You’ve created a new list of prospects to contact after the trade show booths are taken down and everyone goes home. Don’t forget to add these contacts to your email lists to receive newsletters and advertising. Be sure the prizes you offer are worth taking the time to fill out your contact forms or entry cards. Consider prizes such as weekend retreats, iPads, free products or services from your company or dinner for two at a fine dining establishment. Don’t forget to focus on the sweepstakes on your banner stands and trade show display graphics.


Banner Stands That Stand Out From The Crowd – Using Color To Your Advantage


Conference attendees walk by countless trade show booths, banner stands and trade show displays. After a while, things start to blur together unless your banner stands are colorful and dramatic. Use colors that shout out your message rather than whispering it. Skip the pastels and opt for bold, vibrant colors that are saturated with pigment. There’s a reason red is used on stop signs – it’s a color that’s hard to ignore. Talk to an event planner about the particular venue and your competition; he or she can help you choose the best colors for your banner stands and trade show booths. If several competitors are using blue, perhaps a vivid yellow is the way to go. Keep in mind your ultimate goal – choosing a color that draws visitors to your trade show booths.


Xtreme Xhibits has years of experience with special effects lighting and the bold use of color for trade show booths. Austin business owners know they can rely on us for bold choices that transform San Antonio trade show exhibits from boring to enticing and unforgettable.