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Are Your Trade Show Displays In San Antonio Too Much Of A Good Thing?

By January 24, 2012November 9th, 2017Trade Show Displays


The options are nearly limitless when you’re selecting elements for your trade show booth these days. You can stick with the same, tried and true trade show displays you’ve been using for years, or you can take advantage of the many innovations that are now cropping up at trade show displays in San Antonio and around the globe. There are oversized exhibits using all kinds of bells and whistles including three dimensional graphics, robotics, giant logos, interactive gaming and a host of other unusual and eye-catching elements. Some companies get caught up in the excitement of designing new exhibits and choose a lot of new elements, forgetting that having too much of a good thing can sabotage their trade show booth. San Antonio event professionals from Xtreme Xhibits will tell you that when it comes to choosing the right design elements, adding one truly innovative feature is often the best call.


The Thin Line Between Tasteful And Tacky Trade Show Displays

If you’re stuffing your new trade show booth or trade show stand with lots of “extras” that don’t really pertain to your company’s message, you may be disappointed in your results at the next expo. Trade show displays in San Antonio that have too much in the way of light, sound, graphics or other features may turn people off. Remember that attendees are getting bombarded from all sides by your competitors and colleagues. If your trade show stand is too busy, it will not only confuse your message, it may actually overwhelm visitors, who will quickly move on rather than having to wade through your jumbled trade show booth presentation.


Too Much Vs. Too Little

Trade show displays should always be fresh, with current information and innovations, but if your trade show displays outstrip every other trade show booth at events you attend, you could be sending the wrong message. Some visitors will conclude that your product or services must be overpriced in order to pay for your over-the-top, expensive trade show displays. San Antonio business professionals know it’s sometimes best to appear responsible rather than investing in trade show booth elements that are flagrantly unnecessary despite their “cool factor.”


On the flip side, if your company is cutting corners by putting off updates to your trade show displays or trade show stands, you might want to take some time to discover just how out of date your current trade show displays in San Antonio are. You want people to perceive your company as responsible but not cheap, dated, or out of touch. If you continue to use a trade show stand that’s showing serious wear and tear or uses out of date graphics, visitors may think your company is in financial hot water or simply doesn’t care about its image. If your trade show booth tells convention attendees that they aren’t worth an investment in some attractive trade show displays, you’ve lost them without them ever slowing down as they walk to your competitor’s newer, more attractive trade show booth.


Successfully Achieving An Inviting Middle Ground With Your Trade Show Displays

San Antonio businesses can achieve a middle ground that will garner them plenty of positive attention at the next convention or trade show if they keep a few things in mind when evaluating their trade show displays:


  • Make sure each trade show stand, booth and banner stand features your most recent logo and graphics
  • Be sure your displays showcase your company’s latest products or services
  • Use attractive displays that highlight the features you want to emphasize most
  • Pare down your trade show displays to their most essential elements; too much information can become sensory overkill
  • Use giveaways or games judiciously; they shouldn’t become the only thing visitors remember
  • Maintain your company’s professional image at all times; if you’re too casual or silly, visitors won’t respect your business or you


You can create wonderful new marketing opportunities when you update your trade show displays. San Antonio event experts like those at Xtreme Xhibits can help you design and implement exciting innovations without losing sight of the real goal of all trade show exhibits – impressing visitors and encouraging them to become customers.