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Why Traffic Flow Matters At Displays For Trade Shows

All good trade show booths are designed to catch the eye of visitors and educate them about the products inside, but the best trade show exhibits are designed with an additional goal in mind: achieving a good flow of traffic. Traffic flow can be an easy thing to overlook, but it is a vital element. Traffic flow ensures that people feel comfortable entering displays for trade shows. It ensures that staffers at trade show booths can reach visitors and communicate the company message and keeps visitors from being lost in the shuffle. While it may seem overwhelming to tackle problems with the flow of pre-existing trade show exhibits, the task is less difficult than you’d think. All it takes for new and old trade show booths alike is a little bit of planning.

Your Displays For Trade Shows Can Become Traffic Friendly

If you have already designed and manufactured your trade show booths without an eye for traffic, don’t worry: it’s almost certainly not too late to ensure that you get the right flow. Even if your displays for trade shows are not modular, you can still adapt them with a few simple changes. Flow happens in the middle of the displays for trade shows; the edges of your unit act as a boundary for visitors, but do not typically act as an impediment to traffic flow. The only things that do impact it are mobile, rather than pre-determined elements attached to the trade show booths. For example, you might have chosen to place a table or chairs in the middle. They might presently be impeding the traffic flow in your trade show exhibits, but they are an easy thing to move.

The Solution For Good Trade Show Booths Isn’t Always More Empty Space

In a theoretical world, you would be able to fill every inch of available space inside displays for trade shows. People would be willing to cram themselves in as tightly as possible, and no one would ever be bothered by it. In the real world, there is a certain amount of personal space that will remain between individuals no matter how tightly packed the crowd may be. The key to good space planning is to maximize the useable space and minimize the awkward areas that stop people from experiencing everything your displays for trade shows can offer.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to structure your trade show booths around a “guided tour”. This tour would have a defined starting point and an endpoint, and tell the story of your product or service along the way. It helps guide the flow of traffic while also ensuring that your staff has an opportunity to speak with virtually everyone who comes through your trade show exhibits.

Create Traffic Maps For Trade Show Exhibits

Whenever you are examining flow, by far the best way to conceptualize it is with a scale model of your trade show booths. This model should account for things like personal space, and allow you to move individuals around as well as moving features of your displays for trade shows around the space. Planning things out on paper beforehand will help you ensure that there are no mistakes, while also ensuring that you get the results you’re hoping for at your trade show booths.