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What Xtreme Xhibits Can Offer Your Austin Trade Show Exhibit

By June 30, 2015May 7th, 2018Trade Show Displays

Skyline Best Exhibitor AwardWe are Xtreme Xhibits, and we want to see your company succeed. That’s exactly why we exist. Many people don’t realize that we offer more than a just a great selection of trade show products, such as island exhibits, modular inline booths, and portable displays. We also offer an array of valuable services. Below, we will discuss what we can offer your Austin trade show exhibit.


Exhibit Hardware And Design Services

As stated earlier, we provide an extremely wide selection of exhibit hardware, allowing you to choose the exhibit that is the perfect fit for your company. In addition to offering this hardware, we provide design services. What we can offer in terms of design is an evident synergy between the hardware itself and the design. We work with companies to help them achieve the size, feel, and look they desire in an Austin trade show exhibit.


Trade Show Exhibit Consultants

Why learn things the hard way when you can learn them from an expert? Our consultants can help you with everything from your exhibiting strategy to identifying needs you may not even realize you have. If you really want to maximize the success of your Austin trade show exhibit, consultants can help you do so.


Educational Seminars

Sometimes a little knowledge can go a long way. That’s exactly why we offer educational seminars that help exhibitors continue to grow and learn about exhibiting. These seminars may cover a variety of topics including booth design, exhibiting strategies, and promotional tips.


Global Installation And Dismantling Services

Do you ship your exhibit to venues all over the globe? Not a problem. As part of the worldwide Skyline network, Xtreme Xhibits offers global installation and dismantling services. This means a team of professionals can install your exhibit and have it ready for you when you arrive to an event. Not only that, but after the event is over, you don’t have to lift a finger, as the I&D team will take care of dismantling it as well.


Storage And Online Asset Management Services

Are you unsure of where to store your Austin trade show exhibit? We’ve got you covered. Xtreme Xhibits offers storage services between shows. Additionally, our online asset management services can help make your life easier and make the exhibiting process as smooth as possible.


Rental Products

Buying trade show products might not be the best choice for every single exhibitor. In some cases, renting is preferred. For example, if your company is just starting out exhibiting, renting products is probably more cost effective than buying them. On the other hand, maybe you own a modular inline booth, but you want to expand it to make it bigger for a certain upcoming event. In such a situation, you have the ability to rent the additional components instead of buying them. This offers exhibitors versatility.


In addition to the above services, Xtreme Xhibits also provides excellent customer service and a service department, which can make repairs to your Austin trade show exhibit. For more information about our services, contact us today.