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Uniquely Designed Banner Stands Stop Visitors In Their Tracks

By October 24, 2016August 21st, 2017

Uniquely Designed Banner Stands Stop Visitors In Their Tracks

Uniquely Designed Banner StandsWhether you’re using them in your own offices or storefront, or as part of your trade show display, uniquely designed banner stands can make visitors slow down and take in your message, and leave with a favorable and memorable impression. There are many ways to design banner stands, for a wide variety of uses: Getting people to share a message on social media, announcing a new product or service, or creating a visual connection between your visual branding and an image that induces positive feelings and confidence in your products. Even as you set out to design something creative and different, it’s important to maintain the integrity of your visual branding by sticking to key elements in your branding package, most notably colors and fonts. You can vary the colors around your logo and slogan, for example, but those foundational elements should always be in their “official” colors and fonts.

•    Groupings – One way to make a big impact with a group of banner stands is to create a design that runs across a series of banners, like a triptych. Every banner in the grouping should include your company name and logo, but you can play with the arrangement of other elements, for example, splitting one large image between banners, or using related images on each banner.

•    Special Effects – Use some photographic tricks to create banners that stand out from the crowd. Photographs shot with a shallow depth-of-field (DOF) tend to give the impression of a three dimensional image by tricking the viewer’s eye. Another attention-grabbing effect is selective color, in which only certain elements of the image are in color. On a banner, your logo should be in full color, the rest of the image could be in black-and-white, or a tonal scale of another color that complements your branding colors. For example, if your logo is bright yellow, you could use a black and white photo with selective color in blue, or use an image done completely in shades of blue (instead of black, white, and shades of gray).

•    Visual Unity – When you’re designing banner stands in groups, there has to be some theme tying the grouping together. Your visual branding is one unifying factor, obviously, but beyond that, the banner images should work together in some fashion, either telling a cumulative story, or presenting a set of snapshots that each add a layer of understanding in the viewer’s mind. Working with color harmonies can be very effective, as can splitting an image across banner, or using an image theme, like tasty food, or thrilling adventures involving your products. The images your banner stands connect will either connect in series to form a story in the viewer’s mind, or they can build on each other, like layers, to leave one complete and detailed impression on the visitor.

Grab More Attention With Uniquely Designed Banner Stands

Using uniquely designed banner stands in a grouping gives you more options to tell a more detailed story, and leave a bigger and more complete impression. Grab attention with effective use of color, then guide that attention through the process of absorbing the message you want visitors to remember. At Skyline Xtreme Xhibits, we’ve got all the resources you’ll need – from professional photography to graphic design, and premium printing and materials – to help your company make the best visual impact with your banner stands.