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Do You Need Installation For Trade Show Events?

By October 17, 2016May 8th, 2018Event Management, Exhibit Services

Does Your Display Need Professional Installation For Trade Show Events?

Installation For Trade Show Events

When you design your company’s trade show exhibit, it’s a good idea to take into account whether the exhibit you want will require professional installation for trade show events. It’s not as simple as choosing an exhibit your booth team is able to transport and set up on their own; most U.S. trade show venues have very specific regulations regarding drayage and set up. If you want your booth team to set up the exhibit themselves, choose portable display that packs into small, wheeled containers and requires no tools or ladders to set up. If you want a larger and more elaborate set-up than portable display can provide, you can help streamline and economize the freight, drayage, Installation and Dismantle (I&D) costs you’ll incur by understanding these regulations in general, learning from each specific venue what will be required for each show, and taking advantage of savings you can get by planning in advance.

  • Certified Installers – If your booth size is greater than 10′ by 10′, or taller than 8 feet, you’re probably going to have exhibit materials that require tools or ladders to set up. Nearly all U.S. venues require certified installers handle these tasks, and others like cabling and setting up electrical connections. Other venues limit how much exhibit material you can bring into the venue yourself, whether you’re using a cart or dolly (if the venue allows this at all), or carrying your materials by hand.
  • I&D Oversight – Some venues not only require certified installers, but installers who are union laborers. In these venues, exhibitors are often given no choice but to hire labor through the show’s General Services Contractor. If you’re planning to exhibit at a show that has this requirement, it’s wise to hire your own contractor to supervise those laborers. Hiring I&D Supervision through Skyline ensures that your exhibit will be built efficiently and correctly, and without damages that can result from contractors who are working with unfamiliar equipment.
  • Accountability – Whether you’re talking about I&D labor or I&D supervision, it’s to your advantage to have an advocate on the show floor who is directly accountable to you, unlike the GSC laborers, who are really only accountable to the GSC and show organizers. Skyline’s I&D teams are familiar with every piece of equipment we offer, and their work is covered by our on-time and performance guarantees. You get seamless assistance and coordination for every stage of your exhibit, from planning to set-up, and an I&D team that has all the experiences and resources they need to adapt to any unforeseen circumstances efficiently.

Skyline Installation For Trade Show Events

Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline offers full support for everything exhibitors need to succeed at trade shows in Austin and San Antonio, plus a worldwide network of Skyline field offices to give the same flawless service, no matter where you need to exhibit.