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The Gang Box: Emergency Fixes For Problems With Trade Show Exhibits


Those who are familiar with trade show exhibits in San Antonio from Xtreme Xhibits or who have put together numerous trade show stands over the years have probably heard the term “gang box.” It’s the term used for the handy emergency kits most experienced trade show professionals put together to help them handle emergency situations with their trade show stands. San Antonio professionals know that having a well-stocked gang box can save them time and money if a problem arises at their trade show exhibits. If you don’t want to rely on the limited, and expensive, supplies offered at the event’s services desk, be sure you bring the essentials.


Comfort And First Aid Products

 Setting up and staffing trade show exhibits in San Antonio is time consuming, intense work that can lead to injuries that need immediate attention. Whether you’ve cut yourself while setting up banner stands or you have a throbbing headache because of the light and noise from surrounding trade show stands, first aid products are a must. Unfortunately, you’ll probably be grabbing quick meals and wolfing them down during the event, so keep antacids on hand as well as cold remedies and tissues.


Other essentials include items such as a needle and thread in case a hem comes down or you lose a button, emery boards, wet wipes for quick clean-ups, nail polish to repair your manicure or mend a runner in your stockings and breath mints. Some people include gum, but breath mints are best so you won’t get caught chewing gum loudly or with your mouth open while working your San Antonio trade show stands. A stain remover stick and a spare necktie or blouse is also a good idea in case you spill coffee on yourself. A neat, clean appearance is crucial when you’re working at trade show exhibits.


The Right Tools For Your Trade Show Exhibits

Your gang box isn’t just a first aid kit; it should also be a versatile tool box that holds everything needed to set up, tear down, and repair your trade show exhibits and banner stands. San Antonio event planners and Xtreme Xhibits suggest you include tools such as packing tape, Velcro, a screwdriver, spare screws, glue, a flashlight, batteries, spare light bulbs, twist ties, plastic wrap and any other items that could come in handy for quick fixes for your trade show stands. Felt tip pens are great for touching up faded graphics on banner stands, and paper towels and spray cleaner can keep the tables and chairs at trade show exhibits clean and inviting.


Office Essentials

Imagine talking to a visitor at one of your trade show stands who asks some questions, but can’t find a pen to write down your answers. What a missed opportunity! Be sure you keep common office supplies on hand at all your trade show exhibits. Your visitors will remember you if you can help them out with a pen, a stapler paper clips or anything that helps them get organized when they are visiting your trade show exhibits. Many companies give away pens with their company logo at San Antonio trade show stands, but if your budget is tight, simply keep a few pencil holders filled with inexpensive pens visitors can use and return. Also keep a stapler and some paper clips in a small bowl at your trade show exhibits.


Your gang box will evolve over time as you learn which items you aren’t really using at your trade show stands and which items you turn to again and again. If you’re relatively new to setting up and staffing trade show exhibits, talk to colleagues and the professionals at Xtreme Xhibits to find out what they consider to be essential for your trade show stands’ gang box.