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Technology Empowering Exhibitors & Attendees

By January 22, 2010November 9th, 2017Trade Show Displays

In efforts to attract qualified leads and interested parties at a tradeshow or event, making information about your product, technology, brand, or company culture accessible to the greatest number of attendees possible is essential.  Implementing next-generation strategies will ensure you and your company remains ahead of the exhibiting power curve, but what should these strategies entail?


applications empowering exhibitors

The ability to extend real-time information to attendees without them being physically present in your booth space is becoming a must.  With the sky-rocketing popularity and adoption of Smart Phones (iPhone, Android, RIM Blackberry, etc.), app developers have built a number of useful applications which serve to mobilize web-enabled attendees and cultivate impactful convergence right in your own booth space.


Layar is a Mobile Augmented Reality Application (MARA) which was released for real estate sales in the Netherlands; however, it’s easy to see the much broader applications this app could provide.

It utilizes mobile GPS to add an information layer onto your mobile phone camera (the augmented reality).  To find out information on anything around you simply point your phone’s camera at the object of interest, and presto… your phone displays any relevant information about that object.  This could provide a plethora of uses for exhibitors and attendees alike.  Need product information or information about an exhibitor?  It might soon be in the palm of your hand.

See this app in action by clicking here and let your imagination soar with the possibilities it could pose for your company’s products and/or services.

hotel evolution by runtriz

This application allows hotel guests to order food, drink, guest services, transportation, entertainment, wake-up calls, and more using either your iPhone or iTouch.  While an awesome amenity for any business trip, hotels must be utilizing the software for it to be of any use.  Currently, it seems that it is being adopted primarily by California based hotels, as the app was developed in Hollywood, CA.


While business cards might never completely go way of the dodo, the Bump app is aiming to send them packing on an early retirement by providing a quick and easy way to exchange contact information between two phones by simply “bumping” them together.  You can view the app in action here.


Used by nearly every main candidate in the 2008 presidential election, Ustream is a website boasting a diverse array of channels which provide a platform for lifecasting and live video streaming of events online.

Even if you choose not to stream your video live from your smart phone, this application can provide an excellent medium for obtaining customer testimonials as well as gathering attendee experiences and thoughts.


While not an app, this website provides a cool way to both promote and enhance your tradeshow experience by allowing attendees to visit your booth not only at show, but before and after the event as well.  Utilizing this service will enable salespeople to begin their selling efforts long before, and after, their event takes place.

With a number of additions in the works, be sure to check out the site and how they could potentially augment your own exhibiting.

Do you have an app that makes your exhibiting experience richer or more manageable?  Leave a comment.  And be sure to check back soon, as we’ll be covering how LED lighting technology and improvements in Audio/Visual tech are transforming the exhibiting industry even further.