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Rent A Modular Exhibit For A Full Custom Look & Cost Savings

By December 16, 2016May 7th, 2018Trade Show Displays

Rent A Modular Exhibit For A Full Custom Look And Significant Cost Savings

Rent A Modular ExhibitModular displays offer a broad range of design options and configurations, for any booth space from a standard in-line to a massive island display. Most of the cost of a modular system is in the frame; so choosing custom rental provides an economical way for exhibitors to take advantage of that versatility without a massive capital investment. Modular exhibit components are also significantly lighter-weight than traditional custom systems, so freight and drayage costs are less, and with Skyline’s smart engineering, our modular systems also save you on install and dismantle (I&D) costs because everything goes together more quickly.

  • Merchandising – Modular systems are an excellent choice for exhibitors who want to create a retail merchandising space. Create separate sections of your booth for different product lines, design a floor plan that gives your visitors plenty of space to walk through and take their time getting to know your products, and take advantage of the large expanses of wall space for large graphics that make a huge impact. Add lighting to create an “attention path” through your display, so each visitor’s eyes fall on every product you want them to take note of.
  • Demonstration Space – If you’re exhibiting a product or line that can be demonstrated in your booth, building demonstration space into your modular display is an absolute must. Depending on the best demo strategy for your products, you might use modular components to place a tabletop demo near the aisle to drawn visitors in, or use a free-standing merchandise display behind a demonstration area on the floor. If your line includes multiple products that can be demonstrated in a booth, design a path through your exhibit, leading visitors from one demo to the next using lighting and graphics.
  • Interactive Displays – Interactive displays often involve mounting multiple monitors or tablets inside the exhibit. Whether you need workstations for your visitors to enjoy your digital interactive experience, mounted tablets or tablets they can pick up and use, but not walk away with, the sturdy structure provided by interconnected modular components offers all kinds of creative options. If your interactive display involves a physical activity rather than a digital experience, custom-branded countertops or tables will give your visitors plenty of room to enjoy it. These pieces also offer your team extra storage space to keep personal items, marketing materials, and overstock tidy and out of sight until they’re needed.

Rent A Modular Exhibit That’s Custom Designed For Your Brand

Xtreme Xhibits by Skyline offers a full range of modular exhibit components for rent, all with custom graphics to represent your brand image and products in unique style. We’ll help you with everything from graphic design to planning your floor plan and lighting. Our certified installers will set it up for you, with an on-time guarantee, so you can focus on your marketing and sales plans.