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Not All Venues Are Ideal For San Antonio Trade Show Exhibits

By November 15, 2012August 21st, 2017Trade Shows

Experienced trade show presenters know that not all venues are ideal for all San Antonio trade show exhibits. Choosing the right venues can contribute to the success of your company’s displays, but that’s just the beginning. You’ll also need to use effective marketing strategies and techniques to generate leads once you’ve chosen the best possible venues for your tradeshow display in Austin or elsewhere. But how do you choose optimal venues for your San Antonio trade show exhibits? By understanding what makes a trade show venue most desirable.


Finding Venues That Offer The Best ROI For Your San Antonio Trade Show Exhibits


It would be nice if every vendor at a trade show had complete control over the success of his company’s display, but that’s not the reality. You can have a fabulous tradeshow booth created by Xtreme Xhibits but still get lackluster results if you don’t train your booth staff properly or you don’t choose the right industry events. In fact, the venue itself can be the deciding factor in whether San Antonio trade show exhibits are successes or failures with your intended audience. If you choose to exhibit at industry events that don’t attract the needed crowds or don’t have enough pull with your demographic, you could take a substantial hit to your ROI. While it isn’t always possible to determine how many viable leads will walk through the door of any venue, you can determine whether a particular event will pay you dividends by taking a few critical elements into consideration:


Relevant Industry Experience


Take the time to review the results from any venues where you presented your San Antonio trade show exhibits by Xtreme Xhibits in the previous year. Analyze relevant data and study any details such as qualified leads and customer response, then calculate whether the benefits you received were worth the investment of time and money at each venue. Did you get to network with others in your industry? Did you learn anything from your competitors? How many qualified leads did your trade show exhibit generate? You’ll quickly discover that some expos gave you an impressive return on your investment while others simply sucked up valuable time and money with no discernible benefits.


Location, Location, Location


There are some cities that seem to attract droves of attendees to every industry trade show, while others are sparsely populated with unenthusiastic visitors who are going through the motions. Las Vegas nearly always generates plenty of interest, with industry professionals quick to sign up for a few days of business networking in the glitzy, playground atmosphere. It’s not alone in its appeal as a popular convention hotspot; New York City, Atlanta, New Orleans, Louisville, San Francisco, Boston, San Diego and Dallas are a few of the most successful trade show cities. On the flip side, there are cities that don’t seem to generate enough excitement for some industries. A boat show in Boise, Idaho may not be the best location for maximizing your trade show results.


Marketing Techniques


Although expo experience and a prime locale can both contribute to the success of San Antonio trade show exhibits, the final arbiter of your company’s success will be how much enthusiasm and talent you invest in each venue. If you’re hoping to expand your exposure in a new market or are looking for ways to broaden your company horizons, you may want to make your presence known in a few new venues. If you decide that a particular region or venue is worth it, be sure you take the correct steps to maximize your ROI. Coordinate early on with the event coordinator in order to learn how they will be marketing the event and what perks attendees can expect to take advantage of. Also ask about the central theme of the trade show. Will your company’s products or services be essential for most attendees, or would your presence by more of a “side light?” Working with the coordinator of any new tradeshow event will ensure that your San Antonio trade show exhibits will get the marketing exposure needed to generate interest and make your Xtreme Xhibits trade show display a resounding success.


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